Introducing Norm Zeigler, author of Famous Fly Fishers: Profiles of Eminent and Accomplished People Who Love the Quiet Sport

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Norm Zeigler is an internationally known author and journalist. For fifteen years he worked for European Stars and Stripes — the newspaper for Americans in Europe – first as a copy editor on the news desk and later as travel/outdoor writer. His previous books — Rivers of Shadow, Rivers of Sun: A Fly Fisher’s European Journal and Snook on a Fly — remain popular. Other publications in which Norm’s work has appeared include The New York Times, Gray’s Sporting Journal, Fly Fisherman, Fly Rod and Reel, Northwest Fly Fishing, Art of Angling Journal, Sporting Tales Journal, Der Fliegenfischer and Florida Sportsman. Norm grew up amid the scrub pine woods, marshes, beaches, estuaries, and kettlehole ponds of Cape Cod. He received an AB in English, with a minor in biology, from Clark University. He speaks and writes German and has a private pilot’s license. Norm and his family divide their time between Sanibel Island, Florida, and Dillon, Montana.

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Advance Praise for Famous Fly Fishers. To some, fly fishing is a way of life defined by a job in the fly-fishing industry, or by a vocation allowing for maximum fishing time. But for others, fly-fishing is a way in life to escape an otherwise demanding career. In Famous Fly Fishers, author, fly shop owner, and avid fly angler Norm Zeigler interviews twenty-one professionals, iconic in their fields, seeking to answer the questions of how and why the sport plays such an important role in their lives. – Jerry Kustich, author of A Wisp in the Wind. Norm Zeigler has done it again. He has captured the essence of fly fishing by providing a pithy and compelling look at the sport through the eyes of some of this country’s most interesting people. This book works and reads well not because the anglers he has chosen to highlight are iconic, but rather because he brings them down to the everyday perspective we all see on the water. – Fly fishing outfitter and Longtime Trout Unlimited TV host. Norm Zeigler’s Famous Fly Fishers is much more than a book about who. It is a book about why — why take on the challenge of fly fishing. Zeigler explores the quandary with 21 men and women unsurpassed in life achievements. From walking on the moon, to running roughshod over NFL defenses, to playing key roles in running the United States, these overachievers have turned to the way of the fly for its never ending challenge and — all admit — its healthy doses of humility. In his chapter on Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson, Zeigler notes there is no such thing as a stretch too large from profession to fly fishing. Indeed, as fly fishers know and readers will find, it’s all about the stretch. — Byron Stout, outdoors columnist, Fort Myers (Florida) News-Press

Introducing James C. Maddox, author of Bowfin

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James C. Maddox grew up in Florida, where he still lives today. He retired after 27 years at a high-tech plant for the Department of Energy. At almost the same time, Jim completed another 27-year career with the Florida National Guard. He began as a private and worked his way up to the rank of lieutenant colonel. Jim’s love of the outdoors and wildlife knowledge is expressed in his other books, Lake Pan and The Dream. When he is not writing, he enjoys target shooting and both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Jim is divorced and has one adult son.

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In the highly anticipated sequel to Lake Pan, Jim and the gang are called upon to help when a rancher down in south Florida reports a problem: Something is eating the rancher’s herd of prizewinning experimental Brahma cattle. As the new director of the South Regional Fish and Game office, Anna Mae Jones knows that the rancher’s problem has landed squarely in her lap as he claims the marauding animal, whatever it is, is coming from her jurisdiction-the Everglades National Park. Anna sends one of her top park rangers to investigate the rancher’s losses, but he returns with disturbing news. The mysterious animal is big and unidentifiable, at least to Sgt. Wayne Shucks, who asks his new boss for help. Anna immediately thinks of the group of fishermen who helped further her career earlier at a lake called Pan. The men are ex-service members of the United States Armed Forces, and with their military skills and vast knowledge of the region’s fish, animals, and swamplands, Jim and his gang are perfectly suited for this assignment. If only Anna can drag them away from their bass fishing on Lake Pan…

Introducing D.H. Faulkner, author of Ferdinand the Fisherman

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D.H. Faulkner is a Technical writer and industrial instructor who always turned to poetry as an escape from the dry, mundane world of technical jargon that consumed his working life. He is from New England near the ocean, and his working career afforded him the chance to travel a great deal, always writing letters to his children in rhyme, and other pieces of a romantic nature or cynical observations on current events. But Ferdinand was a story born out of a profound respect for the people of Hawaii and their reverence for the world around them. Thus he considers this to be his best work, and have finally decided to share it. Ferdinand the Fisherman is truly a whale story for the 21st century when these magnificent creatures are finally appreciated for what and who they are.

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Moby Dick, the most famous of all whales in literature was an angry, feared creature, relentlessly hunted by Captain Ahab. But in this story, Moby Dick is “A gentle creature, friend of man, but shy of those who live on land.” Both Moby Dick and Ferdinand each suffer tragedies, Moby Dick at the hand of Cap’n Ahab, and Ferdinand to a violent storm that took his boat and left him to drown. But, both emerge victorious in the most wonderful way. This is an excellent story for young readers in order to introduce them to the art of storytelling through poetry.