Introducing Morris Gliklich, author of The Memoirs of Morris Gliklich: Holocaust Years and Beyond

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Morris Gliklich was born in Nisko, Poland. When the Germans invaded Poland in 1939, he and his family made a daring escape from their town and the advancing Nazis, only to be captured by the Russians and sent to Siberian labor camps. Following the war, they found their way to Germany, spending time in a series of DP camps. He immigrated to the United States in 1951, where he went on to join the US Army, attend college, marry, start a family, and launch a successful business career.

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Holocaust Years-From Poland to Siberia. The German invasion of Poland in 1939 put an end to the tranquil childhood of Morris Gliklich. Fleeing the Nazis, only to be captured by the Russians, Morris and his family spent much of the war years in Siberian labor camps. Narrowly escaping death on numerous occasions, first from the Nazis and the Russians, then from Siberian winters, bears, and malaria, Morris survived the war with his immediate family, making his way to German DP camps, and later on to America. This memoir is a tribute to their strength, courage, perseverance and faith.

Introducing The Rev. Dr. Martha Bean Kriebel, author of Promise Kept with a Paintbrush: The Story of a Holocaust Survivor Who Lives to Illustrate the “Life of Christ”

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The Rev. Dr. Martha Bean Kriebel is an ordained pastor, researcher and writer of church history, liturgy, and resources for community ministries. She is a graduate of the Philadelphia High School for Girls, Ursinus College, B.S.; Lancaster Seminary. B.D.; Lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia, S.T.M.; and received a D.D. from Ursinus College. Pastor Kriebel is married to the Rev. Howard Lewis Kriebel, and they are the parents of two married sons, and six grandchildren.

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This book is for a wide readership that will be introduced to: A personal account of a Holocaust survivor; A Jewish artist’s portrait of Christ; An invitation to Judeo-Christian dialogue; An example of a faith-based community welcoming and sheltering refugees facing death; A stirring call to exemplify love at the highest level, that risks one’s life for others as a religious duty. “Martha Kriebel’s book brings to light a series of important but forgotten paintings that began a modernist/realist trend in Sunday School curriculum. The original paintings were used by the Evangelical and Reformed Church to create a filmstrip and published curriculum presenting more realistic images of the life and ministry of Jesus. Kriebel reintroduces not only Barosin’s paintings but also presents an important part of the history of church school curriculum. – The Rev. Richard Berg, Archivist Emeritus, Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society at Lancaster Seminary, PA. “Both Christians and Jews owe Dr. Martha Kriebel a debt of gratitude for preserving the memory and the art of Jacques Barosin. This Jewish artist survived the Holocaust due to the heroism of a French Christian and then produced a wonderful portfolio of watercolors depicting the life of Jesus. Pastor Kriebel’s annotated collection of Barosin’s oeuvre is a valuable contribution both to the history of art and to Christian-Jewish relations.” – Judith Blumberg Maslin, M.A., Director Emerita of the Temple Judea Museum of Keneseth Israel. “Jacob Barosin was a man of many talents with one of those complicated 20th century life stories that took him from Russia to Germany to France and finally to the United States. Pastor Kriebel has given voice and exposure to one of Barosin’s professional traits, showing for the first time to a general audience his craft and dedication, in this case his art applied to a central Christian theme. It can be hoped that curiosity in Barosin’s work will broaden interest in his work.” – Dr. Frank Mecklenburg, Director of Research and Chief Archivist, Leo Baeck Institute, New York/Berlin

Introducing Eve Bat Shalom, author of With Love Not Met

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Born in 1928, Eve Bat Shalom and her family escaped in 1939 on the SS Veendam, one of the last ships accepting refugees going to America. She has 3 children and 6 grandchildren and lives in Boulder Colorado with her beloved dog, Fin, and the quiet presence of the cat, Little Bear. With her ever inquiring mind, she reads vociferously and has recently become deeply interested in Sacred Geometry.

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In her 60’s, Eve Bat Shalom began the process of recovering memories of her childhood in Nazi Germany in the 30’s. The release of these memories tapped into her creativity and she began painting. The walls in every room of her house are now covered with these large canvases. These paintings also provide the illustrations in this book, as well as its companion book, “From This Incredible Dot.” “With Love Not Met,” Eve expands on chronicling her childhood experiences and takes us through to the transformations which have allowed her to become, as she says, “more than a Holocaust survivor” to a deep gratitude to the Universe for giving her Life.