Introducing Marian Ely, author of Letters from the Cold War

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Marian Ely lives a quiet retired life in Corvallis, Oregon and actively continues to write. “My favorite activity besides writing is reading the newspaper in the morning and then doing the crossword puzzle in my favorite college coffee hangout called The Beanery next to Oregon State University campus. If you are ever in Corvallis, try The Beanery’s Sumatra coffee with a sesame bagel and herb cream cheese. It doesn’t get much better than that!”

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Book description…

This is a collection of letters that represents my experiences in West Germany during the Cold War. I served in the US Army there from November, 1974 to February, 1978. I was a Radio Teletype Operator and then had the wonderful experience of singing with the 7th Army Soldiers’ Chorus based out of USAREUR (US Army Europe) in Heidelberg. My entire time of three years and three months in West Germany was full of adventures that were delightful, challenging and occasionally downright scary.

Introducing Barbara Zavada, author of The Immigrant

“Bridget, my author representative, instilled professionalism and confidence in my first attempt to publish. It was a learning experience to manage my book solely by the internet. Thanks Bridget for your patience.”

About Barbara Zavada. A unique story recounting the horrors of the author’s childhood in Germany during WW II. This account follows her new life in America as an accomplished artist, raising her family in Connecticut. The Author now lives in the remote desert of Eastern Utah.

Product description…

This autobiography is the story of sheer survival in war torn Germany. Escaping the Eastern Zone, survival in the West before immigrating to the land of freedom, the USA. Joy and appreciation of the freedom of the new immigrant combined with selfless hard labor. Talents and gifts brought from the old world to contribute and enrich their adoptive land. Survival and adventure was to be the theme of my story, heritage for my descendants. More though this immigrant heritage was to enrich the United States of America. This story lay dormant for many years in a life of hard toil for every day living. Arriving on the American shores, little could I have foreseen a life so rich in experiences and colorful to unfold. Granted were freedom of choice for a satisfying career as an artist, raising a family, contributing to community and country. Many honors surprised me such as Marquis Who’s Who in American Women, Marquis Who’s Who in America, Marquis Who’s Who in American Art, International Woman of the Year and many more. The Immigrant is everyone’s heritage. May it be enjoyed. May it be thought provoking about everyone’s roots. May there be grace and thanks in a fulfilling life.