Introducing Eane Huff, author of Angel Mind

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Eane Huff, MS, has experienced near-death situations that helped him understand what it truly means to have Angels rescue him. Angels have been the basis of his success and have been supporting him throughout his life. Using prayer and higher processing, Eane is reminded of the caring and supportive ways that God inspires Angels to do the amazing works they do, and he looks forward to revealing what being an Angel allows him to achieve.

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Book description…

What do 7 billion people worldwide have in common? Angel-Mind is the common thread of humanity-what connects us all. Everyone has the choice to operate with their highest abilities, and with the highest abilities and God’s direction, the best things happen! Angel-Mind allows fundamental God-Values to protect and to elevate those who use and need it. Each person has the chance to access Angel-Mind, and every soul has the need to achieve Angel-Mind to find the Angel and God’s gift within them. Angelhood was once reserved for exceptional humans who were able to attain the highest functioning, and Angel-Minds have been guiding society toward a better way of functioning, relating, and supporting others and the earth. Today, with overpopulation, climate change, and general angst and uncertainty, Angel-Mind is needed more than ever. With Angel-Mind, you’ll discover the ability to connect and contribute to humanity, find fulfillment, heal from trauma, and become who you were meant to be!