Introducing T.W. Messer, author of The First Two Seasons

“As a first time author, Outskirts Press made my experience a very positive one. My Author Representative was a pleasure to work with. She assisted with me with all my questions. Thank you!”

T.W. Messer is a former journalism major who has written columns for his college and hometown newspapers. Retired, after a two decade career in law enforcement, he currently runs his The Sportsnutt blog. T.W. has one adult son and resides in California with his wife, daughter, and cat.

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The year is 1985. Willie Stewart and B.J. Jackson are as opposite as best friends can be. Willie is tall, white and likes to rock. B.J. is black, short, and prefers rap. Willie is the only child to two loving parents. B.J. is one of six children, with no father figure. What they do have in common is their love of sports at El Dorado High. They are set for a big senior year, but can they stay out of trouble long enough to succeed?

Introducing Chris Dieterich, author of Tales From The Blind Side: A Strange Journey Into Football

“I intend to soon publish again and I hope I get Colleen. She was outstanding!! Always got back to me in a very timely manner. I have published with another company in the past and you guys ‘blew them away!’ Keep up the great work. I’m impressed.”

Chris Dieterich played football and graduated from N.C. State University, then went on to play seven years in the NFL with the Detroit Lions (1980-1986). He is semi-retired and devotes much of his time to helping men trying to recover from the devastating effects of alcohol and drug addiction. Chris also spends time volunteering for Pet Haven of South Carolina, a no-kill animal shelter. He lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with his two dogs, Slinky and Snoodle. Proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to children and animal charities.

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Book description…

The eleven short stories in Tales from the Blind Side are based on the experiences of former NFL Offensive Lineman Chris Dieterich, who played for the Detroit Lions from 1980 to 1986. Diagnosed with depression from the many concussions he received on the playing field, Dieterich used the writing process as therapy-a release from the dark and painful memories of his decision to give up both his physical and mental health to be in the “limelight” for seven years. Writing served as an outlet for Dieterich’s physical and mental torture, the daily stress and strain of performing at a world-class level. From the grueling misery of summer training camp, to the injuries sustained on the field, and to never-ending post-career bouts of mental confusion, delusions, and addiction to painkillers and alcohol, Dieterich has expertly spun fantasy and hard-core reality into eleven short stories that explore the depths of living on the mental edge of madness. Readers will experience the agony and the ecstasy of the NFL as Dieterich offers a glimpse into the world of professional sports…and its often devastating aftereffects.

Introducing Warren H. Wolf, author of The History of Brick Township High School Football

“This was was my second book published with Outskirts Press and I was fortunate once again to have Bridget as my Author Rep. Once again she did an outstanding job assisting me publish this book. Her guidance in certain aspects was invaluable. She returned all messages promptly and courteously and was always there to help me in the process of publishing this book. The book came out exactly like I wanted it to and one of the main reasons is because again I had Bridget as my author rep. Thank You Bridget. Look forward to doing another book with you in the near future. ”

Warren H. Wolf.. Brick Township High School Varsity Head Football Coach for 51 years from 1958-2008. A proud,humble, spiritual man, who came to Brick Township in 1958 at the inception of Brick Township High School, after Coaching for 10 years at Memorial High School in West New York, N.J. under the legendary Coach Joe Coviello. As the schools only head football coach, Coach Wolf compiled at the time, a state record 361 wins. His teams won 13 state titles (six of them during the sectional playoff era which began in 1974), 29 division titles, and 8 undefeated seasons. Wolf was not just a football coach in Brick Township. During his illustrious career, he was also a School Teacher, Business Administrator, Councilman, Board of Education member, Assemblyman, Freeholder, and yes the Mayor of Brick Township in 1972. He guided his teams to championships while teaching them life’s lessons such as, kindness, caring, humility, respect, honor, pride, tradition, dignity, and integrity. Values that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Simply put Brick Township is Warren Wolf and Warren Wolf is Brick Township and Brick Township Green Dragon’s football.

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“Football is a game that is just like life, execution and teamwork are what we strive for.” …Coach Wolf I hope I’ve made you proud Coach over the years. Coaching is more than a football field, it is the character of the man shaping boys into men. Thank you for the years you coached me and I will always cherish my experience with you. …Art Thoms, BTHS Class of 64, Super Bowl Champion Oakland Raiders 1976 Coach not only gave us the will to win and not accept defeat, he taught us to win with class and humility, preaching that humility is a basic characteristic of life. We all still carry that with us as adults and that is the bond we will always have. …Sam Riello, BTHS Class of 1962 With fond memories, I remember the entire 51 years involved with Brick Football and how fortunate I was to work, learn, teach and coach with my Dad. Thank you Dad…You made it all worthwhile. …Warren C. Wolf “Waz”, BTHS Class of 1976 Coach Wolf, You have taught us more than just the game of football. You taught us how to be humble, gain character, be respectful, and understand the term dedication. I want to thank you again for everything you have done for me. Your leadership, pride, dedication, and humbleness, has rubbed off on me and has helped me throughout my career. You have helped me become who I am today. …Pete Panuska, BTHS Class of 1982, University of Tennessee Coach Wolf is someone that is extremely special and has positively influenced hundreds of thousands of people, if not more. You probably don’t know how much you still influence me today and I thank you for making me a better athlete, a better student, a better Christian, a better citizen of the community, and just a better person. …Todd Durkin, BTHS Class of 1989, William & Mary College