Introducing Gregory L. Pollock, author of Pennies From Josh: Stories of a Father Dealing with the Death of His Only Son

“I want to say that Outskirts did a great job on the book. Everyone I worked with was fantastic and very patient with an old man with little computer skills. I am very happy with the outcome. Thank you very much.”

Mr. Pollock spent most of his adult life as a truck driver. A mostly simple and uneventful life like most of us. He was reluctantly thrust into the role of author after the death of his son. This is a book he felt compelled to write in an attempt to help others dealing with this particular form of grief.

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Book description…

These are the stories that represent a bond between father and son that even death couldn’t break. They are stories of a form of after-death communication that helped me survive and cope with the death of my only son. Losing a child is a traumatic experience that is unnatural in the order of things and something you never “get over,” you just learn to cope.

Introducing Linda K. Reed, author of Serenity’s Journey

“Pretty smooth sailing this time around. Thank you and all who helped make this possible!”

Linda K. Reed is retired, yet always busy and wondering how she found the time for a career. She spends as much time as she can on or near the water and enjoys time spent with her daughters, her close friends, and her four-legged companions, Big Boy Sue and Patsy Love (aka Pooper). She is also the author of Winter of 1950, a tribute to her late husband, Phil.

Product description…

As a new widow trying to deal with the aftermath of her husband’s death, Lindy begins to question her sanity when Phil seems to be communicating with her and their children in some amazing ways. The dreams and odd occurrences leave them shaking their heads in wonder, but after a life-changing reading with a medium, Lindy realizes that it truly is possible to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. The realization leaves her feeling warm and loved…and greatly comforted. Serenity’s Journey shares Lindy’s fascinating path from grief to acceptance. This inspirational yet down-to-earth memoir is a testament to miracles, and to the special place where one’s soul finds peace, unconditional love, and hope.

Death Watch by Carol Casertano

“My publishing adventure with some of your very special people was surely just that, an adventure. Your people were very good and worked hard at guiding the ones of us out here who have limited computer skills. They hung in there and assisted and emailed all the time. I probably drove Jennifer crazy but she never slacked down. She just kept pulling and pushing me up that hill. And voila, my book!  I and others are thrilled. Thanks again!”

– Carol Casertano