Introducing Charles Sacchetti, author of Knowing He’s There: True Stories of God’s Subtle Yet Unmistakable Touch

“My Author Representative was a joy to work with. She was very responsive to all of my requests and communicated in a very timely fashion.”

Charlie Sacchetti was born in 1947 and raised in a tightly knit, working-class neighborhood in southwest Philadelphia. Here he learned right from wrong, a strong work ethic, and the importance of standing by your word, your family, and your friends. He earned a baseball scholarship to Temple University, graduating in 1969. After a brief stint in professional baseball, Charlie returned to the university and was employed there for thirteen years. In 1983, he began his current career in industrial chemical sales. In May of 2016, he submitted the commentary piece entitled Getting in the Game, which was published in The Philadelphia Inquirer on Mother’s day. One month later, his piece, Getting the Message, was submitted and published on Father’s day in the Courier-Post. The idea of publishing his first book of essays, It’s All Good: Times and Events I’d Never Want to Change, was born from hearing many requests to do so, from friends and strangers alike. That book was published in July of 2017.

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Book description…

Do you know that you’ve been touched? In 2017, soon after the author published his first book, It’s All Good: Times and Events I’d Never Want To Change, he had a feeling that there was more to be done. While attending mass one Sunday, he realized that God was doing the nudging. Clearly, it was time to write Knowing He’s There: True Stories of God’s Subtle Yet Unmistakable Touch, a book highlighting how our loving God demonstrates His presence in our lives. The author writes of experiences through which one can see God’s influence, as these twenty-five essays are presented in ways that are solemn, humorous, and heartwarming. Throughout this work, his strong relationships with family, friends, and the influences of his ethnic heritage and religious, middle-class upbringing are obvious. Before the writing began, it became apparent that God had touched the author’s life in many ways, often quite subtly. He reasoned that God wanted him to discover the source of these blessings for himself by raising his awareness. This book is written with the hope that readers will at least consider God’s possible influence on their lives, both in the past and in the present … not to mention the future.