Introducing Gabrielle Christian, author of First Love

“From start to finish it was a good experience. The communication was excellent and the process simple and smooth.”

Have you ever been involved in a good relationship that has gone bad and wondered, “How could this have ever happened to me”? The reality is that there are some steps that are common when it comes to human behavior that lead to the deterioration and dissolving of relationships. These behaviors that lead to dissolution are for the most part consistent and the imagery can be most clearly seen in that of the marriage relationship. “First Love” is a book that speaks of these steps and allows for us to see them as they are. It is a book that is written about a person who has decided that their relationship is no longer what they desire for it to be and they go through the steps in the process of dissolving it. Written from the backdrop of the Christian perspective, “First Love” begins as all marriage relationships begin, with two people in love with one another and who establish that love in covenant with Christ. This book is “The Conversation” between the party who has made the decision to dissolve the relationship and God. This conversation begins, as all relationships of this nature begin, with the party engaged in the expression of love that they would have possessed in the beginning. “The Conversation” moves to the expression of how this love has become inadequate and how they have gone through the process of building their case for why the relationship should go no further. Because the covenant of marriage for the Christian involves three parties, the book is a mock dialogue between this party, who after making their decision and case to others, are now forced to make their case to God. This person is responding to God, who is asking questions within their Spirit that we cannot hear, and they become aggravated as God presses His case. And in the shadows of the writing about the pain that is felt in the human experience is the pain that is felt by the other divorcee; God. “First Love” is written in order that, in any relationship, should we find ourselves in “The Conversation” we might reconsider how we forward our steps.

Product description…

The prevailing idea of life and living is that it is not singular. We are all the product of relationships and are made to be relational. “First Love” is about relationships. It speaks to us about relationships in general most specifically the one given to us as the ultimate in relationships; those with God and in marriage. It is a book about love, and love forsaken and lost. Taken from the thought behind Revelations 2:4, all will benefit from the reading of “First Love.”