Introducing Berhane Aradom Tedla, author of The New You Is Not Yet Discovered

“I am thrilled that I have published with Outskirt Press, which turned out to be a wonderful experience. I am grateful to my Author Representative for her guidance. She was very knowledgeable, amiable, supportive, and understanding. Now, I am looking forward to publish my next book with Outskirts Press.”

Berhane Aradom Tedla has a B.A. in Educational Administration and M.A. in Educational Economy and Management. Before 2011, he had been teaching education courses at the University of Asmara and Eritrea Institute of Technology, and philosophy and psychology courses at Asmara Catholic Theological Institute, Eritrea. He has also written and published some academic articles and more than twenty-five short articles on about leadership and happiness. His writings are directed toward motivating, challenging, and transforming people of any age to discover their inherent talents. He believes that failure in life is a by-product of the failure to accept challenges and improve oneself. This book is a challenge for a new vision, transformation, and a younger world.

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Book description…

Some of us are graceful, and some of us are clumsy. Some of us are brilliant, while some of us struggle to keep up. However, we are all born unique, extraordinarily rich, and endowed with treasures of inner power. Simply put, you are a divine gift, an accumulation of potentials waiting to bloom. Nothing can contain you. You are a citizen of the cosmos, and you have the power to be new each new day. You are the solution; now, what is the problem? The new you is the seed of the future, the promise of a new life. Everything is with you and for you, but you have to take the journey and discover the new you. Shake off the old you and wake up the new! This is the voyage of self-realization and your entire life assignment. I’m the new me. You’re the new you. Therefore, we are all the new us.