Introducing John Sager, author of The Caravan

“I’ve already received congratulations from several friends who have read the book.”

John Sager is a retired United States intelligence officer whose services for the CIA, in various capacities, spanned more than a half-century. A widower, he makes his home in the Covenant Shores retirement community on Mercer Island, Washington.

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From far-away Pakistan the long arm of Islamist terrorism reaches into the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Islamic State operatives are using the northward-moving caravans of Latin American asylum-seekers as cover for their nefarious schemes: to sever Interstate 90 by destroying the Lake Washington floating bridge and render inoperable Seattle’s newly completed SR 99 tunnel. In a remarkable display of intragovernmental cooperation, the FBI and CIA manage to thwart the plotters’ schemes; but they nearly fail to do so.

Introducing Paul Kartinen, author of “re-Constituting” the United States Government

“I particularly like the chat feature. Outskirts Press seems to have their authors’ concerns and questions front and center. I always got timely assistance from chats during the publishing process.”

Paul Kartinen is a concerned U.S. citizen. As a retired engineer, he took the time to make a terrible mistake: reading the U.S. Constitution and observing present day federal government activities. Paul is not a politician, political science academician, investigative journalist, or “Constitutional scholar.” However, he can read and observe and think! He is concerned about the future and shares his controversial thoughts in these few pages. He may be wrong, but then again he may be right.

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Created in 1787 the U.S. Constitutional system encouraged the country’s development for some 130 years, resulting in one of the better (if not the best) societies/civilizations in human history. Well, the U.S. Constitution has been abandoned, or maybe better stolen, by ignorance of the concept and/or misinterpreting the document as written. It is clearly the time to review some of the difficulties generated by that ignorance/misinterpretation. The Constitution’s writers originated a great concept, but left “holes” in the document that misguided people have taken advantage of. Can we get the U.S. back on track? The trip back will be difficult, but we’ve got to try something; the last several decades of “non-Constitutional” skulduggery have imposed a disastrous course for the greatest society ever created in human history – a steep downhill slide into an abyss! Maybe, if we’ve got enough guts, we can recover?

Introducing Jim Wassner, author of Code Enforcement in a Rural Jurisdiction

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Jim Wassner began his career as a code enforcement officer in 1997. Prior to that he had been a carpenter, a General Contractor, and a County Building Inspector. Jim retired in January of 2015 after 25 years with the El Dorado County Community Development Agency and over 18 years as their code enforcement officer. During his time as a code enforcement officer, he helped write ordinances for the jurisdiction and also gave classes on Rural Code Enforcement to other officers at the state level for the California Association of Code Enforcement Officers (CACEO).

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Code Enforcement is at times an occupation of extremes. It involves cases ranging from the basic quality of life issues to serious health and safety issues. You will meet people on what is possibly the worst day of their life and you will be empathetic to their plight. But at times you will also get to witness their incredible strength and humanity. Some of your best days will be those where you are able to help a child or senior citizen who cannot help themselves, and help make a lasting improvement in their quality of life. Rural code enforcement officers face some different challenges than their fellow officers who are working in an urban environment. but many issues are the same wherever you are in this great country. Through this book I have tried to impart some of the wisdom that I gained through hard lessons learned during my 18 years in this profession. You must learn to work smarter, not faster or harder. The skill set that you are able to bring to this job, how you hone those many skills while on the job and how you conduct yourself with your customers will help determine if this career will hopefully bring you as much happiness as it did for me.

Introducing Dave Willert, author of Dimensions IV: The Competition

“Jennifer was awesome, once again.”

Dave Willert is an accomplished musical director, composer, educator and author. He is happily married, with one son, and has resided in Southern California for most of his life. His most important literary influences include Robert Heinlein, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Kurt Vonnegut and Edgar Allan Poe.

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Life in Westvale, the capital city of America West, is anything but pleasant in the year 2113. The world is corrupt and run by a tyrannical government, bent on ultimate control of everything. God and music have already been banned, while dissidents are routinely sent to the infamous Helping Place, if they are lucky… or the morgue, if they are not! Today is Travis Taylor’s 18th birthday. On this momentous occasion, he and Audrey Brown are about to embark on the biggest adventure of their lives! It will challenge their faith and confuse their understanding of life and death. But ultimately, it may help them to save the world. It may lead them to THE COMPETITION.

Introducing Randall Bennett, author of Taking Up The Sword

“When I began the publishing process, I had no idea what I was doing or what to expect and felt like a stranger in a strange land. The story I had to tell is one of fighting terrorism as a Senior Special Agent around the world and it represents 20-plus years of my life in the worst of all situations. I needed guidance and Outskirts Press and their exceptionally knowledgeable and patient Coaches and Advisers led me with understanding and compassion through the steps and even produced the perfect cover to represent my memoir “Taking Up The Sword”. I cannot thank them enough. I should also note that their follow-up marketing advice after the book gets published is worth gold.”

Randall Bennett became a Special Agent in 1987 and has received numerous awards and commendations, including the FBI Director’s Award for Excellence in International Terrorism Investigations, The Diplomatic Security Service Special Agent and Employee of the Year, The U.S. Department of State Award for Heroism, Spain’s Medal of Merit with Distinguished White Cross, several awards from the Pakistan Ministry of Interior, the country of Ukraine, and others from the U.S. Marine Corp, the CIA, DEA, ATF, U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Coast Guard, and many others. He is currently retired but continues to provide security expertise overseas as a contractor for the Diplomatic Security Service.

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Randall Bennett, Special Agent for the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service, served 25 years in exotic and dangerous postings all over the world. With humor and other times through the heartbreak and drama that accompanies the loss of friends from violent acts of terrorists, his memoir reveals his evolution from a new Special Agent to one of the most experienced in the U.S. Government. Bennett and his various teams approached each mission with intense focus, courage, and compassion. Taking Up the Sword relates the wide range of his adventures, from searching for narco-terrorist operations in the Colombian jungle with the true Tarzan of the Amazon, to rescuing abandoned family pets and a baby gorilla while protecting the American citizens in Kinshasa, Zaire, to risking his own life trying to save Wall Street Journal Reporter Daniel Pearl. It includes the actions that led to the capture of “The Dirty Bomber” Jose Padilla, as well as his nearly six years in Pakistan and a tour as head of security for the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Iraq. Bennett survived bombings, rockets, and assaults against himself and those he was sworn to protect throughout his highly decorated career, all while doing a job he loves. With an original and fascinating perspective, Special Agent Bennett takes you behind the scenes-to the jungles, deserts, mountains, and exotic back streets of foreign countries-where these elite and highly trained Special Agents do things that books are written about and movies are made for-quietly and often without recognition.