Introducing Jerry Snodgrass, author of Man from the Sea

“Thanks again for your professional assistance. It is always a pleasure working with you. My sincere thank you for the editing of my manuscript. The program used was easy for me and I followed each and every one of the suggested editing comments. My advice to authors is that they are wasting their time and money if they do not have their manuscript edited!”

Jerry Snodgrass was born in Butler, Missouri, in 1938. He was raised and went to school in Indianola, Iowa. He entered the military after graduating from high school in 1957, and successfully fulfilled his dreams of serving in the military and federal service traveling to exotic locations for over fifty years. Jerry is a Vietnam Veteran and is a Life Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion. His passion for romance during World War II inspired him to write his latest novel, Man from the Sea. He provides exciting reading with a fiction romance novel set in Le Havre, France. Jerry lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife Rosemary and their little Yorkie, Stormy.

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Book description…

Le Havre, France—WW II 1943: Galveston, Texas native, U.S. Navy Lieutenant Percy Ward meets French beauty 18-year-old Gabriella Roux in a city park while his Navy ship was in the Le Havre port to assist in repairing the port facilities and civilian houses destroyed during heavy bombing by Allied aircraft. The two strike up a conversation and decide to see each other when Percy’s ship returns to Le Havre. Percy is the commander of a joint commando team that fights the Germans along with a team of French Resistance fighters. A love affair develops between Percy and Gabriella that lasted for over 50 years. Between the war and long absences after the war, he searches and finds Gabriella, and their love affairs expanded. Eventually, illness and the death of Percy he asks a young former U.S. Marine and friend, Harley Masters to fly to Le Havre, France and search for his long-lost love. Follow the war years with Percy engaging in battles fighting alongside his French Resistance fighter friends and the search for Percy’s long lost love, Gabriella. During the search, Harley discovers that Percy has a hidden secret journal documenting hidden events during WW II and post-war adventures.

Introducing Patricia Vuillemot, author of Band of Tears

“The book that Brie helped me with, Band of Tears, has been published by your publishing company. I am happy to say that the package she sold me really made sense to do for a first time author. I would like to give my compliments on your service and how Brie pushed me through the process. She was the best part of my publishing experience with Outskirts. I do have two other titles that I hope to publish by the end of the year. Brie was so instrumental in helping me accomplish a life long dream. Her kindness during that process will never be forgotten.”

Patricia Vuillemot has a background in finance, marketing, and publishing. Over the years she has worked as a ghostwriter and a syndicated restaurant review columnist. A native of Illinois, Patricia makes her home on an acre of country land outside of Chicago with her husband and children.

Product description…

Theresa is an exquisitely beautiful investigative reporter for the Chicago Daily Watch, but her perfect world is shaken when she finds that her handsome and charming husband is physically abusive—and has ties to the Chicago mafia.

After a nasty divorce, Theresa escapes Chicago and rents a lakeside cabin in Wisconsin. There she finds a golden ring and is startled to discover that she is able to glimpse scenes from the past. Her flashbacks of the 1920s reveal the private details of Al Capone’s life as seen through the eyes of a victim of the Chicago mob. From the grimy streets of 1920s Chicago to Al Capone’s luxurious mansion in Wisconsin, Theresa’s journey takes her on a path that only fate can execute. Is the discovery of the Band of Gold the end—or the beginning of a new life?

Unearthed memories from beyond the grave fuel The Band of Tears—a unique thriller that delivers the raw essence of human nature. It’s the haunting story of lives woven together through reincarnation, and the human soul’s need to be remembered…and vindicated.