Introducing Carla T. Bennett, author of Strayed: My Journey Back Part 1

“Outskirts Press is a professional and amazing publishing company. The rate of production has been quick and efficient. I admire the consistency in their communication. They keep their authors satisfied by exceeding their demands. They have a spectacular staff that anticipates the need of the authors and provide an abundance of options. Thanks Outskirts Press for your amazing service.”

Carla Bennett was born and raised in Jamaica, and at the age of 23, she immigrated to the United States of America. She married the love of her life, Bill, and is the mother of three children: two handsome young men and a beautiful young woman, who is the princess of the castle. Carla is passionate about the Lord and the things of God. She hopes that through the revelation of her life story that readers will experience the healing, joy and love of Christ that is demonstrated through this book. This book has changed her life and her prayer is that it inspires and releases her readers into the purpose God has for each of their lives.

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Book description…

How can God use me? You don’t know the things I’ve done; You don’t know where I’ve been, where I’m from. He’ll never use someone like me. He knows me! … Have you ever said this before? Ever believed this about yourself? Has your past kept you from fulfilling the purpose God has for your life? Strayed is one woman’s journey to release the things of her past in order to move into the plans that God has for her life. This trilogy will walk you through Carla’s journey with a jealous God: allowing life and circumstances to define who she was and who she should be, ignoring God’s good and perfect will for her life – believing that He could never use her for His glory. Come along for the journey, release the baggage that you have been carrying around for too long and recognize that indeed God knows the plans He has for you. Plans to give you a hope and a future! (Jeremiah 29:11). Here’s what people are saying about Strayed: “Carla shares her pain and experience openly and honestly in a way only the Holy Spirit can allow. Thank you for letting the world know there is a balm in Gilead and healing for the soul, mind, body, and spirit this side of heaven.” “Seeing what her life had been like and now seeing how God is using her helps me to see that in spite of the things I did in my past, He can and will use me too. I can’t wait for Part 2!”
“Refreshingly open and honest storytelling.” “Strayed is interactive and thought-provoking…it crosses the boundaries of age and can appeal to anyone at any stage in life. I thoroughly enjoyed the application of life lessons to my relationship with God. It allows for a lot of self-evaluation and honesty in my Christian walk. I have truly been blessed and challenged by this book.”

Introducing Jerad P. Bisson, author of Shining Christs Light

“Lisa was really good. This is my second book that I have published with Outskirts Press and Lisa listened to all of my needs and wants. Now, I have a second book that will help many people. Thank you Outskirts Press.”

Jerad P. Bisson is a tradesman by day and a writer by night. He is a husband, a father and a published author. He is a devout man of God who is dedicated to helping others by serving Christ and Christ’s Church. It is through his personal life experiences and his dedication to Jesus and the scriptures that this book was born. It is his greatest hope that many people who are searching for God can come to rely on him by using the principles that Jerad has created in this book. “It is with God and only with God that we can accomplish all things, therefore we must not exclude him from the smallest matters of our lives, to the greatest. Our relationship with Christ should be intimate and life giving. It is by falling in his arms and trusting in what he taught and what he promised. That we may truly learn how to live the life that God has designed for us to live.” “Glory To God in the Highest”

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Book description…

Love Your Enemies. All of us have people in our lives that we feel are impossible to deal with. They just won’t be nice to us or respect us in anyway no matter how kind we are to them. whether it be a family member, a coworker, someone you go to school with or even someone whom you have just met. For some reason they just don’t care about you. Jesus calls us all, to love all people, especially our enemies. How then can we love those who are always putting us down? Jesus teaches us that there is no credit in only loving those who love you back (Luke 6:32 KJV). The merit is received when we love the ones who don’t love us at all. How then can we love someone that wants to hurt us? Christ has given us his teaching that we should all love our enemies, bless those who curse us, do good to those that hate us, and pray for those who despitefully use us, and persecute us. This seems somewhat impossible, but anything is possible with God. When we rely on all that Christ has taught us and fall back on his love for us, we can do anything, we can change the world. This book contains nine practical principles on how to love your enemies. It is by applying these principles in our daily life, that our lives will get better and we will learn how to deal with those people who hate us and those who just down right ruin our day. Each of these principles has been derived from Christ’s teachings of how we should love our enemies. These nine principles are a fundamental approach to a Christ centered life, that makes you Christ’s light in the world. By applying these nine principles in your daily life. You will find that most of the people who don’t care about you, will start to care about you more and those who continue to treat you badly wont bother you at all. It is through Christ That we are saved and through Christ’s teachings that we learn how to live a life that is worthy of Heaven. So, let’s use a practical approach to this issue and ask Jesus for his grace, to learn these new behaviors. So that we may shine Christ’s light in the darkest of places.

Introducing Chakeva A. Harris, author of Beyond the Break

“Stupendous is a word used to describe my experience with Outskirts Press. At the close of writing my book, I had no idea how to get it published or even where to start. I didn’t even know much about Outskirts Press as a company. However, in researching several options with other publishers, I found Outskirts Press to be the most effective and affordable option for me. From the beginning process to the very end, the representatives held my hand and walked me through every fine detail with ease. They made me feel important and that my ideas and thoughts mattered. They even made me feel as if my book was the only book with purpose! I am sure everyone else who has published through Outskirts Press feels the same way! My dream of becoming an author is no longer a dream, but now a reality and I am most grateful! Thank you Outskirts Press! I will definitely use your services again for my next masterpiece!”

Evangelist Chakeva A. Harris is a native of Macon, Georgia born from the parentage of Samson Harris and the late Minister Gladys S. Harris. She received her undergraduate education from Georgia Southern University and Christian Life School of Theology. Evangelist Harris began singing for the Lord at the tender age of 5 and gave her life willfully to Christ at age 8. She discovered her true identity as a chosen vessel in Christ at age 16 and accepted the call to preach the gospel in May of 2006. From that time forward, she has devoted her life to being a messenger for Christ. Evangelist Chakeva A. Harris is truly a singer, songwriter, recording artist, worship leader, teacher, preacher, prayer warrior, and now author infused by the hand of God. Evangelist Harris is passionate about working with battered and abused women, hurting families and the youth of today. She is also empowered to cross racial barriers and help those of all ages, nationalities, creeds and colors. Her mission is to play a vital role in cultivating nations to return to the heart of God through authentic worship in spirit and in truth. Through this mission, God allowed Evangelist Harris to give birth to “Heart of Judah Outreach Ministry” in January of 2009. Evangelist Chakeva A. Harris is a “powerhouse” of a preacher known for speaking a rhema word into the lives of others. Her unique zeal for God, charismatic delivery of His Word, and angelic voice has been proven to transform the lives of others for the better. Evangelist Harris proudly serves as an Associate Pastor at Agape Covenant Worship Center in Macon, Georgia, under the dynamic leadership of Pastor R. Marquis and Lady Marlena Belcher. In closing, Evangelist Harris truly believes that all things are possible through Jesus Christ…Only Believe!

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Book description…

Have you ever encountered a “David-Saul” situation in your life? Have you ever been entangled by your loyalty to someone whom you loved, admired and looked up to only to experience the devastation of their unrequited love toward you? Have you ever felt “used up” and treated like a puppet of performance by those of false leadership…, only seeking what your gift could do for them, but never really having your best interest at heart? Perhaps you feel forsaken, broken, withdrawn, used, abused, neglected, hated, discredited and downright discouraged because the pursuit of the enemy after what God invested in you has been catastrophically great. If so, then this book is just for you! Beyond the Break has been designed specifically to encourage those who are currently in or those who have survived the struggles of being anointed and appointed by God, but still considered the unlikely candidate by mankind. Even after surviving the deepest church hurt, many of us are often left with a film of residue that tends to linger in our hearts and minds. Yet, through the entrance of the Word of God that brings light to the darkest elements of our lives, there is great hope! Through the life of King David, Evangelist Chakeva Harris will take you through an epic journey with God that will leave you with a greater understanding of the “why” factor in your life, as well as, assist you in evoking the power embedded in you to overcome the javelins being so furiously launched at you. As you read each page, it is with sincere hope that the words of encouragement, restoration and reconciliation leap off of the pages and into your innermost being as you began to move Beyond the Break! Ready? Let’s go!

Introducing Kay Karter, author of Bitter or Better

“It was a good experience. I would recommend others.”

Kay Karter was born in Wilmington, N.C. She’s a loving wife and a devoted mother of five beautiful children. Kay also is the CEO of Women with a Heart to Serve Ministry, serving women young and old alike in her community. She realized early on in her life that she was born to impact the earth through love and compassion. She wasn’t sure how or where, but she knew it was predestined to happen. As a mother her heart became geared to help empower women through the Living Word of God and His principles. She understands that if you can educate the women; she can nurture her family the way God had ordained her. Through structure, wisdom, love and grace.

Product description…

Forgive and life. Satan’s power is in an identity crisis, he wants to tell you who you are and what you don’t have to hold you in bondage. This is the first lie he has whispered into your ear. Before the truth can set you free, you have to recognize the lie that has been holding you hostage for this long period of time. Life has dealt you a horrible hand, but that doesn’t mean you have to continue to keep playing the same hand and never winning. This is the second lie holding you hostage. Learning how to forgive the people who have dealt you this hand is a life of freedom. There is power in knowing who you are and who you belong too. Once you learn this, you will no longer live a Bitter life, but a Better life to its fullest potential.

Introducing Stephen Myers, author of Perfection

“Outskirts press is outstanding! The entire publishing process from the beginning to the end was informative and thorough. As a matter of fact, the marketing info is more than I can keep up with. I get the sense that Outskirts wants me to succeed.”

Stephen Myers is a minister of God who has studied the scriptures for close to 40 years and is focused on building up the body of Christ through sharing the unsearchable riches of Christ. A husband and a father of two sons and a resident of the state of Maryland. He also has authored the book “Why Forgiveness Is Not Enough”.

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I believe the reason why God’s people struggle with sin and failure is because they are not aware of what the finished work of Christ entails- “…although the works were finished from the foundation of the world” Hebrews 4:3

Introducing Veleta Jones, author of Five Layers Deep On How To Forgive

“I was really pleased with the support of my first book project. Everything went really smoothly. I have already referred friends and family to Outskirts Press. The staff is very professional and knows their work very well. ”

Veleta Jones is a Georgia Native and always had the habit of reading and writing at an early age. When she started writing chapters everyday as a hobby, she knew it was her calling. She can also write five thousand words or more per day when time permits. She is a literary new-comer and this is a dream come true. Veleta loves to help people and she knows this is the start of a great thing. She also enjoys ghostwriting, researching and mentoring. She wrote this book in 36 hours so as you can see this is her gift and passion. This book gives you a quick reading guide that can help you if you ever come across a state of unforgiveness. Stay tuned for future publications. She can be reached via email at for additional book copies, or visit her website at

Product description…

Why should we master forgiveness? Because we have needed to be forgiven at some point. We are all human and are entitled to mistakes. Giving others grace and room to mess up usually comes back to you in the same measure. Five Layers Deep on How to Forgive will help you see how important it is to forgive others and yourself. This book gives you 5 practical situations that can help you in life. It is time to let go of what you have not been able to forgive. Letting go of resentment when you don’t really want to develops your character and leaves room for blessings. Choose to be the person that people love to be around and not the person that everyone avoids.