Introducing Gail Ruetten, author of My Body Is Screaming Help Me!

“My Author Representative, Sara, was the most patient. She went out of her way to help me, get answers for me, explain and explain to me the “how to’s.” I am not computer savvy. Sara went over and above to help me. MY book is perfect!! Bridget and the girls in marketing, thank God, they have a lot of patience and understanding also. If you are a first time author, PICK OUTSKIRTS PRESS. Thank you Outskirts Press! Dreams do come true.”

Gail Ruetten owned and operated a Fitness and Nutrition Boxing Gym and became a US Amateur Boxing coach. She worked for a local doctor who believed in Health Alternatives. She was hired as a nutritional consultant working with patients on nutritional awareness and alternatives. She has 3 certifications in Fitness and Nutrition.

Product description…

MY BODY IS SCREAMING HELP ME!” is my attempt at a simple solution to permanently rid the world of fad diets, Weight Management(daily tracking of food portions and calories/carbs), and Childhood/Adolescent Obesity. It is my hope that the general population will adopt this new way of living through the means of healthy eating paired with exercise.