Introducing Lyn M. Sinclair, author of Taking the Fear and Mystery Out of Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases

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Lyn M. Sinclair has been an advocate of the Alternative and Holistic Healing Arts since she was first introduced to nutrition as a teenager. She currently works as a Massage Therapist. In 2016, she realized she was facing two serious diseases, which ultimately motivated her to use this as an opportunity to completely justify a lifelong philosophy of curing root causes of disease. After a brief, fearful moment of considering turning herself over to mainstream conventional solutions to her problems, she became determined to use this as an opportunity to prove her beliefs were far more than just an idealistic philosophy. Making the decision to tackle her health problems alternatively proved to be a complete act of faith. She realized very quickly how this path is intentionally void of the support necessary for everyone to be able to make these same choices without undue sacrifice and hardship. She hopes this story serves as a catalyst of change by throwing one small pebble to start a ripple effect in a seemingly insurmountable task to achieve true equality in healthcare.

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Making a case for equality and balance in a truly democratic health care system. This is a story which began as a courageous decision to choose the unsupported path of alternative healing for breast cancer and a parathyroid tumor simultaneously. The journey evolved into a powerful life lesson about the political, financial, medical, emotional and physical ramifications of the challenges facing me. The desire and efforts to restore my health to normal was intensely rivaled by the unfair circumstances adding an extra burden of stress to the process. After months of researching and experiencing a variety of options available to me, I achieved success in a way that seemed impossible. As I reflected on everything I learned during the intense six months of devoting all my time and attention to achieving my goals, I realized my story had become an interesting tapestry of information worth sharing with others. My original desire was to offer a successful testimony and details about how I achieved healing. Then I realized my lessons gave me a whole new perspective on what it means to be living in a society where healthcare is governed by a controlling monopoly. My story became an exercise in free speech to shed light on the unfair disadvantages and challenges one experiences by refusing to be subjected to a one-sided medical paradigm. In addition to sharing that it is entirely possible to heal root causes of disease without harmful side effects, I give testimony to the treatments I experienced which could easily be part of our mainstream supported health care for everyone.