Introducing Jim Molloy, author of The Grammar You Missed in High School

“My author representative did a great job. She was informative, reassuring, professional and on top of details. My overall experience with Outskirts was great.”

Jim Molloy earned his B.A. at the State University of New York, College at Oswego and completed his graduate course work for permanent teaching certification at Oswego and Syracuse University. He taught English for 31 years in the North Syracuse Central School District, first at the old North Syracuse High School and later at Cicero- North Syracuse H. S., where he served as English Department Chairman from 1988 to 2000. Moonlighting at local colleges and business schools, he has taught developmental reading, developmental writing, English as a second language, freshman composition, business writing, refresher study skills, and refresher grammar and composition. Jim insists that despite being the author of a grammar book, he really does have a life!

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Book description…

End Your Grammar Insecurity Forever! Are you the student going back to school after some time away and finding yourself anxious about grammar, usage and punctuation? Are you the business professional who has to get the grammar right-and who’s been embarrassed once or twice when you didn’t? Maybe you are the tired mom or dad trying to help your child with homework-and worried about your ability to do that. Or maybe you are a high school student who doesn’t want to graduate without being sure you are ready for college English classes. If you fit any of those categories, The Grammar You Missed in High School is the perfect book for you. Its friendly style, lean definitions, and common-sense examples-many of them hilarious-make this book different from the dry, boring textbooks of the past. It has fun with the subject, takes a poke at “snob English,” and dispels some grammar myths. You definitely will feel better when you read the numerous examples of language mistakes published and broadcast by “professionals.” The Grammar You Missed in High School provides the ideal refresher for the student who should have paid a little closer attention back in school-or for the student who never received instruction in the fundamentals in the first place. It’s suitable to be used in class with other students or at home for learners working on their own. Each topic is clarified with examples and supplemented with review exercises, and the answer key provides explanations for the correct responses. It’s a book that will help you become a better writer, reader, and thinker.