Introducing Carla T. Bennett, author of Strayed: My Journey Back Part 1

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Carla Bennett was born and raised in Jamaica, and at the age of 23, she immigrated to the United States of America. She married the love of her life, Bill, and is the mother of three children: two handsome young men and a beautiful young woman, who is the princess of the castle. Carla is passionate about the Lord and the things of God. She hopes that through the revelation of her life story that readers will experience the healing, joy and love of Christ that is demonstrated through this book. This book has changed her life and her prayer is that it inspires and releases her readers into the purpose God has for each of their lives.

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Book description…

How can God use me? You don’t know the things I’ve done; You don’t know where I’ve been, where I’m from. He’ll never use someone like me. He knows me! … Have you ever said this before? Ever believed this about yourself? Has your past kept you from fulfilling the purpose God has for your life? Strayed is one woman’s journey to release the things of her past in order to move into the plans that God has for her life. This trilogy will walk you through Carla’s journey with a jealous God: allowing life and circumstances to define who she was and who she should be, ignoring God’s good and perfect will for her life – believing that He could never use her for His glory. Come along for the journey, release the baggage that you have been carrying around for too long and recognize that indeed God knows the plans He has for you. Plans to give you a hope and a future! (Jeremiah 29:11). Here’s what people are saying about Strayed: “Carla shares her pain and experience openly and honestly in a way only the Holy Spirit can allow. Thank you for letting the world know there is a balm in Gilead and healing for the soul, mind, body, and spirit this side of heaven.” “Seeing what her life had been like and now seeing how God is using her helps me to see that in spite of the things I did in my past, He can and will use me too. I can’t wait for Part 2!”
“Refreshingly open and honest storytelling.” “Strayed is interactive and thought-provoking…it crosses the boundaries of age and can appeal to anyone at any stage in life. I thoroughly enjoyed the application of life lessons to my relationship with God. It allows for a lot of self-evaluation and honesty in my Christian walk. I have truly been blessed and challenged by this book.”