Introducing David Henderson, M.D., author of PSYCHED 31: The 31-Day Mental Detox to Cleanse Your Mind and Empower Your Soul

“My experience was great and I liked the end product results. I was very pleased at the flexibility in allowing me to change my package. I liked the personalized feedback that I got from the editor who read my manuscript. I will use y’all again for my next publication.”

Dr. David Henderson is a board certified psychiatrist, author, and artist. He is the founder and president of Four Stones Collaborative, a mental health consulting practice in Dallas, Texas. In addition to PSYCHED 31, he is the author of My Teenage Zombie: Resurrecting the Undead Adolescent in Your Home. For more information or to access the film series, you can contact him at

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CLEANSE YOUR MIND. As society moves toward cleaner and healthier choices for our bodies, shouldn’t we be doing the same for our minds? Every day, we are force-fed toxic messages, clogging our minds, robbing us of the energy we need to remain inspired and motivated. Your mind deserves better. PSYCHED 31 is a one-month mental detox uniquely designed to inspire participants to face and overcome the daily obstacles that stand between us and our personal fulfillment in life. Each writing builds on the last, complete with a corresponding short film and prompt questions for further contemplation inspired by Dr. Henderson’s many years of experience as a psychiatrist, his own personal success in overcoming depression and anxiety, and his life’s passion for helping people find redemption beyond their pain.

Introducing Margaret Watkins, author of The Fine Line

“After struggling for several years to get my medical memoir down on paper, I submitted query letters and manuscript samples to a number of mainline publishing houses and received polite negative responses from all of them. I felt that I had a story worth telling and explored alternative avenues of publishing. After reading an article in SKY magazine aboard a Delta flight about publish-on-demand companies, and doing some research on my own, I chose Outskirts Press, Inc. to publish The Fine Line. The process could not have been more simple, with step-by-step instructions and guidance. Everyone at Outskirts was very helpful, especially my author representative, and the product was a professional and lovely book of which I am very proud.”

Margaret Watkins is a retired intensive care physician. She has written these two parallel and intersecting stories from the provocative point of view of both doctor and patient. The cataclysmic course of ruptured aneurysms is explained in scientific yet simple terms as she and Colonel Robbins descend into the nightmare of near-fatal illness and return to lives transformed by their experience. The author lives on a small ranch in the mountains of central Idaho with her husband, Robert Jarrett, and their dogs and horses. She has published a book of short stories, TRANS—PLANTED, and a book about her trip to Mount Everest, OFF TO TIBET. The latter are available by USPS from the author at email

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Aneurysm—a medical catastrophe. A middle-aged woman on snowshoes in the mountains of Idaho. A fighter jet pilot at the apex of his career. Drawn together by the same medical misfortune, one finds the other’s friendship amidst the debris of their mutual calamities. This is the true story of two strangers whose lives intersect because of simultaneous ruptured cerebral aneurysms. Their descent into darkness and slow journey back into life will touch your heart.

Introducing Cyndi White, author of Please Receive Your Healing From Heaven

“Just a suggestion for the editors to be more careful when an author makes TONS of changes not to smoosh the words together when pages change. Otherwise, I’m amazed at how well you handled what might have been unfamiliar sorts of words and scriptures.  May you and your families be overtaken with spiritual blessings!”

Cyndi White has been walking with Yeshua (Jesus) since 1984. She and her husband reside in Brunswick, Maryland. Their prayer is that everyone receives healing and employment from heaven in these last days. Cyndi says, “I’m not your parent or pastor or teacher – just another kid on the planet who has stumbled and bumbled and hated and loved through her life. So I hope you can trust me to tell you something that might help you in your life.”

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After years of physical pain and weakness, Cyndi White read in the Gospels that Jesus healed all those who yielded to His love, mercy, and light. She knew her brothers and sisters were also hurting and seeking Jesus as best as they knew how. In 1984, the fire of the Holy Spirit came to her from heaven, setting her free from agoraphobia, manic-depression, alcoholism, a smoking addiction, hatred, and an inability to forgive. She and her husband recently began a five-year journey to reunite with the fire from heaven, seeking to understand the deeper matters of God. Please Receive Your Healing From Heaven is the result of that quest. “My husband and I have wakened to the sounds of revival again in America, a revival that is spreading through the whole world! The eyes of our understanding have been opened. My heart’s desire is for every one of us to come into our full potential for the bearing of spiritual fruit for His Glory. I pray this can be a spiritual GPS for you to receive your healing and commissioning.” Our prayer is that Western congregations grow up strong and mighty in what the Holy Spirit wants for us that we might be fire and light to the world in the increasing darkness. The Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit want to speak with you. They’re just waiting for you to dial down, turn off the world, and listen. And receive the Trinity’s overwhelming love, healing, and commissioning.

Introducing Joan Pendergast, author of Markings of Mercy

Joan is a BSRN graduate of Skidmore College, and has practiced public health and hospital nursing in New Haven, Connecticut, and Providence, Rhode Island. She ran After Abortion Helpline for more than twenty years and helped develop and run Project Rachel and Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats for the Diocese of Providence. Married to Jack for fifty three years, Joan is the mother of six children and grandmother of seventeen grandchildren, and one step grandson. She resides in Providence, Rhode Island.

“Jennifer R. was a big help walking me through the challenges of self publishing at Outskirts Press. She was also very helpful with the editing part at the end. I found the system of the little boxes almost impossible but she and an editor friend pulled me through. I found Jennifer to be friendly, kind and helpful. Thank you Jennifer.”

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Few are aware of the suffering abortion causes. Countless women and men are suffering in lonely silence from grief, guilt and depression. Many think they are the only one suffering. They are not alone. The author will describe how the deep grief and imagined guilt she experienced from the sudden death of her mother when she was seven (someone said she wore her mother out) led her to found After Abortion Helpline – one of the earliest services created for post abortion sufferers. The idea of post abortion pain started in her as a hunch, at her son’s graduation from Harvard in 1982, after Mother Teresa of Calcutta gave the Class Day talk. Several events or “markings of mercy” followed, including an abortion doctor’s words: “I hate Christians because they know they are forgiven and I know God will never forgive me for what I do,” and a friend’s experience at an HMO being asked if she wanted to end her pregnancy. Similar events plus articles and stories that kept coming her way, drew her by the grace of God into the mystery of forgiveness for abortion. Her purpose for sharing her pain and much about her life is to encourage those who are experiencing guilt and grief from abortion to seek healing and forgiveness, and find hope for their future. The book describes the creation of After Abortion Helpline, a free, anonymous, non-sectarian telephone helpline staffed by trained volunteers, how it was founded, staffed and operated, and some of the stories of those who called the Helpline. It includes a chapter titled “If you want to help a friend” who confides in you their abortion story, and information from literature and several post abortion conferences, and data from calls to the

Rosemary Rawlins, author of Learning by Accident

Rosemary Rawlins holds a Bachelor of Applied Studies in Human Resource Management from the University of Richmond, VA. She lives with her family in Glen Allen, Virginia.

“I appreciate the spirit of helpfulness I received overall, but had I known more about the editing process, I would not have submitted my manuscript so quickly. I have learned a lot about what to do and not to do in the future, and that I make many minor errors that I need to double and triple check! One time it took over two weeks to have four or five corrections made and that felt like too long to wait. I found the final product to be excellent and have received many compliments on my book cover. Hats off to your team for making our print ready cover work so well. Many thanks to everyone who made this book possible for me.”

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In and Odd Twist of Fate, an Accident Became Her Greatest Teacher

On a sunny spring day, in an ordinary kitchen, the phone rings. There’s been an accident. In one heartbeat, a family’s life is changed forever. Plunged into twelve months of marathon caregiving, without the promise of a positive outcome, Rosemary Rawlins works herself to exhaustion to bring her grievously injured husband back home and back to himself. Then, as he slowly begins to reclaim his life, Rosemary falls apart. She can’t sleep. Her heart pounds. Her joy and trust in the world dissolve into endless anxiety. How can she let go of fear? What can she learn from it? Learning by Accident is a caregiver’s story of ambiguous loss, family love, and emotional healing. This compelling personal account demonstrates with heart and humor that what we fear can be more debilitating than any physical injury. And that sometimes starting over is exactly what we need.

Spiritual Evolution, by Rev. Ann Rene

“I cried when I held my published book in my hand. It was exactly what I had envisioned. My experience with Outskirts Press was amazing! I am in the middle of writing book number two and plan to publish with you again. You make the entire publishing process so simple and easy. Thank you for all your professional guidance in finally getting Spiritual Evolution in print.”

– Rev. Ann Rene, author of Spiritual Evolution

Reverend Ann Rene is a Spiritual Practitioner, Minister and Teacher who holds a broad spectrum of certifications and training in alternative as well as traditional healing therapies. She has traveled the world extensively studying healing techniques, Shamanism, indigenous Spirituality and Esoteric teachings. Her life’s work is dedicated to holistic healing, Spirituality and the Enlightenment, betterment and empowerment of humankind. Reverend Ann Rene maintains a prolific practice in Centennial, Colorado. More information is available on her website

– Laura Rodela, author of Confessions

Product description…

I would like to take you by the hand and the Heart and guide you to a long forgotten path, to a path of Light and Hope, to the path that leads us all Home. —Reverend Ann Rene

Spiritual Evolution: A Basic Guide to Spiritual Growth and the Ascension Process takes you on a journey of exploration into the realm of Esoteric knowledge, Self-discovery, whole healing and Enlightenment. A journey back Home to the Sacred Light Self and the Higher realms. Embark on a path that pushes you to reach Higher and Ascend the darkness. Empowerment, freedom, conscious awareness, peace of mind, connection and ultimately Enlightened Ascension all await you within the Light. This step-by-step guide lays out the process for whole healing on a deep core level and offers you practical means of support which you can use over and over again. You will find the knowledge, insight, useful exercises, meditations and transformational tools that facilitate lasting changes and Illumination. This book may be seen as a Light unto your quest of healing, Spiritual growth and Enlightenment as it guides you through the Ascension process.