Introducing Natasha Spellman, author of A Pocketbook of Hope: Remaining Hopeful Through Hard Times

“My Author Rep was great throughout the process. Response time was excellent.”

Dr. Natasha B. Spellman has worked in the education and human service fields for over 20 years. During her career, Natasha’s most enjoyable role has been encouraging others as they faced challenging situations. Through professional and personal experiences, Natasha has found that showing empathy and kindness often influences one’s decision to hold on to hope and move toward one’s goals.

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Book description…

A storm cloud may be hanging over your life now, but if you hold on and exercise your faith, you’ll be able to walk in victory. Your survival depends on holding on to HOPE! We all have moments when we question what is happening in our lives. No matter how strong your faith, there are days when you feel like no one understands how or why you feel the way you do. A Pocketbook of Hope will provide courage during periods of change, trials, and uncertainty by helping you turn your attention toward thoughts and actions that will get you back on track. The book contains four parts relating to the phases associated with the storms of life that may cause feelings of hopelessness. Part One contains several writings that relate to thoughts and feelings you experience when a storm first hits. The writings in Part Two relate to maintaining faith. In Part Three, the storm is beginning to end, and it is critical to continue on your path to victory. Part Four describes how to transition from feeling trapped to being a survivor. With God’s help, we can navigate the storms, stay dry in the rain, watch the sun peek through the clouds, and eventually see clearly again!

Introducing C.G. Roberts, author of The Road to Round Mountain

“I can’t begin to thank Outskirts Press enough for all the help for taking the daunting task of an unpublished author and guiding me through the entire publishing process. Every step of the way was handled professionally and answered all of my questions quickly and honestly. My second book is halfway done and I definitely will be sending it to Outskirts Press. My hats off to a great outfit! Thanks again for helping my dream come true.”

C. G. Roberts is a first time Author with two more books in progress. He is a member of Writers and Publishers on Amazon and with Book Promotions. He Lives in Gresham, Oregon with his wife and two sons.

Product description…

You’re about to embark on an epic journey of survival, where trust is something you fear. On a fateful summer night in the Pacific Northwest, lightning struck one of younger residents of a small Northwest town. Billy Speer survived the lightning; his parents were not so lucky perishing in a fire started by the lightning that struck Billy. While recovering in the Hospital, Billy became aware of powers that were unlocked by his attack from Mother Nature. He put his entire trust in a Nurse assigned to him from the FBI. She took care of him, tried to show him how to use his new powers; only it wasn’t to benefit him. Billy learned of her betrayal from a young nurse, trying to convince him that the special FBI nurse had planned on delivering him to a group of people that use people with Billy’s abilities to work for them. Her payoff was early retirement. Billy’s payoff was, if he didn’t perform, was death. His trust in the young Nurse saved him from being taken. Only his powers kept the FBI Nurse and associates at bay; but for how long…