Introducing Billy Anders, author of Murder at Toltec Gorge: A Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Adventure

“This is my fifth book with Outskirts Press and my Author Representative was there to offer new advice and guide me in a painless way. I highly recommend Outskirts Press!”

Billy Anders is a member of the Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, Inc., and works as a docent for the C&TSRR, successor since 1970 to the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad. He is a retired police officer and US Air Force officer.

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Book description…

“IF HE HURTS HER AGAIN, I’LL KILL HIM!” Arriana Garcia, stunningly beautiful yet imperfect, is the section foreman’s wife at Sublette, New Mexico, on the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad’s San Juan Extension. It’s an isolated, lonely mountain place, 9,276 feet up, where winters are harsh. Twelve young rail workers live in two bunkhouses next to the section house, and Mrs. Garcia cooks for everyone. But in 1927, during the Roaring 20s, American women are changing. Many like Arri Garcia are rethinking traditional roles. Leo Garcia, Sublette section foreman, is Arriana’s husband. Leo was decorated for bravery in France during World War I, a hero. Garcia is a strict, effective railroad supervisor, but he has a dark side. Leo is an abuser. Foreman Garcia rules his home the same way he rules his section gang – through intimidation and fear. Eliseo Martinez is a star engineer for the D&RGW. He grew up in Conejos, Colorado, where he served as an altar boy in Our Lady of Guadalupe church. Over time, Eli quietly falls in love with the married Arriana Garcia, though he knows better. More than once, Martinez sees fresh bruises on Arri. Finally, infuriated, he tells his best friend, fireman Samuel Gonzales: “If he hurts her again, I’ll kill him!” Sam realizes that Eli has stepped into a Sublette funnel in which there’s only room for two people to come out alive. This can’t be good, thinks Sam. This can’t be good at all.

Introducing Joel S. Teig, author of Incipient Provocateur

“Working with my Author Representative made the whole process easier. She was on top of the situations I was facing.”

Joel Teig was born in 1947 and grew up in Connecticut during the 1950s and 1960s. He was intensely focused on the events of the day, from America’s first manned rocket launch, to the Vietnam War and everything in between. His fascination with history is the inspiration for this novel.

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Book description…

Can One College Student Change His Country? Matt Lyons and Roger Makowski are both college freshmen with big dreams-Roger is pre-med, and Matt is interested in political science, but as the Vietnam War intensifies, both young men find themselves inextricably entangled in a dangerous time for America. Roger’s increasingly aggressive actions, in response to his plans for his future being thwarted, impedes him from even a limited role in society, leading him to become a disruptive force in a contentious anti-war group. Matt is recruited by the FBI to infiltrate that same anti-war group and interfere with their plans to disrupt the presidential election and America’s immersion in Vietnam. In this vivid epic, Roger and Matt collide with each other, as their fates play out against a backdrop of communist paranoia, the horrors of war and the emerging pacifist social movements. Incipient Provocateur is a compelling, unforgettable thrill ride through the hope, change, and dissent of the 1960s.

Introducing David Trawinski, author of Chasing The Winter’s Wind

Chasing The Winter’s Wind is my second book published through Outskirts Press. My experience was excellent, and the staff is not only knowledgable and engaging, but they bring a professionalism to guide the author effortlessly through the process. I look forward to publishing my next novel with Outskirts Press as well!”

David Trawinski is a retired Aerospace Engineering Executive who pursues his love of history, travel and storytelling in his novels. He lives with his muse and wife, the lovely Marie, in the North Georgia countryside. This is his second novel, the sequel/prequel to his first historical fiction, entitled “The Willow’s Bend.”

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Book description…

The CIA is hunting one of their own, Stanley Wisniewski, across Europe. Deputy Director Jack Trellis wants Stanley silenced forever. Stanley is driven by his feelings for the only woman he has ever loved, the beautiful Agnieszka Danuska. Her father was tragically murdered by the Soviets in the 1940 massacre of over twenty-two thousand Polish military officers in the forest at Katyń. In the late 1970’s Stanley recruited Agnieszka, linking the Solidarity movement forming in the Gdansk shipyards to the CIA. Over the next fifteen years, Stanley and Agnieszka worked together to enable the series of events that brought about the abrupt end of the USSR itself. Now, through his actions, Stanley threatens to expose the corruption within the CIA itself. The agency’s pursuit of Stanley is being conducted by the woman who was once his protégé – Diane “The Huntress” Sterling. “Chasing The Winter’s Wind” takes the reader across Europe and through the turbulent history of the “Cold War” in Poland.

Introducing James D. Fox, author of On A Day Without Warning

“I would rate my experience as excellent. I would still use Outskirts Press again and recommend them as well.”

James D. Fox brings us his first novel with “On A Day Without Warning.” Jim is a former stockbroker and bond trader. He is a 1971 Liberal Arts graduate of Brooklyn College (CUNY) where he majored in both Economics and Political Science. He also holds an MBA from New York University (1974). As an ongoing student of history and literature, Jim believes a well-crafted work can bring more than just entertainment to his audience. In this work of historical fiction, Jim shows his belief that goodness can evolve from the difficult dilemmas that we currently face. Both he and his wife, Melissa, live with their three dogs in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona.

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Book description…

David Sternlight is a Wall Street executive, whose career is on the ropes despite numerous contributions to his former firm, Dean, Adams & Company. Now semi-retired, David stays active trading the markets; but has many internal battles raging under a calm exterior. His wife Eva is one of his few sources of comfort. After a celebratory party for the promotion of his ex-boss, Jack Howell, David is aggressively recruited to join a secretive government agency led by a shadowy figure named John McCabe. The reason is McCabe’s belief that certain predictive applications of Sternlight’s financial software, Excalibur, can be adapted to the war on terror. Without much choice, Sternlight agrees and sees an opportunity to do good things while also fighting the severe mental depression he suffers since the death of his son, Andy, in the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. Meanwhile in Iraq, a young Muslim boy, Hassan al Hassan, tips off American soldiers as to the location of their kidnapped squad member, who is saved at the last minute, from beheading. As the boy grows older, his peaceful interpretation of Islam gives him many followers and he becomes a young Imam known as “The Boy Prophet.” However, militant supporters of Jihad continue in the world and Sternlight comes to grips with his strengths and weaknesses; and the realization that more battles will still follow.

Introducing Michael Holmberg, author of Boudicca: Crimson Fury

“The book turned out better than I ever expected.  Thanks for all the help from your team.”

Michael Holmberg was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. He was a student at the University of South Florida, majoring in history. Writing was his hobby, along with role playing games.

Product description…

The rousing story of Boudicca, an Iceni Queen, and her fight against the Roman Army in play form. It is an almost forgotten piece of British history, which left thousands dead in the battles she waged against the Romans after the death of her husband. Almost victorious, Boudicca was indeed, the “Crimson Fury”.

Introducing Ceone Fenn, author of To Reap the Finest Wheat

“Leona always responded promptly to any of my questions. If she didn’t immediately have an answer, she communicated that and got back to me very quickly.”

After the conclusion of a 30-year counseling career, Ceone Fenn ventured into writing, winning the Wisconsin Regional Writers Jade Ring Award for both essay and adult fiction. To Reap the Finest Wheat is her first novel. She lives in Minocqua, WI with her husband, Robert.

Product description…

Set in 1925 against the landscape of Saskatchewan’s vast prairie, To Reap the Finest Wheat is a heart wrenching tale of love and loss, a story of struggle and survival—and of a young woman who went to Canada to begin a new life and found a world that would change her life forever. After an ill-fated affair with an Orthodox priest leaves Katerina Danek unmarried and with an illegitimate son, she enters into a Faustian bargain. She agrees to give up her child and cultured life in L’viv, Ukraine in exchange for an arranged marriage to widower, Viktor Senyk, and a fresh start in the isolated prairie town of Bilik, Saskatchewan. Upon arrival, she learns that Viktor has a ten-year-old son, a fragile boy who is still grieving the loss of his mother. Although her new husband is a highly respected member of the community, Katerina soon discovers that, in private, he is an abusive alcoholic. A tragic farm accident and an encounter at a mental hospital raise Katerina’s suspicions about her husband’s past and the fate of his late wife. Frightened for her life, she is desperate to escape. Leaving Viktor might be a viable choice if she wasn’t penniless and if she hadn’t grown to love the boy. Riddled by guilt, Katerina must choose between saving herself and protecting her stepson. Or can she do both?

Introducing TES, author of The Obexlanders

“Outskirts is a great company with great support staff. I can only say good things as the book was published exactly as I wanted it.”

TES, since he was a child, was always interested in History. He has several Doctorate degrees and is author of “The History of Freedom Village,” which is a history of our settlement on Mars and his award winning “A Chronicle of Space Records and Achievements”, sold over 5 million copies. TES is an experienced space traveler having visited the moon and the moons of Saturn and Jupiter. TES was on Mars doing research when the events in his book took place. The above piece was written by machine.

Product description…

The Obexlanders and the Assassination of JFK represents the penultimate in conspiracy theories. Anyone who thinks the John F. Kennedy (JFK) assassination could have been a conspiracy will find The Obexlanders enthralling. (Hint, it wasn’t the FBI, CIA, or Mafia). Flying saucer and UFO buffs will discover a new twist in the answer to these phenomena. Time travel enthusiasts and Futurists will not be disappointed. Those interested in the nature of the Universe, the Multi-Verse, cosmology, or the Big Bang will find some weird thinking here. Holograms, immortality, species extinction, the nature of consciousness, crop circles, Area 51, extraterrestrial life, and terrorist are topics highlighted by applicable quotes from Albert Einstein, Dwight David Eisenhower and an interview with Fidel Castro. The Obexlanders provides an imaginative answer concerning why Fidel Castro survived so long as Cuba’s dictator, why the Vietnam War really took place and why and how 2 million Cambodians were allowed to be killed by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. For those of you who do not mind a little humor and a light sexual innuendo seasoning with their history, this will be an easy and fun read. The Obexlanders and the Assassination of JFK allegedly written by the Obexlander Historian, TES, is a secret and classified document chronicling the history of this group from the future specifically from the year 3148. The Obexlanders have come here to change history and save humanity from itself. In order to carry out their mission, they undertook dreadful actions for which they were not proud. Somehow this document was purloined from the Obexlanders and made available to us. A plethora of interesting characters appear, play their role and move on. One consistent character is the charismatic and brave Obexlander Leader Dewey Steele. Todd “Flash” Gordon, Chief Field Operator, has adventures in exotic places like Thailand, Vietnam and Pohnpei Island. Jane Phandora, the rebel with a cause, left the Obexlanders to live in Las Vegas in protest against Obexlander planned actions. The Obexlanders is an exciting, provocative and fun deception; historical fiction on the cutting edge of imagination. However, is it possible that elements of the Obexlanders may appear in the reality of our own future? A fascinating if not fantastic read.

Introducing Greywolf, author of Wil and Ro

“Working with Outskirts Press was a true pleasure. They bend over backwards to be sure you get the book that you, the author, wants. I could not be more pleased.”

Greywolf is the pen-name of James Ready MD, a native of Huntsville, AL. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama, and a Masters in Medical Genetics from UAB. Matriculating at St. George’s University, he later transferred to the University of South Alabama where he received his medical degree in 1985. After a medical residency at the University of Virginia in Roanoke, he did a fellowship in Rheumatology at Emory. Dr. Ready lives in Anniston, AL, where he practices Rheumatology. He is married and has two sons. He attends Greenbrier Church of Christ. His interests include reading and history.

Product description…

Return to the days of Chivalry, of Knights in shining armor and their Ladies Fair. Experience the grandeur of sword, shield, and horse, and the beginning of the age of courtly romance. Find out how a young man becomes a Knight. Follow Wil through his training and his adventures as he meets notable historical characters. Learn how a girl becomes a Lady-in-Waiting. It is all here in this beautifully illustrated historical fiction. In 12th Century England, literature’s most honorable Knight and his Lady Fair first met as mere youngsters. This is the story of their childhood adventures, misadventures, their joys, and deep sorrow. You will discover what led to his estrangement and why he had to make a bitter choice. Most of all, it is the story of their honorable love. Wil and Ro is a captivating story about a young man and woman and their journey into adulthood. Their love for each other is tested as they face the hardships that maturity entails. Wil and Ro must face the pain of separation as they fulfill their duties as a knight and a lady-in-waiting. This book captures the reader’s attention and takes them on a journey of love, loss, commitment, and courage. “Once I began reading Wil and Ro, I was pleasantly surprised that all events were historically accurate. I could immediately relate with the intricate emotions of each character and couldn’t put it down. This phenomenal book will make you laugh at each witty joke, cry during each heartbreaking moment, and experience the love and pain of two dewy-eyed lovers. Wil and Ro is a brilliant and heartwarming book that portrays the meaning of bravery, faith, and true love.” -9th grader Meghana Giri, 2013 Alabama State Spelling Bee Champion

Introducing Stephen Noack, author of Thread of Life

I chose Outskirts Press over AuthorHouse and Xlibris and glad I did. Outskirts is very pro! AuthorHouse and Xlibris could learn from Outskirts!”

Stephen Noack lives in the Pacific Northwest around the Seattle, Wa. area with his wife Carly. Originally from the Northeast, being born in Maine he spent his first thirty years working in the Portland, Maine area before moving on to work in other locations up and down the East coast. Although loving the incredible mountains and lakes of Washington State he remains faithful to his Boston Red Sox. At the present, he’s working on his second novel of a planned trilogy of the “Greatest Generation”, “Big Band and Swing” and “World War II”, continuing on from Thread Of Life.

Product description…

In part one all the love of life, music, and family, that exists within the “Greatest Generation” is felt as “Thread Of Life” unfolds. It’s the middle of 1941 and America is under severe harassment, threatening and fury from the “Empire Of Japan”. Still American citizens carry on with a positive outlook for their and their children’s futures. Big Band and Swing music continues on non-stop. However, it becomes more and more evident that the bottom might just fall out at any time. In Port Jasper, Maine lives the Lancaster family. Ernie’s the father at 34. Sara, 28, his young sexy gorgeous wife, needing him daily, is put to the test to run their small farm while he works putting in extra hours in the defense industry building “Liberty” ships. They have three small children; Maria 8, Marcus 3, and Lucas, a newborn. Doris Barnes. 20, outstandingly hot, sexy and lovely in her own right, Sara’s best friend and confidant suffers daily for her husband Tommy, away serving America in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Arizona in “Pac-Fleet” at Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii. She fears for his life and his return to her as an attack from Japan seems for sure more likely to happen at any time. Together both Sara and Doris find ways to deal with their loneliness and fears. Part two, nearer to December 7th, 1941 finds the happy-go-lucky young sailors of Pac-Fleet all partying and living it up, enjoying paradise to the ultimate, while going on in their training. Promises of destruction and death from Japan gets worse. Nobody believes it will happen as all the military at Pearl Harbor is kept in the dark. Twenty-one year old Kermit Jones appears garnering the deepest respect and awe from his teammates as the most accomplished strongest swimmer and diver of the U.S. Navy’s newest arm. He quickly becomes best friends with Tommy Barnes. They partner up and become the best of the two man teams of the “Brand New” Navy’s, “Search and Destroy” specialists and are put to the test to save the lives of four other team members early on in their training. Abstaining from all the partying, Barnes can’t live without his wife Doris, and Jones suffers from a past devastated life. In part three the untimely “surprise attack” by Japan is felt and watched firsthand from the bridge of the Arizona by two favorite Lieutenant Commanders, Kneeland and Newcastle. It’s non-stop action at its highest intensity and destruction as the battleships of “Battleship Row” blow sky high around them. Their lives suspended in supreme danger could end at any time and they find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rosalee (now a spirit) appears, watches over, and protects Jones, as he now moves much faster towards an innate certain destiny. Port Jasper, Maine and Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii, nearly 6000 miles apart experience full blast, Sunday, December 7th, 1941.

Introducing George Leone, author of Spirit of the King

“My overall experience was good. I love the final product and am very happy with the book marketing work. The custom cover is worth every penny, as are the other aspects of the Diamond package. I am learning the ropes but Outskirts has followed through on setting up the book for Kindle on Amazon. I would definitely recommend Outskirts to a friend.”

George Leone combines his knowledge of military history with the historical foundation of the legend of King Arthur, painting a picture of life in the classical world as it existed in fifth-century Briton during the decline of the Roman Empire-the time and place of King Arthur. George lives in Centennial, Colorado, where he studies independent film making.

Product description…

Briton is hard pressed by the Saxons and divided against itself as warring factions contend for the scraps of the prosperity and order that was the Roman Empire. A Romano-British chieftain named Riothamus, also known as Arthur, pushes against the Saxon tide and strives to hold the island together to reclaim the former glory of the Roman influence. He leads his band of warriors to rekindle the spirit of the people. Along the way and under unusual circumstances, he obtains Excalibur-a sword purported to have mystical abilities.

Lancelot, a gladiator seeking his own place in the world, teaches Arthur’s men the art of horse archery, making them almost invincible to the tribes against which they fight. His sister, Morgana, convinces him to lead his army to Europe, where he fights on behalf of one of the last Roman emperors. As the Britons fall one by one, King Arthur is determined that this battle will have an ending worthy of song.

Spirit of the King is a tapestry of medieval European history, with richly drawn characters, epic battles, and authentic detail. Take a step back in time and lose yourself in this sweeping tale-a story that brings an ancient era back to vivid, bright life.