Introducing Eric B, author of Cult of Steiphen: Night Crusaders Series Episode 1

“Communication was swift and timely, recommendations were informed and helpful, and the publishing process overall was smooth. Mostly, it’s great just knowing I am working with a publisher who is handling the details to the point where the author doesn’t need to worry. Thank you once again, Outskirts Press!”

Eric B is an enthusiast of action, adventure and superhero drama, and considers himself observant of human nature. He has published two books, that provide a unique look at volunteerism and public transportation. Eric B lives in the Midwest, loves to travel and always experiments with new passions and hobbies.

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Book description…

A new law has come to town, and its name is VENGEANCE! As the governorship of the province of Nordia is seized by a narcissistic despot, the Fight for Right Provincial Chapter finds itself on the receiving end of reprehensible persecution. Out of the struggle for justice and equity arises a faction that has broken apart from the Province Chapter of Fight for Right, called “Knights of Justice.” Led by a charismatic but wrathful young minister named Steiphen Silas, the Knights use aggressive rhetoric and barbaric violence in their attempt to attain moral propriety. The clash of the provincial government, Fight for Right, the Knights of Justice and the provincial commonfolk results in a great disturbance of an otherworldly nature, the results of which could conceivably doom and consume the entire province of Nordia…for good! And yet there may be one hope. Just when all seems to be lost, North America’s most famous superheroes of the third millennium – the Night Crusaders – ride their hovercycles into the province of Nordia, just in time. But the superb duo has quite the challenge ahead of them. The Night Crusaders eventually discover they are the only ones standing between vacuous followers of dubious leaders and the forces corroding the province. With colliding powers and bloodshed on one side and mystic stabilizing forces on the other, is there any hope that the Night Crusaders can quell the impending doom? Can Nordia be saved, and in time?

Introducing Martina Potucek-Palladino, author of MARTINKA: “Thru Eyes of REM…” First Narrative, New Adult

“My publishing experience was enjoyable with my second book with Outskirts Press. The team worked with me making sure everything went smoothly. Good communication!”

Martina Potucek-Palladino has had a lifelong love affair with books, magazines, and all things written. She writes for pleasure, is currently a magazine editor, has collaboratively ghostwritten/edited a non-fiction memoir, written for magazines, is an accessories designer, a hair stylist, and lash extension specialist. Martina currently lives in New Jersey.

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Book description…

IN DREAMS, WE LIVE… IN REALITY, WE EXIST. What if…you were told you aged like a human, but didn’t, and… What if…they said you were mortal, only you’re not, exactly, then… What if…the man you’ve always dreamt of, finally appears, but… What if…you must turn your back and walk away, for now, hence… What if…you were conceived by a vampire, unknowingly, and… What if…you aspire to eradicate the most evil of demons, ironically, because… What if…you hadn’t a clue that the evil demon, was your mother…

Introducing Steven Rosner, author of God and Man: Love on the Rocks

“Bridget was invaluable in helping me solve several problems, most of which were due to me, and was extremely flexible when I desired a couple of formats that might not have been standard in the industry.”

Steven Rosner is seeker of truth. He is always looking at the bigger picture and delving deep into the core of what life means. If engaged in a conversation with Steve, you will always be challenged and perhaps enlightened by his unique and creative view of life, Scripture and spirituality. His keen intuitive sense may direct you to a new understanding that you were not aware of. If you want to know a person who is constantly probing the most difficult questions, it is Steve. Steve’s personal life has spanned a broad spectrum of experience and adventure. Steve has worked in corporate America as a systems analyst and driven a taxi, written a novel, produced his father’s play, published short stories, and a lot more. But enough of Steve’s resume, it is deeds that put him in his own category–for example, taking responsibility for his parents care so they can remain in their apartment. Steve goes out of his way to help others when he sees they are a victim of injustice. He is not afraid to get involved. His ambition is to inspire people to awaken to God’s tangibility and the wisdom of Scripture. Behind the scenes, Steve is a kind and caring person. He is a loving husband, father, and grandfather. And while some people, at first, find his direct manner a bit intimidating, his kindness is real. If you go deeper, you’ll discover his intention is always for the best and his heart is soft. He has a strong sense of integrity and honesty. He will not tell you what you want to hear, but will tell you the truth. His soul abhors deceit, so he often feels distressed observing the lack of integrity in our culture.

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Book description…

“On the Rocks” was originally a phrase used for ships which ran aground and broke apart. But nothing could be a better metaphor to describe God’s relationship with man-hence the title of this book. For God created us with love and gave us His heart and soul: And God created Man in His Own Likeness; In God’s image created He him; both male and female. Alas, ever since Cain slew Abel, our relationship with God has been on the rocks. Throughout the Millennia, we have totally failed to act in accordance with His relatively few requirements. At best, we have ignored Him, but mostly mocked, disparaged, and treated Him with disdain. We have abrogated our responsibility, whether as an individual or nation, have engaged non-stop in the worst evil imaginable, causing Him untold suffering. (Part III presents multiple examples of the incredible evil of our species, detailing particularly monstrous religious and secular conflicts from 3000 BCE to the present.) Is it any wonder then, why God is estranged from us; why there is unrelenting havoc in our lives; why the world is falling apart; why suffering is prevalent at every level? In truth, no individual, no nation is immune! Isn’t it time we re-evaluated our behavior and altered it-to repair our relationship with God and gain His many blessings. But to understand how, we need to know something about God, something about ourselves, something about religion, and something about history. This book provides that understanding: It covers Scripture and science, God and His attributes, and Man-including his Free Will, Soul, Body and Mind. It addresses Good and Evil, the nature of each, and the role Satan plays in our lives. It reviews six major religions, and shows that at their core they are virtually identical. We will learn that God desires very little of us-regardless of our culture, religion, or ethnicity. In simple terms, He wants us to be righteous, do justice, and love compassion. Featured on the Author’s Independent Network blog, click here.

Introducing William Nitardy, author of Understanding The Anatomy of Evil

“The strength of Outskirts Press is that authors can publish a low cost and have ala carte choices. Overall a good experience!”

William (Bill) Nitardy has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and was employed at 3M Company. His need to understand probability science was key to developing the profound concepts for this book. He has a passion for truth and justice. He lives in Florida with his wife Diane.

Product description…

The book examines the anatomy of evil in the realm of ideological and philosophical beliefs. This includes politics, culture, religion, science and law. It attempts to answer many questions by giving the reader a better understanding of all aspects of evil including stealth evils that are not even on our radar. Although the author uses many scriptural verses to support the book’s thesis, it does not simply rely on scripture, but relies on probability science and rationale to draw conclusions while showing consistency with and support of scripture. Although the author is convinced that the bible is the infallible Word of God and believes in biblical Christianity, he is very critical of denominational Christianity and other religions including pseudo-science and other religions that masquerade as secular entities. He believes that the rapid and virtually complete secularization of our society has only been possible because of the many false foundations that have been established and accepted as fact when they are completely false and destructive. Those false foundations justify and support many evils that have been and are being promoted in America. The book discusses the situation in which America finds itself where we are being destroyed and are near the point of no return. The book addresses the current political situation and the upcoming presidential election. The final chapter of the book is to encourage skeptics to believe the truth of the bible through rational evidence. Although this book should connect well with Christians, it is hoped that the rational approach taken would attract atheists, agnostics, and skeptics as well as pastors and religious leaders. Pastors and religious leaders are encouraged to teach the full council of God by relating scriptural principles to our evil culture and even go so far as to attack the false foundations that are making the gospel irrelevant or addressing the contaminated soil that prevents the gospel seeds from germinating.

Introducing Melanie Perry, author of JadeRaven: The Adventure Begins

“Nicely done project with Outskirts Press.”

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Product description…

She’s 13 with a dragon as a sidekick and a mission that might just destroy her entire country, not to mention her life – what can go wrong? Everything. Poor Ivory wants to stay out of trouble and help her hometown, Húðdskógr, the best she can. But that all changes when a mysterious stone, brought from the sky by an explosion, hatches into the only dragon in existence. Accompanied by the dragon and Calder, a strangely intelligent 34-year old who’s half a moron in one, their mission is to destroy the evil empire that has ruled their nation for over 2,000 years. But someone – or something – stands in their way, and he’s not going down without a fight….

Introducing Dee Rose, author of The Hangman

“This is my 3rd book with Outskirts Press and I am very satisfied as usual.”

Dee Rose resides in Denver, CO. He is the father of two daughters. “They are my life.” He says. He attended Metro State University of Denver, where he majored in Political Science. The Hangman is his third published novel and he plans to make it into a series. “Novels like the Hangman are the reason I started writing in the eleventh grade. I love taking readers on an incredible journey.”

Product description…

When Kente Cromwell is murdered, he is given demonic powers and escapes purgatory to go back to earth and avenge his death as The Hangman. However, unbeknown to him, a war has broken out between good and evil. He must choose a side. To either join the demon who gave him his powers and the legions of vampires and demons that follow the underworld leader, or join the angel he embarrassed when escaped purgatory, a vampire slayer, and a demon hunter in their quest to win the war. Which side will he choose?