Introducing D.H. Faulkner, author of Ferdinand the Fisherman

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D.H. Faulkner is a Technical writer and industrial instructor who always turned to poetry as an escape from the dry, mundane world of technical jargon that consumed his working life. He is from New England near the ocean, and his working career afforded him the chance to travel a great deal, always writing letters to his children in rhyme, and other pieces of a romantic nature or cynical observations on current events. But Ferdinand was a story born out of a profound respect for the people of Hawaii and their reverence for the world around them. Thus he considers this to be his best work, and have finally decided to share it. Ferdinand the Fisherman is truly a whale story for the 21st century when these magnificent creatures are finally appreciated for what and who they are.

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Moby Dick, the most famous of all whales in literature was an angry, feared creature, relentlessly hunted by Captain Ahab. But in this story, Moby Dick is “A gentle creature, friend of man, but shy of those who live on land.” Both Moby Dick and Ferdinand each suffer tragedies, Moby Dick at the hand of Cap’n Ahab, and Ferdinand to a violent storm that took his boat and left him to drown. But, both emerge victorious in the most wonderful way. This is an excellent story for young readers in order to introduce them to the art of storytelling through poetry.