Introducing Roger A. Miller, author of Something More

“What a wonderful experience! Although it was my first book and I didn’t know what to do, every step of the process was explained so I understood it and was comfortable with the results. I will recommend Outskirts Press to anyone who wants to publish their book.”

Roger A. Miller is a Vietnam war veteran. He served there from 1970 to 1971 in the United States Air Force. He is now a retired data research analyst and resides with his wife, Mary, a dog, Molly, and a cat, Kitty, in South Carolina.

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Book description…

Did something happen to us thousands of years ago that stopped us from living the life we were meant to live? Things are not what they seem to be. If history repeats itself, then we may find out that what we perceive as reality today will be obsolete in the future. We no longer believe that the world is flat. We no longer worship the sun or the moon and the stars. We no longer worship the God of love or the God of war, the multiple gods. Most of us worship one God and there are 4,200 different ideas of who this God is and what He does. Everyone wants certainty. We want it to be the way we believe it is so we don’t have to think about it. But, we live in an uncertain world. Should we embrace uncertainty? Should we take back control of our lives and be responsible for our own decisions? Are we stagnated and unable to move forward into a better life because of our beliefs? Maybe it is time for us to adapt to our new conscious mind, to think and analyze. There are so many possibilities that we can’t even conceive of simply because we don’t try. Are we all wrong and our future will not be anything like it is today? Join the author on his continuing journey to find himself in a lost and chaotic world. The only thing for certain is that we are uncertain and there will always be something more.

Introducing Chrystal Eve Jackson, author of Solis

“The finished product showed not only my personal love for my book, but I felt that Outskirts Press and its employees put a great amount of attention and detail into my book. The end product matched all of my expectations. Thank you Bridget, my author representative, and thank you Outskirts Press.”

Chrystal Eve Jackson is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University with a B.S. degree in biology premed and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for thirty-five years. She is a published poet with poems published by the International Library of Poetry (Name of books: Poetry’s Elite, The Best Poets of 2000; Winds of Freedom).

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Book description…

Let Solis Take You Into Her Magical Realm of Self-exploration. Solis is my magical friend who can take me and the reader to any place in the universe and beyond. In this realm in which Solis journeys, you will find lessons which aim to help today’s reader through their journey of life, hopefully making their passage through this world one of peace. The world today is sometimes lacking in exploring lessons that pertain to both children and adults. My book does this exploration. It is a self-help book based on lessons that I have learned from my friend Solis. They are lessons that provide realistic advice based on my experiences to help those who are seeking answers and often do not know which path to take. The book uses mythology, fantasy, and love of God and man to bring across its messages. The book is a companion to those in need of how to cope with some of what life brings their way.

Introducing Francis V. Adams, author of Tucker’s Eyes: Life Lessons From A One-Eyed Havanese

“Wonderful advice and support from Lisa and everyone at Outskirts Press.”

Francis V. Adams is a lung specialist and Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center. He is also a Police Surgeon with the NYPD and hosts Doctor Radio on SiriusXM 110 weekly. He lives in New York City with his wife, Laura.

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Book description…

Above all this dog agrees to give love and affection. Depression after the loss of your lifelong companion, blindness, cancer surgery, advancing age and its effects on your entire body – These are common occurrences in our lives and are often the source of stress and anxiety. As a physician, I see daily the consequences of these events on my patients. Quite often the results are devastating, contributing to further illness and reducing not only the quality of life but also how long we live. But what if the being faced with these events wasn’t human? What if the species was canine? Would the results be different? Can we learn from another species’ experience? At age 13 my canine son, Tucker, would be faced with these events. His response to these life challenges is detailed in this book wherein the reader will hopefully find the answers to these questions. Science has already told us that pets make us healthier and that pet owners live longer than those who do not share their lives with another species. Just holding an animal raises the level in both species of the pleasure hormone, oxytocin, and lowers the stress hormones secreted by the adrenal glands. Animals, and especially dogs, are said to live in the moment, something human beings, laden with anxiety and stress, are often not able to achieve. Tucker’s Eyes relates one dog’s experience with adversity and is not meant as a scientific work on animal behavior. Tucker’s experience and recovery, however, bears similarity to many other animals who have also made startling recoveries. His life story is meant as an example from which the reader may want to draw useful lessons. In this way, Tucker continues his life mission to provide comfort and love to all.

Introducing Veleta Jones, author of Five Layers Deep On How To Forgive

“I was really pleased with the support of my first book project. Everything went really smoothly. I have already referred friends and family to Outskirts Press. The staff is very professional and knows their work very well.”

Veleta Jones is a Georgia Native and always had the habit of reading and writing at an early age. When she started writing chapters everyday as a hobby, she knew it was her calling. She can also write five thousand words or more per day when time permits. She is a literary new-comer and this is a dream come true. Veleta loves to help people and she knows this is the start of a great thing. She also enjoys ghostwriting, researching and mentoring. She wrote this book in 36 hours so as you can see this is her gift and passion. This book gives you a quick reading guide that can help you if you ever come across a state of unforgiveness. Stay tuned for future publications. She can be reached via email at for additional book copies, or visit her website at

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Book description…

Why should we master forgiveness? Because we have needed to be forgiven at some point. We are all human and are entitled to mistakes. Giving others grace and room to mess up usually comes back to you in the same measure. Five Layers Deep on How to Forgive will help you see how important it is to forgive others and yourself. This book gives you 5 practical situations that can help you in life. It is time to let go of what you have not been able to forgive. Letting go of resentment when you don’t really want to develops your character and leaves room for blessings. Choose to be the person that people love to be around and not the person that everyone avoids.

Introducing Barbara Harris, author of From Fear To Faith

“Very satisfied with Outskirts Press.”

Barbara Harris spent her early career as a copywriter and in advertising production for BBDO advertising agency and WPBT, Miami’s public television station. She covered the Republican and Democratic Conventions in Miami for ABC Network. She is a published poet. She grew up in Miami and now lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Product description…

As a young child, I could see and hear witches in my closet. This was the first clue something was wrong with me. There were early signs of my mental diseases but they were not severely manifested until my father’s suicide when I was a teen. After that my schizophrenia manic-depression, depression and panic attacks took over and my drug and alcohol abuse began. This is a story of a woman who had no hope. At age 45, I found the power, with the Lord’s help, to recover from drugs, alcohol and my mental diseases. It was not an easy journey and had many facets including family murders, living in an ashram, relapses and spirit guides. I have always been spiritual and have had a close relationship with the Lord. It was thru my faith and trust in God that I was healed. I will do everything I can for God and Christ because they gave me a new life. The prize for this new life is freedom from bondage of self and self-will. Alcohol is a crutch to many people with mental disease. It becomes a vicious circle and is an added challenge to stay sober. This book can provide hope for many who suffer the way I did. “The Swing of Life” Life is funny in many ways it’s like a swing that continually sways, Sometimes it seems we’re up so high that we could reach and touch the sky And then at times it swings so low, we wear a smile so no one knows.

Introducing Don McEvoy, author of Aging As An Art Form: Through the Eyes of Residents of Wesley Palms

“Working (electronically) with Jamie was a most pleasant and productive experience. She was knowledgeable, helpful in every way, and I completed this task with the sense that I had been very lucky in being assigned to her consultative care. Give her a bonus!”

Product description…

Wisdom tales from members of a retirement community.

Introducing Mary Jo Wisneski, author of Doggie Delicious

“Thank you very much for all you do!”

Mary Jo Wisneski Johnston is a retired reading specialist who has taught at levels ranging from kindergarten through graduate school during her 44-year teaching career in several states as well as in Germany. She enjoys living on a hobby ranch with her husband and approximately twenty animals ranging in size from horse to goldfish.

Product description…

Life at the ranch is fun and happy, but nobody could have imagined how much more interesting it would become when Bibi, a very unusual dog, came to add an exponential level of joy. As Bibi explores her gifts and chases her dream, surprises abound as all the animals at the ranch find themselves catapulted out of the status quo and into a new world where anything is possible. A magnificent ranch play day evolves, where each animal makes a special contribution to share the best and most unexpected parts of themselves with the neighborhood children. The play day goes so well that the animals can hardly wait for the next adventure. Bibi’s success in realizing her intentions shows the animals what determination and courage can accomplish, and as she models faith and trust in the greater wisdom of life, all the people and animals around her begin to understand that there is much more to themselves, and to the world! This charming beginning chapter book with its positive, inspiring message is sure to become a favorite with readers of all ages.

Introducing Howie Keller, author of The Fork In Your Road

“I was new to writing a book. I knew I had the writing talent, yet I was green to the world of publishing. I looked over different outfits, and Outskirts seemed like the most complete, and protective of my integrity and rights. Boy, am I glad I went with OUTSKIRTS PRESS. Things went very well. When I got stuck, they helped all they could, and between them and a hired pro computer expert, I got things all together and everything went smoothly and without delays. They are very professional, and very supportive, not to mention knowledgeable about every little thing you need to do to have your book published the way you want. Not the way they want. Big difference when you write. It’s your book, it’s you. They get it bigtime. I am working hard on my first murder mystery novel, and when it’s done I know they will help me make it as good as it can be, I will need them to do a cover and know they will KILL IT, no pun intended, well maybe a little one. Seriously, shop around, I bet you will find what I did. Best of luck to all authors out there, work hard and stay humble.”

About Howie Keller: At 50 Years of age, I have made mistakes I wish I could have back. You don’t have to make them. Save time and money and anguish and get on the positive self direction track. My Mother told me many times to help others, this is My only aim.

Product description…

That’s Your goal. You’re not there yet. How are You going to change that? To get Your positive momentum going, You need to cut down your negative momentum to the bare minimum. There are several things that go into being happy. If You neglect some of them, Your positive direction gets stymied. By making a road map plan, You can make good decisions [turns] at the forks [choices] in Your road. Bad decisions affect Your happiness much more than You think. This book is a basic, straight forward approach to gaining positive momentum and shedding negative direction. It’s all about a new YOU, guided by good decisions, with a steadfast desire to be happy and content. All You have to do to be happy, is make a genuine effort to be committed to all things positive, while systematically eliminating negative aspects of Your life. In other words, maximizing Your positive self, while minimizing Your negative self. Best of all, You are going to make it happen. You will be Your own hero of happiness! Then pass it on to others. So dial Your positive self in and let Your negative self leave town. You will be happy with the right mindset. Nothing complicated, nothing to lose. Believe in Yourself and Your positive commitment.

Introducing Timothy A. Fiscus, author of Choice and Consequence

Outskirts under promised and over delivered. As a process person, I was impressed with the organization and execution of the work flow. Although the web-based work was not intuitive at first, I quickly got used to the author’s process and was quite pleased.”

TIM FISCUS was born into a family of meager circumstances, far more meager than he knew at the time. His childhood was not the happiest and in looking back, the nurturing and comfort left a lot to be desired. But he embraced a better story for himself to propel himself to more happiness and success in his life. His path was not without epic fails and epic successes. He is currently a Senior Project Manager for a major financial institution. He spent 24 years in the military, active and reserves, and also teaches college business classes. Along his path, he embraced a universal concept around his spirituality and continues to gain understanding of our universe. This book was produced years after accepting the challenge from his spiritual mentor to help others in need of coaching on their path.

Product description…

Life is a series of moments guided by our choices. Do you know your designed path, are you on it? Would it be a good idea to know? I think so and I will tell you the how and why to your destiny. Happiness is your destiny and you can get there. Change your choices and you will change your life. This book is either intense or light reading, preferably light the first time. It is your choice to take the next step. Make no mistake, you are where you are in this life as a direct result of your choices, good or bad. The ending can and should be happy. Here is how, hard or easy, to make it so. This book is for everyone that wants to be happy. Deep down, all-consuming happiness is at your fingertips. The funny thing is that you are reading this and you choose to keep reading. Why? Can you be happier, regardless of your current place in this life? The short answer is a resounding YES! Will you do what is necessary to get there, why or why not? Life, literally, is not for the faint of heart. Choose happiness every step of the way. This book will give you a step by step process to ensure that you are happy.

Introducing Randall Bennett, author of Taking Up the Sword

“All in all, I was very impressed with the exceptional job your group did on my book and the cover pages were fantastic and have received notice from other Authors and Publishers.”

Randall Bennett became a Special Agent in 1987 and has received numerous awards and commendations, including the FBI Director’s Award for Excellence in International Terrorism Investigations, The Diplomatic Security Service Special Agent and Employee of the Year, The U.S. Department of State Award for Heroism, Spain’s Medal of Merit with Distinguished White Cross, several awards from the Pakistan Ministry of Interior, the country of Ukraine, and others from the U.S. Marine Corp, the CIA, DEA, ATF, U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Coast Guard, and many others. He is currently retired but continues to provide security expertise overseas as a contractor for the Diplomatic Security Service.

Product description…

With humor and other times through the heartbreak and drama that accompanies the loss of friends from violent acts of terrorists, Randall Bennett’s memoir reveals his evolution from a new Special Agent to one of the most experienced in the U.S. Government. Bennett and his various teams approached each mission with intense focus, courage, and compassion. Taking Up the Sword relates the wide range of his adventures, from searching for narco-terrorist operations in the Colombian jungle with the true Tarzan of the Amazon, to rescuing abandoned family pets and a baby gorilla while protecting the American citizens in Kinshasa, Zaire, to risking his own life trying to save Wall Street Journal Reporter Daniel Pearl. It includes the actions that led to the capture of “The Dirty Bomber” Jose Padilla, as well as his nearly six years in Pakistan and a tour as head of security for the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Iraq. Bennett survived bombings, rockets, and assaults against himself and those he was sworn to protect throughout his highly decorated career, all while doing a job he loves. With an original and fascinating perspective, Special Agent Bennett takes you behind the scenes—to the jungles, deserts, mountains, and exotic back streets of foreign countries—where these elite and highly trained Special Agents do things that books are written about and movies are made for—quietly and often without recognition.