Introducing Pastor Jerre Frazier, author of What Really Happened in the Bible and What Will Happen!

“I am very impressed with Outskirts Press for helping me become an author. My appreciation goes out first to Tina, Larry, Jennifer, and then Anna and Marketing Assistance people and mostly I like to give credit to the people that brought this book to the public in a book that will be around for a lifetime. I will continue to let Outskirts Press print my books in the future. Thank You.”

Scholar, Teacher, Preacher and Speaker. Online teaching of the O.T. and N.T. Church superintendent and teacher 1965. Became a preacher in 2006, and a scholar in 2009. Married over 54 years, with 3 children and 7 grandchildren. Over forty years of research of the Bible, into the Hebrew and Greek languages, I have come to the conclusion that the churches have misconceptions of their teachings and doctrines. This book is written in hope to put their teachings back in the proper place, but it is their choice to do or not to do so. Now I have written to the people, about the true teaching of God, and not man, where they can see what really happened in the Bible and what will happen. Then they can make their own choice.

Product description…

Now is the time for truth to be taught. Why the rebellion of the angels in the beginning? What really did happen in creation. What was the fruit that Eve really eat in the garden and why was it a sin? What the fallen angels did for 3000 years after creation. Jesus teaches prophesy and why will there be a war of the mind in the end days. Revelations is not scary explaining the seven seals, seven trumpets and seven vials. Why we need the two witnesses that come before the two different seven headed beasts rise to power. What the mark of the beast really means. Documented proof that there is no burning hell forever. Why it is not over after Christ comes. The tree of life. Explaining the rapture. Plus a Bonus Book about The Two Witnesses