Introducing Margaret Watkins, author of Trans-Planted: a series of short stories

“This was my fourth book to be published with Outskirts Press. My author representatives have been fabulous! My computer skills are limited, my OS seriously out-of-date, and each book with photographs or sketches or custom covers that required extra time and effort on Outskirts part. They delivered great books as promised!”

Margaret Watkins is a transplanted Southerner. By that she means a sweet southern belle who has maintained her roots firmly planted in Mississippi red clay while losing her heart to the sagebrush plains of Idaho.

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Margaret Watkins grew up on a small cotton farm in far northeast Mississippi. When she and her husband moved to a dilapidated ranch in the Sawtooth Mountains of central Idaho, the transition from belle to cowgirl had many bumps along the way. There is humor and tragedy, drama and hubris in these pages. Adaptation! That is the way to flourish after being transplanted.

Introducing Elwood Edwards, author of It’s About Time!

“As usual, Lisa was superb in rendering assistance and clarification where needed in the production of this work. She is truly a valuable asset to your company.”

Elwood Edwards has always had a passion for writing poetry. Most of his poems center around themes of love, inspiration, spirituality, and personal development. He uses a great deal of imagery and metaphors in his writing. Among his self-published books of poetry are The Other Color of Love, Shining Eyes Shine Brighter, Love and Paper Rumors, and The Philosopher’s Tears. Elwood currently is a resident of Palm Coast, Florida.

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Poetry-Like Laughter-Is Good Medicine! Poetry is a two-way mirror through which we view the world. As we probe for meaning, we discover a new appreciation-a new understanding of what life is all about. We make use of a gamut of emotions when we indulge in poetry that mirrors our perception of reality, keeping us attuned to ourselves and connected with others as well as with the universe itself. It’s About Time! is a telescopic, panoramic view of how poetry elucidates our lives with clean fun, laughter, and ways of healing, improving, and loving ourselves and others. With poems like “Tasty Blue and Sweet Too,” “Sticky Fingers,” “Super Glue,” “A Gnomic Trend,” and “Huh?” this fun, lyrical collection will move, inspire, and entertain.

Introducing Gloria Rayborn, author of Sharing: Learning to Share

“I worked with Jamie on both books that I self-published. Jamie was patient with me and extremely helpful throughout the process. There were times when I made mistakes in completing production items and Jamie was there each step of the way to assist me.”

Gloria Rayborn is the middle of nine children born to sharecropper parents in Mississippi. She had humble beginnings, but through faith in God and applying her skills she was able to climb the corporate ladder and became an executive with a Fortune 100 company. Gloria retired in 2015 and has devoted her post-retirement time to spending time with family. She is the mother of five and grandmother (GG) to four beautiful granddaughters. Her writings are part of her legacy to her family and she focuses on sharing God’s love, building self-esteem, and instilling values and virtues.

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Four girls learn the importance of sharing and taking turns. Victoria and Mya play well together as long as they have their own toys. Each has a problem with sharing. They encounter a situation while playing with Reese and Aly that teaches them a valuable lesson about sharing.

Introducing Gene Edwards, author of The Other Color of Love

“My experience was wonderful and well appreciated every step in the publication process.”

Gene Edwards is a native of North Carolina and graduated from the City College of New York. After spending his professional career as a mathematician, mathematics educator, administrator, consultant, and college instructor, he turned to writing poetry and served as managing editor of Ariadne’s Web magazine. The Other Color of Love is his fifth published book of poetry.

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Love yourself…just as you are. The Other Color of Love is a collection of poems offered as an adventure into the spirit of the imagination, into the heart and soul. Imagination constantly impels us and nurtures us with eternal gifts of love, beauty, and truth. Our choice to be honest with ourselves and others-and our awareness that there is more to our existence-sets us free. The poems touch upon birth, rebirth, gratitude, contentment, happiness, love, and mutual respect, with stunning images that serve to trigger and heighten the imagination. Indulge in this uplifting collection and be richly compensated with excitement, encouragement, and self-esteem. Feel the love, feel the joy, and embrace the journey as you look into the mirror and with courage and conviction say, “It’s okay and I’m okay. It’s okay to love myself just as I am!”

Introducing Mildred M. Stokes, author of Romancing the Beautiful Divine

“If your hope and prayer is to birth forth the vision to become an accomplished author, Outskirts Press is the place to begin! My author representative partnered with me and always maintained a sincere level of commitment to deliver a final product on my terms. I am absolutely amazed at the response I get from everyone-without exaggeration-when they lay eyes on my book. People tingle with surprise and warmth as they comment on how effectively the graphics compliment the theme so uniquely. It opens doors, too! Within just several weeks out of the starting gate, I have done a radio broadcast book interview in a major market, have conducted a workshop, and already lining up to do book chats, book club features and vend at upcoming conferences. Romancing the Beautiful Divine, A Joy Embrace Story Devotional is gaining visibility in a variety of settings. Yes, I’m working hard. But I’m having the time of my life! Thank you OP.”

Mildred M. Stokes is an author, health and wellness promoter, and motivational speaker for Joy Embrace Ministries. The emphasis of the ministry invites you to stretch beyond unfulfillment and enter into a refreshing lifestyle of renewing contentment and destiny’s promise. She is the founder of SunJoy Ventures, LLC-a company whose empowerment mission centers upon building mindful, lifestyle changes along pathways that capture the balance of complete wellness. Mildred’s inspirational writings have been featured in the FBCG Grace Magazine, a publication for today’s women of faith, hope and great expectations. Romancing the Beautiful Divine is her first book.

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Get comfy and prepare to take a healing and inspirational journey-one that will take you over life’s hurdles and bless you jubilantly along the way! Romancing the Beautiful Divine is a passionate and thought-provoking story devotional designed to help you uncover the abundance of self-worth God has for you and the courage you will need to run the distance with it. If you’re hungering for insight and healing-seeking confirmation that there is a destiny calling set in place for you-this devotional will move you through the uncertainties and self-doubts that can linger and hold you captive. This collection of pivotal life moments and spiritual insights will empower and refresh you in the glory of God’s favor and loving embrace. Each chapter ends with an engaging challenge and prayerful reflection.

Introducing Deacon Bill Rich, author of Conscious Contact: A Camino Pilgrimage

“My book has just been published…three weeks ahead of schedule. This is my third self-published book, but my first with Outskirts Press. The difference between my experience with Outskirts and the other publishers I used has been incredible. Everyone I dealt with at Outskirts was responsive, thoughtful and eager to help. I really felt like they had my best interests at heart.”

Deacon Bill Rich is a retired business executive and Permanent Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church. After surgeries on both feet allowed him to walk pain free for the first time in eight years, he decided to use this gift on a special pilgrimage. Deacon Bill is the author of two other books on spiritual growth, Scattered Raindrops, and Joy, The Journey Home. Bill and his wife have six children and eleven grandchildren. They currently live in Juno Beach, FL.

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Deacon Bill Rich had a dream. To walk the Camino de Santiago; at 76, with severe arthritis and a shaky lower back. Accompanied by his son-in-law John McGrath, he was able to do just that. This is his story, a photo diary covering his preparations and thrilling journey across northern Spain. What did he learn? It is good to have a dream.

Introducing Regina Ozoemela, author of Success Against All Odds

“Outskirts Press resources are wonderful and the author representatives execute their jobs professionally. You provide high quality work and excellent service at great value, and I am grateful for the opportunity to benefit from your expert marketing advice after publication. Thank you!”

Regina Ozoemela is a lifestyle and career coach, author, and contributing author of two international bestsellers. After struggling for years as a poverty-stricken and divorced teen mother of three in Nigeria, Regina is passionate about helping men and women who feel stuck in their career and life to break through the perceptions, environment, and mind-set that hold them back from true happiness. By transforming hardship into opportunity, and persistence into achievement, she naturally inspires others to do the same. Regina and her husband live in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Don’t let the obstacles in your life discourage you from accomplishing your goals! In “Success Against All Odds,” you’ll discover the secrets behind finding inspiration and success in your life and career. This simple, easy-to-implement guide will teach you how to: Set positive intentions that inspire you every day so your past does not determine your future; Create alternatives, because the power to change our lives lies within each of us, as does the power to realize our dreams; and Find and secure your ideal career using five proven steps. Plus useful tips and practical advice at the end of every chapter to put these practices into motion. This is a great time to begin a more successful life. Why not start now?

Introducing K.R. Cady, author of Road Girl

“I love OP and in particular all the support I received from Colleen. On my first marketing attempt, I have been invited to participate in a book festival at Barnes and Noble in Tucson. Thank you so much for my beautiful book and all the efforts of everyone who made this a reality.”

K.R. Cady is a nurse, teacher, wife, mother, and grandmother. Her goal as a Christian writer is to tell a story with hope as the ultimate purpose for all who read it. She lived in Alaska most of her life and currently resides in Arizona with her husband.

Product description…

Hazel E. Barnhill fled into the darkness, boots crunching in the snow, lungs filling with cold air. An image of her mom, head bowed over the kitchen table on folded arms, broke Hazel’s heart. These were the first moments of her life as a 16-year-old pregnant, emancipated teenager, although she didn’t know what that meant yet… Hazel’s remarkable journey begins when her friend Jack gives her a ride on the darkest night of her life. She encounters safe people and places and treacherous circumstances as she walks the road of young adulthood as a single mom. Along the way, she works, studies, nurses, loves, and struggles with loss. Redemption and healing play a big part in her journey, and with her faith in God, stubborn hope, and the good friends she meets along the way, there is never any doubt that this resilient young woman will go the distance. Road Girl is the inspirational story of a girl who learns to reconcile her past, embrace her future, and make her way out of the wilderness of abandonment and abuse.

Introducing Demetries L. Merriweather, author of He Bottles Up Every Tear Drop

“I really appreciated the guidance and the feedback through the process of getting my book published. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in helping me.”

Demetries L. Merriweather has been a poet from an early age. She often says God speaks and she types. Having traveled and lived in many of the United States, Demetries currently resides in Augusta GA. She loves her family and friends and has learned to trust and love God.

Product description…

This is a collection of poems that were written over the course of many years. They express an emotional journey I have traveled, as I have grown spiritually. On many occasions, I found myself pouring my heart out to God poetically. I don’t know how He did it but through the words, I was able to heal, I was strengthened, and I was delivered. Whether or not I was broken or rejoicing, I know God heard every word. Though seemingly silent, the poems somehow echoed as a scream. My God not only heard me but captured every tear drop, never forgot my cries and He lifted me from my despair.

Introducing Ann C. Hutchinson, author of Touch Not My Anointed

“I am so thankful for every one of you and I am beyond excited!! I would like to thank Tanya, Rebeccah, Larry, all of you in the Marketing Department and everyone who helped with the publishing of my book. You are a “pearl of a great price!” You did an excellent job! There are no words in the English language to express to you how thankful I am for Outskirts Press!”

When Ann C. Hutchinson was four years old, God began giving her prophetic dreams and visions. Weeks after she dreamed that her family home was destroyed, a tornado swept through town, demolishing her house and marking the beginning of her prophetic journey. Ann lives with her husband in Michigan. Touch Not My Anointed is her debut book.

Product description…

Do you hunger for a more intimate bond with God? In Touch Not My Anointed, the depth and power of Ann Hutchinson’s relationship with the Father is revealed as she shares powerful truths about:

  • Prophetic visions
  • Receiving and understanding your dreams
  • The anointing
  • Eliminating obstacles and people who keep you from receiving God’s best
  • The revelation of who God is and how much He loves you
  • The value of spending quality time with the Lord every day
  • How to receive God’s blessings
  • What it means to be in love with the Father

Filled with insight and inspiration, Ann’s book is candid, joyful, and at times painful. If you want to draw closer to God, go ahead and get started!