Introducing Bob Benson, Josie Safir, and Nathan Safir, authors of A Special Gift

“My Author Representative was courteous, positive and east to communicate with — both to me and an 18-year-old co-author.”

When Bob’s grandchildren, Josie and Nathan, finished learning how to read, they realized most introductory reading materials lacked an interesting story and developed characters. At the ages of seven and nine, Josie and Nathan worked with their grandfather to write a book young children would be excited to read.

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Book description…

When a boy learns his dog has special powers …. On a cold rainy day, Max finds a dog on his front porch and names her Rosie. They soon form a strong bond, and Max becomes aware of Rosie’s mysterious power. He struggles to convince his parents and friends to believe him. But, as Rosie continues to use her special gift, something incredible happens. Read this book to find out how Max and Rosie’s extraordinary relationship impacts those around them and deepens friendships.

Introducing Diana Carter, author of Broken Promises: Shattered Dreams

“I was so impressed with the services received from Outskirts Press. I had a wonderful publishing experience and can’t wait to publish my next book.”

Diana Carter, after managing a home-based business providing business services to students and small business owners, found writing enlightening. She is presently working on the sequel to Broken Promises. Diana holds a Master degree in Management from University of Phoenix and working towards her DBA in Organizational Leadership at Walden University.

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Book description…

Emily Ann Simmons-Blackstone had it all-a supportive husband, two wonderful children, two great siblings, and the most awesome best friend a person could ever have. Then on a cold fall morning the unthinkable happened, her husband the man she loved for almost three decades died suddenly from a massive heart attack. Emily and her children were saved by the grace of God and her best friend since they were eleven years old Arlene Simone Jacobs. Emily and Arlene’s personalities were like night and day but they got along famously and supported each other through thick and thin. Almost a decade after losing her husband Emily decided to move on with her life and then walked in handsome attorney David Lee Redmond. David brought the love back into Emily’s life that she though she would never feel again. At odds from the beginning Arlene and David did not like to share Emily’s affections so stuck in the middle Emily had to find a middle ground. Before that could happen tragedy struck and once again Emily was stuck in the middle of her new love and best friend. From sadness, to love, to disbelief this story of family support and friendship proves there can be peace after one have lived through broken promises and shattered dreams.

Introducing Mary Murry, author of He Ain’t Our Bill No More

“Once Elaine and Becky got my manuscript, things started happening. I can’t tell them how much I appreciate their work. Thank You!”

Mary Jane Jones was born in 1947 during a very important poker game in Stringtown, Arkansas. I was the oldest of eight children born to Hilary and Margaret Jones and graduated from Jasper High in Jasper, Arkansas in May of 1965. Right out of high school, I started college at the Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, Arkansas.  I met my husband in Kansas City through a friend and we had three children. During the child raising years I ran a licensed home daycare, and that is when I started compiling information for this book. I have had numerous jobs since that time and ended up in the Post Office in Odessa, Missouri and since retired.

Product description…

My story is about my father, Hilary Jones, who believed a handshake and a man’s word were binding. The love of politics is how Hilary and Bill Clinton became friends. Hard work and determination is how the Hilary Jones Elk Herd came to Newton County, Arkansas.