Introducing Anhvu Nguyen, Peyton Nguyen, Kyan Nguyen and Paxtyn Nguyen, authors of Doctor Visit Fears, Are They Real?

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AnhVu Nguyen MD is a double boarded physician in Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine. He has been a practicing emergency physician for 19 years. He has authored five books including two medical books and one children’s book. His medical books are found in medical libraries worldwide and have received the highest ratings by the Doody Medical Book Review Service. Peyton Nguyen, Kyan Nguyen, and Paxtyn Nguyen all share their father’s passion for writing and are currently in 5th, 4th, and 2nd grade, respectively.

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Book description…

Doctor Visit Fears, Are They Real? This book is a realistic account of a little boy’s (Paxtyn) fears associated with a routine doctor visit. His fears start with the anticipation at home, is worsened by the faces that he sees in the waiting room, and continues as he is being examined by the doctor. In every instance, Paxtyn learns that his fears are not real and that his experience is rather enjoyable.