Introducing Lisa Hare Wimberly, author of My Heart Makes Its Home in a Faraway Land

“My experience publishing with Outskirts Press has been exceptional! I did extensive research on them and other self-publishing companies, as this was my first book, before I made my decision to go with Outskirts Press. On average, the others would have cost me at least twice as much to go through them, with less to show from it. I chose the Ultimate package, because it offered everything I was looking for–and more! Jackie and Brie have been there for me every step of the way, answering questions in a timely manner. And we were thrilled when the books arrived at our doorstep days before we expected them! The marketing materials that I have received by email have been very informative and useful. I received good reviews from readers that can be seen on I have my own webpage and Sales Sheet; I even got to do an audio excerpt for my webpage! Outskirts Press makes the process of marketing the book very user-friendly. If and when the time comes for me to get another book published, I will not hesitate to use Outskirts Press!”

Lisa Hare Wimberly enjoys expressing herself through poetry and songwriting as an outlet of her faith. She has three children and four grandchildren, and owns a small business in Elkhart, Indiana, where she resides with her husband, Mark.

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Book description…

This book is comprised of poems and reflections that the Lord has given me over the past few years. Finding that so many need to wake up to the fact that the Lord is coming back soon, I have felt an urgency for others to read and hear what, I feel, comes from the heart of God. We don’t know when He will return for His own, but He has called me to do my part in sharing His love and His Word with those who will hear… I began writing poetry as my mother-in-law lay in the hospital in Elkhart, Indiana… just days before going home to meet her Lord Jesus, whom she loved and served for over 60 years of her life. Even though I knew her for only four short years, during that time she inspired a longing in me to know my Lord better and to draw closer to Him. As a result, my Father in heaven began pouring into me words that became poems and songs… Some of the poems may make you laugh, some may make you cry, but they will all make you THINK!