Introducing Myrlande E. Sauveur, author of Daily Spiritual Vitamins And Minerals For Your Soul

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Myrlande Sauveur is a dynamic and creative youth counselor whose personality and sense of humor enable her to convey a meaningful message accessible to all. She enjoys writing poetry and short stories, but she especially loves to teach people how to communicate on a deeper level with God. Myrlande lives in Stamford, Connecticut. She is the Co-Chair of Dorcas Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on helping Haitian college students and Haitian women in Stamford, CT and the surrounding areas by providing them with charitable services in the form of scholarships, college fairs and health fairs.

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Oftentimes, the vicissitudes of life get in the way of building an intimate relationship with God. We live in a fast-paced society and sometimes feel overwhelmed to the point that we question God’s plan for our life. Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul offers a dozen meditational reflections, supported by daily key verse, as a regulator to give our lives the rhythm we need to enhance our self-esteem, elevate our morale, increase our faith, and strengthen our fellowship with the Lord. We all need vitamins and minerals to stay physically healthy, and we need the Word of God to remain spiritually healthy. These pages contain nuggets of peace and wisdom for a troubled society and its weary people—and with daily meditation and reflection on God’s Word, you will nourish your soul and soothe your spirit.

Introducing the lovely Carlyn Uvalle-Powell, author of Let’s Magnify the Lord

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I was born in Sugar Land Texas, and was raised up in Sugar Land and Richmond, Texas. I went to LCHS in Rosenberg,Texas. I dropped out of just having 6 weeks to graduate(that’s how much I had hated school, but I learned down the line that education is very importaant for everyone). In 2001, I went back to get my GED , then went forward to college classes at WCJC, for Legal Assistance, my highest GPA was a 4.0 in 2003. In 2007-2008, I had signed up for some classes that were held at the UofH in Houston, Texas for Ministry, and received many certificates. In 2010, I started Computer Science, my highest GPA was also a 4.0 . While going to these classes I signed up to go to NASA for three days to put together a make believe robot that would be an example to use for the planet Mars, which my team won. (Go Green Team!) 2011-2014, I am attending WCJC for Network Administration. I took my life through many unnecessary tragics. My Lord has always shown me favor and brought me out. I owe him my life. This book is dedicated to Him.

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Let’s Magnify the Lord

This book tells you about many people that had magnified God. It has many exciting words that will give you comfort. Many Kings who tried to have all the glory was knocked down to their knees because they wanted to be the one in charge and enlarge. We should put God at the top of our list. This books tells you about many prophets of God through Jesus Christ our Lord, that were saved when they were given favor, but hated by man. You will get wisdom in how to serve our Lord and why. It will also share with you about a harlot who saved God’s messengers, and was greatly rewarded by ended up in the line blood of Jesus Christ through David, a king, whom at one time killed a man that was over 9 feet, with just a sling and a stone. You will find many interesting stories of people before our time that magnified our Lord. They knew by serving Him was the right thing to do. They believed in His law that He put before them and the same law that He puts before us today, which mankind is trying to sweep under the rug. By serving God they defeated their worst enemy – the devil. And you can do the same. The power is in your hand through the name of Jesus Christ our Savior. By taking these words to your heart and mind and by living them day in and day out, you will have an understanding in accomplishing obstacles throughout you life. This is why we should magnify the Lord. He is awesome. My love for him is a love that I have for no other on this earth.