Introducing David M. Tavernier, author of More Stories of the Rich and Famous

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David M. Tavernier resides in Aiken, South Carolina, and is married to Patrice Durban Tavernier, a third-generation Aikenite. His first book, Stories of the Rich and Famous: Aiken’s Winter Colony in the Gilded Age, was selected as the Featured Book for “In Author’s Words” on July 6th 2013. In October and November 2012 it was recognized as “Top Ten in Sales” for Outskirts Press. Both titles are available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and

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Book description…

The reader is placed in the action as witness to the high and low events that enmeshed the country’s rich and famous in their winter playground, Aiken, South Carolina. The activities of the Astors, Iselins and Hitchcocks, among others, are restored to life offering the reader insight into their desires, joys, fears, and regrets. Each chapter delivers a riveting story about the lives and times of those who occupied the highest perches of America’s societal peaks. “Eyewitness to History and/or The Great Escape could be the title of Tavernier’s latest book, sequel to his well-received earlier work. Now the reader is also present and mesmerized as he or she watches the burning of the Highland Park Hotel, witnesses the abject horror from a lifeboat as the Titanic sinks, and is in a heartbeat with Tommy Hitchcock, Jr. as he escapes from a German POW train in World War I. Once again the author’s laidback style and imaginative approach make for easy and enjoyable reading. Highly recommended.” -Robert J. Harrington, Headmaster Emeritus, Aiken Preparatory School. More Stories of the Rich and Famous offers a wealth of stories centered around Aiken, South Carolina-a small town that attracted some of the country’s most affluent and powerful families in the 19th century and on past World War II. Based on extensive research, this collection is a fascinating piece of historical fiction featuring the rich and famous of “the Newport of the South.”