Introducing William Horick, author of The Helpers

“I chose Outskirts Press over 2 rival companies, and I know I made the best choice. I could not explore all the options that were offered, but I am well-pleased with my book. In fact, I hope to return next year with my 2nd novel. I hope to go with the Diamond package for it. My special thanks to Michael for his help in the initial phase of the publication of my book. I have no complaints about the grand finale—me, almost 90 years old, becoming a published author.”

A native of Eastland Texas, William Horick has written numerous feature stories and articles. He holds degrees from Baylor University and Southern Methodist University. As a retiree, William resides in Temple Texas with his wife of 61 years, Patricia. He says his writing career began when he wrote letters to his great-grandmother in early childhood.

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Following their college enrollment at Baylor University, WW2 veterans, Homan Kandall and Brigdon Chonliff, become steadfast friends. After graduation, they follow their chosen careers to high plateaus of success, but on the lonely side of life. Chonliff finds his first true love at Baylor, but his sophomore sweetheart dies of viral pneumonia which sends him into a reclusive retreat. Later, Kandall’s wife is killed, 3 months pregnant. He renounces his career as a top Texas sportswriter, and like Chonliff, they have only the piccolos their women played in the Baylor University Band. The years spiral their loneliness until they encounter twin sisters who strongly resemble the Hollywood legend, Hedy Lamarr. That involvement leads to romance and also adventure that pits them against a Mexican drug baron.

Introducing Lucinda Waldron, author of Mosquito County

“Publishing with Outskirts Press has been an experience that far exceeded my expectations! From the beginning, the staff was highly knowledgeable, helpful and patient. My questions were addressed quickly and professionally. Brie, my author representative, was a blessing, guiding me throughout the entire process. There is no doubt that Outskirts Press will be my choice for future publishing needs!”

Lucinda Waldron grew up in Central Florida’s Orange County, which was known as Mosquito County in the early 1800s. Her love for this tropical paradise, rich in history and year-round beauty, became her inspiration for Mosquito County. A retired school principal and college professor, Lucinda lives with her husband on their farm in North Florida.

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Emma’s father hasn’t been the same since his wife’s death, but when he rouses Emma in the middle of the night, her bags already packed, she knows something is desperately wrong. Trying to protect her from an unknown evil, Richard Kingston hustles his eighteen-year-old daughter off to the backwoods wilderness of the Florida peninsula to live with her grandfather, Russell Duvane.

Mosquito County becomes the backdrop for Emma’s thirst for adventure as she explores its pristine wilderness, embraces its mythical intrigue, and becomes enthralled with her grandfather’s citrus and cattle empire. Amid the splendor of this turn-of-the-century tropical paradise, Emma encounters mystery surrounding Seminole Indian legends, danger from an unknown and evil source, and romance when she meets a young rancher who captures her heart. Kip Morgan is unlike any young man Emma encountered in her former Bostonian life, and she soon finds his alluring smile as intoxicating as the abundant tropical flowers of Mosquito County.

Set in the late 1800s, Mosquito County is a hauntingly beautiful debut novel, richly layered with family secrets, mystery, passion, and revenge.

Introducing Gretchen Harris, author of The Thinning

“For my first time, Outskirts made the process of publishing pretty exciting. I felt like the quality of my work as really appreciated. I will definitely be publishing with Outskirts again!”

Gretchen Harris is a licensed minister of the gospel. She is a member of Ephesus Ministries where she serves as a preacher and teacher of the word and is active in the praise dance ministry. She also serves in ministry with her family, ‘Follow Him Ministries’. Minister Harris loves writing and although this is her first novel, she is a playwright, poet and song writer. Gretchen and husband of thirty years, Minister Robert Harris, have raised five children and have a host of grandchildren. They currently live in Cheektawaga, New York. Her desire is to continue growing in the love of the Father and to enlighten readers about His passion for His creation.

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A young, handsome prison Chaplain vanishes! An Indian psychologist is plagued by dreams of her murdered sister! A pastor is struck by an mysterious illness! Can it all be linked to a dying inmate serving duo life sentences? Embark on a journey that intertwines the destinies of six very unique individuals. Meet Anzel Martinez, husband, father and prison Chaplain. Anzel is a man with deep Christian convictions, who believes that he is serving God with his whole heart. Harboring a dark secret from his childhood, he comes face to face with a truth that threatens to destroy his faith in a loving God! Anzel’s beautiful wife Katrina’s greatest passion in life is her husband and twin daughters. Her part in this battle threatens her hold on her sanity and almost destroys her very soul! Pastor Lockhart Dijin and his wife Ella play a major role in the final outcome of these mysterious events and risk all for a man they’ve never met. Along with psychiatrist Doctor Pila Thomas who wagers everything on her own ability to fight the evil that has followed her from childhood. The final piece to this human puzzle is Rasta Jones. Fashioned by abuse and neglect and fueled by revenge, Rasta carves out a path of destruction that brings these six souls together in an explosive way! The clock ticks as the timeless battle between good and evil continues, but we can overcome the darkness with the Love Agape!

Introducing Gil Alligood, author of The Devil’s Pace

“I am totally pleased with the results of publishing my book.”

Gil Alligood grew up in Eastern North Carolina. After retiring as a US Air Force Pilot, he retired from a career as a civil engineer. He grew up in the culture portrayed in the book. The reader gets a first hand description of that 1950s farm culture. He is writing an autobiography and a novel that will be available soon.

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Louise was a lonely seventeen year old girl living on a tenant farm in Eastern North Carolina. She met Louis one day while walking along the back of their farm. They became involved in a passionate romance before she discovered that Louis was married. The disappearance and search for Louis’ wife leads through intrigue and adventure that can only lead to disaster. The book has a theme of doing wrong when you know to do the right thing. As you might expect, the devil is lurking in the background, out of sight, ready to claim a victory, as he always is.