Introducing Artis C Bolden Jr., author of DIRTY

“Jamie was responsive and informative throughout the entire process of publishing our book DIRTY. As we prepare for our next book, we hope that Jamie will be our rep thru the next book process or someone like her. Great job Jamie!”

Artis and Tina Bolden had a vision about telling the truth and atoning in 2013 when this book came to life. With both of their backgrounds combined, this humble couple entered into the literacy world, with their first published, riveting piece of work, “Dirty.” Artis is from Jackson, Mississippi and Tina, a transplant from Newport News, Virginia, now living in Los Angeles, California. These two brought their God-given gifts to life, with Artis’ unique and easy style of writing, which will make you feel as if the book comes to life as you read each word. “Dirty” is the first of many!

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Book description…

As you enter into the riveting world of a young boy’s struggle to become a man, in a life he didn’t choose, it all came down to choices. As he embarked on a journey through the early 80s, with drugs, death, heartache and loss being intricate to growth to becoming a man, this is a thrill ride of emotional challenges that will captivate and open your eyes to this dirty, dirty world.

Introducing Nyree Hayes, author of Close Enemies

“My experience with Outskirts Press was AWESOME! They made me feel so one-on-one all the way through till publishing. All in all, it’s a Dream Come True!”

Nyree is a self-published author from Little Rock, Arkansas, with Close Enemies being her first to be published. She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family. She currently resides in Maumelle, with dreams and goals of becoming a best-selling author.

Product description…

OG is released from Prison!!!… OG has just done a four year prison bid for murder. Along with his brother Oil Can, he runs an organized street gang in Pine Bluff, Arkansas known as Trapstah Gangstas. Before leaving to do his prison stint, OG finds himself with a daughter and decides to change up his game. While he grew with his baby girl through visits, Oil Can held down Trapstah who was on top of the dope game. OG leaves prison with a college degree to add to his street savvy, and begins his plans with turning Trapstah legal. But someone from his past wants revenge and has other plans….for him!! Popcorn wants revenge!!!…. Popcorn is the new leader of the Eastside Pirus. Due to his brother’s death he was left in command and is known for his treacherous ways. He now wants revenge on OG for killing his brother. But with both gangs being on top, war was not an option. So Popcorn formulates the perfect scheme to get onside TG…And bring it down!!!…. Lamira and Jaden goes in!!!….. Lamira and Jaden are two friends with exotic bodies with faces to match. They’re also known for pulling capers and scheming drug dealers. They find themselves in the ultimate scheme when Popcorn sends them into TG. With Lamira on Oil Can and Jaden at OG, Lust, Trust, and good judgment becomes Close Enemies…… With An Ending That Will Blow Your Mind!

Introducing Charles Taylor, author of The Demon became an Angel

Outskirts, you guys are the best! I have not had much experience with publishing in the past, but I hope other companies are almost as great as you all, for their author’s sake!”

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio; I grew up selling drugs and robbing people, treating women like pieces of meat, and when I became an adult, I went to jail, then gave my life to Jesus. When I got out, I got a job as an exterminator. Writing songs, poetry, plays, etc. are my hobbies. I’m now an owner of my own exterminating company and a father of a very handsome eight-year-old son. I also plan to write more books, songs, plays, and movie scripts.

Product description…

Growing up around career criminals had me believing that the average working class american was dumb. Being molested at a very young age made me very promiscuous. Fast money and fast females was all I wanted until my life changed. Watching people die and going through so many ups and downs I realized something had to give. My name is Charles Taylor and “The Demon Who Became an Angel” is the story based on my real life experiences. None of the names in the book are real except for mine. Certain details of this book have been altered to protect others’ identities.

Introducing Gary Turcotte, author of The Curse of Beauty

“Bridget was a pleasure to work with and there to help every step or the way.”

About Gary Turcotte: If you die before you share your thoughts, then all you think about is in vain; the same of an imagination, it needs to be exercised and shared. Daydreams, visions and premonitions are soon pushed aside as the precious mind is filled with stress from bills, deadlines and responsibilities. The mind is an inventor and a crafter of stories, and artwork that canvass or type cannot give justice. Unless you are continually reinventing yourself; then you have no future.

Product description…

Doug loved Kate, but she wasn’t his type and not interested in him. He accepted it and tried to protect his feelings. He had low self esteem; she thought a lot of herself. She was different than him; born with a perfect shape and clear skin. She made friends fast and people were quick to please her. He was overweight; kids were mean and called him pudgy Dougy. He grew immune to smirks and insults. She was showered in kind words and praises. One day Kate had an accident; Doug was the only one there. He saved her life and she felt indebted to him and brought him into her world, suddenly Doug had new friends with new problems. Everything about Doug had changed. His slow paced life was suddenly in the fast lane. He lost weight and hung out with the cool kids. He tried to protect Kate, but she became a target for drug dealers and opportunists.