Introducing Helen Monson and Kim Poole, author of Help Me To Feel: An Autobiography of Helen Mar Carter Monson

“I tried going the traditional publication route first with no success. Outskirts Press was a good second option. I have now published two books with Outskirts, and plan to do at least one or two more.”

Like her mother Helen Monson, Kim Poole loves to tell stories. Kim and Helen share a delight in music, nature, family, self-discovery, adventure, and connecting with people. Their debut book, No Ordinary Life, is the first in the Greatest Gamble series.

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“There was excitement being a senior. When influential men told us we were on the threshold of new adventure—that the whole world lay at our feet—that we could turn it into a better place if we were only willing to work and strive and hold to our ideals, I believed every word and was impatient to get at it. But after graduation was over, I felt such an unsettling mixture of excitement and anti-climax. Suddenly I wasn’t quite ready to set the world on fire. I decided to go back next year for post-graduate work because that didn’t cost nearly as much as college, and then I wouldn’t need to say goodbye to the school that suddenly seemed so dear. But life had other plans…” What would you do if you were a sheltered 17-year-old who suddenly found yourself “mother” to your six younger brothers and sisters—when you thought your only concerns would be boyfriends and school? And what if this happened during the Great Depression, when your once secure world was like no one could have anticipated? It happened to Helen Monson, who describes her experiences in bold, poignant, and often humorous detail. As in the book’s prequel, No Ordinary Life, the stories Helen tells feel remarkably contemporary despite happening nearly 100 years ago.

Introducing Constance Smith, author of Mid, A Girl In The Mountains

“This is my debut book. With patient guidance, my Author Representative opened my eyes to the exciting publishing world.”

Constance Smith, a registered nurse, tells her mother’s compelling story in “Mid, A Girl In The Mountains,” her debut book. Constance, born in West Virginia, lives with her husband on Lake Houston, Texas.

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Betrayed by her family, betrayed by love, and farmed out to relatives during the Great Depression, a young woman is determined to rise above. In 1931, spirited 17-year-old Mid Cover and her family are battling the hardships of the Great Depression. Set in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, Mid’s story begins in the great outdoors, with clear, cold streams, brilliant green vegetation, and fields and forests teeming with berries, nuts, greens, and roots to forage. Restless after a bitter-cold winter, Mid and her siblings tumble outdoors to greet the spring. But Mid’s sheltered childhood is soon shattered by scandal, and her Pop can’t cope: He splits up the five children, and Mid is sent to her uncle’ s farm in Greenbrier County. It is here at a country dance that she meets Pat, her first true love. Against the emotionally charged backdrop of World War II, Mid’s story takes the reader down a path of betrayal and heartbreak, loneliness and loss, as the resilient young woman seeks closure-and a second chance at happiness.

Introducing Winfred H. Hensley, Sr., author of The Never Ending Mile

“Sara, my Author Representative, was always there, smiling on the phone while sharing her knowledge and experience when I needed her input.”

Winfred H. Hensley, Sr. was born in Echo, Kentucky where it was about as rural/agrarian as any spot in America in July, 1932. I feel, predictably, I have always had the mind set of a rural American citizen. Until I was seventeen years old I lived, without question, the life of a young rural American. Since then I have lived, all these years, in various urban environments including U.S. ships. My long, varied career path has been largely responsible for such a situation. In looking back at what has developed into a life that presently exceeds the average life span in America I often think of the old saw that begins “Jack of all trades and…”. At various stages I have been a veterinarian medical student, a musician, a war time sailor, a bartender, member of a financial institution as a collector all the way to owner and chairman of the board, a used car salesman, a politician, a dairy farmer, a Sunday School teacher, a parent, a grandparent, a great grandparent and now a writer. During all those endeavors, several attempted simultaneously, my congenital entrepreneurial spirit never faltered. Presently, my wife Bonnie and I live in a small Northern Kentucky town within hailing distance of children, grand children and great grand children.

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Praise for The Never Ending Mile and author Winfred H. Hensley: “Your stories help me realize what a small world it is and how we all tie together.” -Glyndon Steele, Hopkinsville, KY

“Mr. Hensley writes in a fluid style that is often lost when story tellers try to translate oral history into the written. ‘The Never Ending Mile’ is like pulling up a chair around the woodstove with a respected elder and hearing the answer to ‘How’d you get here?’ Highly recommended!” -Steve Adkisson Owenton, KY author of Juggernauts

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