Introducing Diana McIntyre, author of Just a Piece of Me

“My experience with Outskirts Press was truly outstanding from the very beginning. All representatives were efficient, helpful, professional, and courteous. Outskirts Press made it easy for me to publish my first book. The finished product was a masterpiece! I highly recommend Outskirts Press.”

Diana McIntyre was born in Marianna, Florida. She attended Florida State University, where she received a BS Degree in Speech Communication and English Education. Her MS Degree in Reading is from NOVA Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her teaching career began in Bradenton, Florida and ended on Long Island, New York. She is a retired English teacher, now living with her husband in Bradenton, Florida. Just a Piece of Me is her first book.

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Book description…

I Am Not Responsible For That. It was supposed to quench his thirst- nothing like a cool, refreshing glass of lemonade. Sister Net hands it to him. Once Brother Bubba tastes it, he knows that his sister has pulled another one of her pranks…. The grass burns out of control. Toots and Ron Pipe stand transfixed as they watch the huge flames approach the family home…. It appears in the distance as a little black dot. The dot becomes a looming shadow as it moves across the field connected to the Spears home. The siblings seek shelter, but notice that one of the nine is missing. Where is the Bug?…. These incidents are among the many included in Just a Piece of Me, a memoir of laughs, entertainment, and survival as experienced by the Spears clan.

Introducing J. S. Wiedemann, author of Dog Man

“I commend my Author Representative and the entire Outskirts team for a job well done with Dog Man. I will not hesitate to use their services again.”

J. S. Wiedemann is the real name of an authentic Baby Boomer and Jersey boy who lives harmoniously in Burlington County, NJ with his long-suffering wife and with happy memories of his late Labrador Retriever. The author welcomes reader questions and comments. Contact me on-line at

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Book description…

Dog Man might be the last great Baby Boomer novel. It is the self-told story of Rudi Werner, an engaging Boomer gone bust who learns about change the hard way: He lives it. Battling his demons all the way, Rudi accepts the challenge of opening and operating Dog Man, a kitschy hot dog joint that “serves the best damn wieners on the Jersey Shore.” But Rudi’s fabulous food fling brings him into daily conflict with what he calls The Great American Catastrophe-the election of Donald J. Trump. Rudi gets plenty of help balancing personal and political change from his inspiring love interest, Maria; from his extended Dog Man family; from his quirky, learned “spiritual” advisors, Phillipe and Malachi; and from his loving and loyal Labrador Retriever, Al. The novel provides poignant and humorous insights into modern life, relationships, politics and food, but Dog Man is fundamentally an uplifting tale of personal transcendence for Boomers of all ages.

Introducing Dan the Man, author of “Hi, I Am Dan the Man Your Concierge”

“I am a first-time author. Jamie, my author representative, was just incredible! I really enjoyed communicating with her each week. Jamie, a true professional with class, made me feel like a family member of Outskirts Press. Thank you Jamie, my dream came true. This was a wonderful publishing experience! It was also a great pleasure communicating with her colleagues. Now, I am looking forward to the marketing of my book. Outskirts Press, the publishing company that cares about your success! I will highly recommend Outskirts Press!”

Dan the Man, is from Ybor City. The historic district of Tampa. He lives in Brandon, Florida, with his beautiful wife of 35 years and their meow fur children. All of their other children have lovely families and exciting careers. Dan’s life achievements; teamster executive leader with a positive, winning image, and a quality control technician for the number one beer company in the world. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix.

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Book description…

This delightfully humorous book provides a serious education about the reality of working a men’s nightclub restroom in the hospitality industry-a fun part-time job with the potential for an amazing income-but only for those with the exuberance of a positive, winning mind-set! While researching this book, the author visited 40 nightclubs to observe restroom attendants and found there were only a handful of concierges who were both pleasant and professional-those with a friendly smile and a firm handshake, a great sense of humor, excellent communication skills, and a compassionate heart. Professional concierges take pride in their work, and Dan the Man shows how it’s done. With raw, slice-of-life conversations emphasizing the fun and humorous side of this business, Hi, I Am Dan the Man, Your Concierge contains tips and wisdom that can be applied to all customer service and hospitality careers!

Introducing Lavaughn T. Simmons, author of Christmas Hustle

“Outskirts took the rookie in me and turned me into a pro – almost overnight! Wow! I’m so glad I chose Outskirts!”

Lavaughn T. Simmons was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, and graduated from a local high School in Arlington. Lavaughn is the second oldest of four sisters, she is a proud mother of four children and a wife to one husband who retired twenty years from the U. S. Navy. While being a Home-Maker and small business owner for nearly eighteen years, Lavaughn managed to earn her Associates Degree in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design. Lavaughn has also worked fluently in other business capacities such as Photography, Wedding Planning, publishing Newsletters for several churches in Jacksonville, Florida, and she served as an Architectural Engineer over a new mega-church while overseeing the entire project. Writing is a hobby and a passion of Lavaughn as she continues to stretch beyond the boundaries of the imagination in her literatures.

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Book description…

This holiday treat is about an old-school hustler and family man who gets hustled by a younger hustler with a state-of-the-art price-checking device which does more than checks the value of material possessions. Irony would have it that on Black Friday the two hustlers would hear about a “hustling dressing Santa” on the evening news but on Christmas Eve, old-school would crash into new-school sparking one unforgettable, explosive reunion and journey promised to lighten the hearts of many and grip the funny-bones of audiences all over!

Introducing Denny Goetz, author of Father Flanagan Laments: A Satirical Novel

“I can’t imagine a better publishing experience. Thank you Dana.”

Author Denny Goetz was born in Shanghai to refugee parents from Nazi Germany, and since the age of 10 he has been a resident of NY City. A graduate of CCNY, he has worked in a variety of jobs including as a taxi-driver, a puppeteer, an actor, and a travel agent. He has written a children’s play and is working on a memoir of his mother. This is his first published novel.

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Book description…

A Satirical Comedic Novel In the Spirit of Rabelais

Meet Father Emery Flanagan, Parish Priest at COHA (Church of the Holy Assumption), torn between his intense love of God and his battles with the intrusive demands of the flesh, and frazzled by the insistent needs of his congregation and the pressures of his churchly duties. Increasingly frantic, he records his riotous daily struggles in letters to his Bishop and in his diary. Here he describes his raucous interactions with a cast of characters ranging from his ancient, wrecked Sexton, who keeps him going with toddies and loyal support, and Emily Claypeter, whom he pursues in unrequited love, to his rigid, reactionary co-Pastor, Reverend Johan Wagner, and his idol and teacher, Father Wilder, a.k.a. “the Cuddle King”. Here too he conveys his visions of himself either sitting beside the Heavenly Throne, or falling into the fiery pit of hell. When Eric Purer, the richest man in town, asks Emery to tutor his lovely daughter, Sally, temptations mount. His life begins to crumble like COHA’s foundation, itself, which church engineers tell him is sinking into the ground. He unravels at an ever increasing pace until one night he finds himself standing naked, holding aloft his ten foot, custom made wooden cross, in COHA’s bell tower, high above the town. In this Rabelaisian satire of religious and sexual mores, we follow the struggles of an all-too-human man of the cloth, as he grapples with his inner demons and the hypocrisies of church and community. With incompatible benevolence to devoutness, heavenly delusions, and carnal folly – inevitable reminders of satirists Mark Twain and Lenny Bruce – author Denny Goetz offers-up an unexpected chronicle, ‘penned’ by an artfully blunt priest. “Father Flanagan Laments” is a meticulous new testament in rhythm and delight. —Richard D. Pepperman author of “Illuminations, Memorable Movie Moments”, finalist for 2011 Best Moving Image Book Award Take a large spoon-full of Joseph Heller, mix in a dash of Gogol and some Kerouac and you’ll emerge with something close to Denny Goetz, whose rollicking new novel will introduce a writer who is going to be much better known in the future, along with his creation, the bewildered but memorable, Father Flanagan. —Martin Jackson author of “American History/American Film” and a nostalgic “History of the Bronx” A well-done story told from a unique perspective. —Richard Monaco author of Pulitzer Prize nominated “Parsival or a Knight’s Tale” COVER ART BY SHERAN SEIF

Introducing Jeff Green, author of I Hear Ants

“Outskirts Press delivered everything they promised, usually ahead of schedule, making the publishing of my first book a wonderful experience. I look forward to doing it again in the future.”

Jeff Green has been married 28 years to Doris. They have 3 children – Bobby, Brandy, and Kimberly and 5 grandchildren. Jeff served in the United States Marine Corps for eleven years obtaining the rank of Staff Sergeant. He earned his Masters Degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. He is currently a Manager at a major Aerospace Corporation.

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Book description…

Come walk with this Marine as he describes, in 48 short stores, some of the memorable moments of his “totally normal” family’s upbringing. Discover why he thinks he can hear ants. Learn how describing the subtle nuances of fine dining and the proper use of a salad fork can be humorous. And laugh with him as he learns that his daughter is being detained by the SWAT team. Yes sir, just another ordinary day in the life of a Marine.

Introducing Don E. Webster, author of Bury Me In My Waders

“My first-time publishing experience with Outskirts Press was successful beyond my expectations. Tina and Brie guided me through the process with patience and professionalism. As a result, my book, ‘Bury Me In My Waders: An Old Duck Hunter Recalls His Fowl Past’ continues to rank in the Top 100 in Amazon Books Hunting Category, having been ranked as high as 11 in Amazon Kindle Hunting. The writing experience I gained by publishing with Outskirts Press has enabled me to garner first place and win the Phil Ford Humor Award in the Outdoor Writers Association of California 2013 writing crafts competition. Thank you, Outskirts Press!”

Don E. Webster is a native Californian. He is a Vietnam veteran. He is a life member of the California Waterfowl Association, and also holds memberships in Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl. He writes a weekly column for MyOutdoorBuddy.Com. See other books coming soon from Don E. Webster online at

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Book description…

From a young boy shivering in the rain on his first hunt with his father, all the way to suffering the loss of lifelong hunting pals, Don E. Webster embraces almost 60 years of waterfowling. Penned with a style and flair that brings to mind outdoor legends such as Corey Ford, Robert Ruark, and Ed Zern, this collection of duck hunting memories brims with sly humor, salty wit, and poignant reflection. Bury Me In My Waders will charm and captivate you while tickling your funny bone at the same time. “Bury Me In My Waders” is a fun read, perfect for those precious moments when you want to forget your troubles and be reminded of your own waterfowl hunting adventures. Don E. Webster has a rare, special ability to spin yarns to which every waterfowl hunter can relate. If you haven’t been in the marsh lately, this book is a call you won’t be able to resist. -Frank Galusha Editor/Publisher “Whether you have a developing passion or a longtime addiction to waterfowl hunting, you will enjoy reading Don E. Webster’s book, “Bury Me In My Waders.” Don has enjoyed the company of pot-hunters to gentile sportsmen and found their common bond – a passion for waterfowl hunting. Good humor abounds, but there are touching tributes to old friends, great dogs, and even a vision for what awaits us when our days are done. If you are a duck hunter, put this book on your reading list!” -Robert McLandress, Ph.D. Past President, California Waterfowl Association (currently – Associate In Waterfowl Management, University of California at Davis.)

Introducing Janet Sheridan, author of A Seasoned Life Lived In Small Towns

“My brow furrowed, my jaw clenched, and my pacemaker threatened revolt as I sat before my pesky computer to begin the self-publishing process with Outskirts Press, a company recommended by friends and well-reviewed online. Seventy years old, I wasn’t raised with technology and didn’t use it with the ease of younger generations, who turn on and manipulate their electronic devices as casually as I used to open books. But I took a deep breath, gathered my scanty courage, entered the Outskirts Press website and began clicking in all the wrong places. I had chosen the perfect company. Again and again, my representatives rescued, comforted, and advised me–once tactfully pointing out I had overpaid, quite generously, for a service that came with my package and then promptly issuing a credit before my panic attack became full blown. Now I have my book in my hands, and it makes me smile. It is everything I hoped it would be from the attractive custom cover to the careful formatting to the back cover script, all of which caught the essence of my writing. I couldn’t be more pleased. And, thanks to the supportive people I worked with at Outskirts Press, I’m now regularly using my computer for more than word processing, basic research, and email. I’m even blogging. My grandchildren are open-mouthed with amazement.”

Busily retired, Janet Sheridan writes in a comfortable home she shares with a husband she enjoys in Craig, Colorado.

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Book description…

Janet Sheridan’s wry, often tender, observations on life draw the reader into the poignancy and fun of a long life spent in the rural west. In this delightful compilation, you’ll meet a variety of mostly good people, each with their own quirks: six siblings who matured in unpredictable patterns, Aunt Beulah of girth and grace, a ninth-grade student filled with forgiveness, and the author’s husband, who leaves tools and clothes in full view-so he won’t forget he has them-but hides his potato chips.

A Seasoned Life Lived in Small Towns is a collection of unpublished material and human-interest columns written for the Denver Post and the Craig Daily Press-all drawn from the 70 years Janet Sheridan lived as a child in Utah, an adult in Nevada, and a woman facing the reality of her advancing years in Colorado. Her work was awarded first place in Category IV humorous column writing in the Colorado Press Association’s 2010 competition and first place in both humorous and serious column writing in 2011.

“Janet Sheridan is a treasure. She’s a skilled craftsman whose sharp intellect, creativity, and precise writing-not one word is wasted-leaves a reader wanting more. Her oh-so-lovely, mellifluous prose should be savored, like this paragraph from a 2010 Colorado Voices column: My musings about children of the world and fairness ended with the shocking sight of Ruthie Miller eating toothpaste. I corrected her in a fierce whisper, smoothed my plaid dress over my knees, and wondered if the cafeteria ladies had baked cinnamon rolls for lunch…” -Barbara Ellis, Editorial Page news editor and coordinator of the Colorado Voices program, The Denver Post.

“Janet has a unique voice that meshes folksy narrative with creative storytelling. An educator by trade, her readers are fortunate she found her true calling later in life. I’m proud to be one of her biggest fans. She’s a true artist in this writing craft of ours.” -Josh Roberts, Former Editor, Craig Daily Press.

Introducing Dennis D. Feeheley, author of Travelin’ Man Across the Sahara and Beyond

“I was greatly impressed with Elaine and everyone at Outskirts that I dealt with. It was outstanding work and service.”

Dennis D. Feeheley has traveled to over 50 countries around the world in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East. He is also one of the few Americans to travel unrestricted behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ during the Cold War. His adventures include rugged travel to 30 countries before the age of 21, while studying and playing rugby at Oxford University. He has worked on Capitol Hill in Washington DC as a legislative correspondent. In addition, he was the founder and CEO of an international company, and lived 20 years overseas. He lives with his wife and daughter in the U.S. Available for Speaking Engagements / To make requests or comments email –

Product description…

Dennis Feeheley is a 19 year-old teenager with a youthful dream to explore the world as he sets out with his brother John on an ill-advised, but incredible adventure to the Sahara Desert and beyond. An uplifting, true story bursting with adventure, non-stop action, refreshing humor and keen insights into Muslim culture! Midway through the journey, the brothers run out of money and get lost in the Sahara yet must somehow make it through an intense guerilla checkpoint and cross a closed Algerian border. Using their wits and nerve, they overcome many dangers with a good natured but relentless do or die attitude. The tension escalates until the final, frantic minutes and a harrowing decision that may change their lives forever . “The Will and Determination of the Human Spirit Shines” – Jeff Liebsch, Editor, Busan HAPS Magazine,  Publisher, ParkHampton Press