You Are Just Right: Celebrating the Beauty of Diversity

“Though I knew the subject matter of my book, I had no idea how to put it together. My Author Representative patiently walked me through the steps and answered my tedious, and sometimes repetitive, questions. She was absolutely life saving as the conduit to my illustrator. Her advice was flawless, and I am so grateful.”

Joni Crimmins has an MBA in finance and has pursued a fulfilling career in business. Yet it was her role as mother, that inspired her to return to school for a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy to understand the psychology around bullying, depression and anxiety, rampant among today’s youth and to try to make a difference. One of seven children, Joni understands the unique circumstances that make each of us special. This book was inspired by real events that happened involving Joni’s children. She was so saddened by them, that she wanted to bring a hopeful message to those that don’t feel they fall within society’s acceptable norms. Actually, she acknowledges, this could apply to most of us.

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Book description…

Growing up can be tough when you feel you don’t “fit in” the way others think you should: he’s too old for the shopping cart, too tall for the ride. A mother shares a story with her struggling son to demonstrate that we all truly do fit in a piece of the bigger picture, and what’s more important is following his own heart, rather than how others see him. The story helps the young boy to understand that differences can be strengths and that he really is “just right.” This little book is a gentle reminder to children and adults that thoughtless comments are hurtful and unhelpful, that everyone is unique and that within each person is a special gift or talent. The array of options presented creates an opportunity for parent/child dialogue on my topics from accepting others to exploring a child’s aspirations and dreams. Perhaps you don’t have a pianist’s nimble fingers, but you have strong hands to build bridges and repair roads? Are you slow and methodical like a scientist in a lab, or are you small and quick like a jockey on a racehorse? This loving exchange between a mother and son is an assurance, not only to this little boy, but to all children and grown-ups, that each of us is uniquely special, born to bring a one-of-a-kind gift to this world.