Introducing Jackson Okpale, author of The Church: In the Beginning It Was Not So – Revised Edition

“My Author Representative was exceptional and wonderfully patient with me. I will like to continue working with Outskirts Press in my future publications.”

Jackson Okpale has been involved in active ministry since 1986. He holds a master’s degree in architecture from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and a postgraduate diploma in theology from the Redeemer’s Bible College. He is a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and has travelled to Turkey, Europe and the United States for this work. He is happily married to Barrister Daisy Okpale, also a minister of the gospel and they reside in Abuja, Nigeria.

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Christianity Under Siege. “This book points us to factors which were responsible for the loss of control, particularly such factors as Church fragmentation and internal rivalries; factors which are still very much present with us today. The author is not only sounding the alarm of going the same way, he has gone further to sound the alarm of not learning from the past mistakes in order that we build a Church that will march forward and the gates of hell will be unable to resist.” ~ Pastor Dan Ogun. “The book is spiritually sound and refreshing; it is educationally profound and globally germane. It passes well for personal edification and as a text book for Bible Schools. I recommend The Church: In the Beginning It Was Not So to all Church leaders, Pastors, Teachers and Educators in Christian religion. It takes us through the historic accounts of God’s dealings with the Church, and its many challenges all the way from the times of Moses to the present. The Church: In the Beginning It Was Not So is a NOW epistle for a distracted Church.” ~ Apostle Goodheart O. Ekwueme

Introducing Robert Oman, author of The Closed Door

“The personnel with Outskirts Press were very professional, cordial, and timely in their responses. It was a pleasure working with them.”

Robert Oman wrote The Closed Door (Which Side Will You Be On) out of a growing concern about the decline in the moral fabric of this country and the disappearance of the “fear of the Lord” from the Christian landscape. We are in the “latter days” and the Bible specifically states that Christians are not to be deceived by societal influences. Robert and his wife reside near Sunbury, Ohio. They have two grown sons, four grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

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Understanding end-time prophetic scriptures can be frustrating since not all the related information is presented in one place in the Bible nor is it presented in an easily understood chronological order. The Closed Door (Which Side Will You Be On) is an attempt to take the reader on a step-by-step journey through the myriad of end-time prophetic scriptures that are presented in a definitive chronological order. This journey will show the inter-relationship of such major future events as the disappearance of nearly two billion people, the formation of three future geopolitical alliances, the ancient religion that will be integral with Mystery Babylon, and the three invasions of Israel. This journey will also delve into the numerous realms of God’s creation (past, present and future) and include a description of three eternal people groups and three eternal realms. The specific eternal people group that you will be in will determine the specific realm where you will spend eternity. The life choices that you make this side of the grave will have eternal consequences. Where will you spend eternity? Before life’s door closes, I pray that you will choose wisely – and soon!

Introducing Steve Sellers, author of Unexpected Holiness

“This was my second book with Outskirts Press, after going through traditional publishers with my first book in the 1980’s. This was another fantastic experience. My author representative, Lisa, was a joy to work with! Her suggestions and recommendations were on-target, timely, and extremely positive! The finished product was improved greatly because of her conscientiousness, thoroughness, and professional insight. She’s a ’10’ in my estimation!”

Steve Sellers is a Catholic priest who served twenty-five years as a priest in the Episcopal Church. He is a former investigative newspaper reporter and is the author of “Terror on Highway 59” (1984, Texas Monthly Press) and “Epiklesis: A Spiritual Mystery” (2013, Outskirts Press). His first book was produced by the CBS network into a television movie in 1989: “Terror on Highway 91.” He holds two doctoral degrees (DMin and PhD) and teaches comparative religion at the University of Phoenix campuses in Houston. He and his wife Dixie live in Houston.

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Unexpected Holiness . . . Unexpected Places is a book intended to help the helpers, those who give themselves in the service of others. Those who follow the Risen Lord into the unexpected places in life. Those who walk into the lives of others when everyone else is walking out. Unexpected Holiness . . . Unexpected Places follows the simple belief that the Lord Jesus stands eternally between the flames of hell and us. And He invites His believers to do the same for others, especially the poor, the sick, the outcasts, the lonely, the marginalized. But we must learn to pay attention each moment to the Mysterious Stranger who joins us unexpectedly on our journey. When we encounter Him, everything changes. Starting with us.

Introducing Kathryn J. Kappler, author of My Own Pioneers 1830-1918

“Outskirts Press has been a fantastic experience. Everyone has been extremely knowledgeable, but also very responsive, positive, friendly and helpful. Time frames have been quick and as promised. Your marketing support is also excellent after publishing. I am very impressed with Outskirts and hope to start a new book since the last three are now published.”

Kathryn J. Kappler was born in Fort Worth, Texas, but spent her childhood and young adulthood outside the United States, in Newfoundland, France and Spain, because of her upbringing in a military family. She is a former Regent Scholar of the University of California, and graduated Magna cum Laude from UCLA with a degree in Economics. She subsequently earned an MBA with honors at University of Southern California. Throughout her life, Kathryn has sustained an ardent interest in history. The author’s family has been associated with Native Americans for several generations. She has lived and traveled extensively on Indian reservations of the Southwest while researching early Native American silver jewelry. She has spent many years working with troubled horses.

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The three volumes of My Own Pioneers together tell a remarkable story of the desperate pioneer struggles of four generations of the author’s family. Although the memorable historical journey begins seven generations ago, these three volumes of stories focus on four important pioneer generation. They are the culmination of fifteen years of painstaking research as the author carefully reconstructs her family’s pioneer struggles from before 1830 to 1918 using information from family records, journals, memoirs, histories and letters, supplemented by accounts from their pioneer companions, and by Church and other official records. Volume I tells about the author’s once prosperous pioneer families survived the French and Indian War and the War of 1812, then eventually relocated to join the newly founded Mormon Church. The stories tell how the pressure of mobs and mob wars eventually forced these families to abandon everything as they were driven from place to place, until they found themselves exiled on the western-most border of the United States—at the Missouri River—looking toward the wild and hostile West as their only refuge. Stories describe how dozens of family members were among the Mormon refugees who died by the hundreds at the Missouri River, of illness, starvation and exposure. Yet family members had managed to journey among Indians on the frontier to preach, and had sailed through nearly catastrophic ocean storms to preach in England. And despite much sorrow and hardship, this volume relates how five family members left their loved ones behind at the sickly Missouri River in order to march down the Old Santa Fe Trail in the U.S. Army’s Mormon Battalion to prove their loyalty to the government by helping to fight a war with Mexico.

Introducing Ivan A. Rogers, author of Grace Nuggets Uncovered

“Leona was superb in her representation of Outskirts Press. I felt confident that she was truly concerned for my best interests and was responsive to all my questions. Thanks for everything!”

Ivan A. Rogers is an ordained Christian minister of many years and has served in the following positions: Pastor; Executive Director of Churches; President of a Bible College; Chaplain at two nursing/retirement communities and, founder/president of Good Report Ministries. He is also a published author of three books: Judas Iscariot Revisited and Restored (2008), Dropping Hell and Embracing Grace (2012) and, Grace Nuggets Uncovered (2015). He and his wife, Elsie, reside in Urbandale, Iowa.

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How many times have we read the Bible thinking we had it down pat only to discover something new and wonderful the very next time we opened its sacred pages? Grace Nuggets Uncovered is dedicated to revealing beautiful truths about God’s love and grace that you may have overlooked before, but this time you won’t have to look long or dig deep to find them. However, you may need to obtain a bigger spiritual treasure chest to contain all these great revelatory grace promises you are about to uncover in this book. Enjoy!

Introducing Deborah Hampton-Miller, author of Secret Sins: The Ties That Bind

“Although my personal journey started off rough, my team at Outskirts Press Publishing was amazing! I am truly thankful for each of you.”

Deborah Hampton-Miller always knew that one day she would become a writer. She describes her gift as an unexplainable passion that is deeply rooted. As an ordained Prophetess and Pastor, Deborah is the founder and president of Sister in Christ, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to help rebuild families by providing support services to women and children. “Secret Sins, The Ties that Bind” is her autobiography. Everything within its pages is a true account of actual events endured on her journey to deliverance and victory. Currently living in Oklahoma, Deborah is a wife and mother of six beautiful children. She is presently working on her sophomore project called, “A Taste of Forbidden Fruit.”

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“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” II Corinthians 10:4-5 In this riveting tale, Laila, aka LaLa, struggled daily to fight the sexual temptations from within. As she tried to move forward in her walk with God and new role as a wife and mother, the men from her past were calling her back to a lifestyle she desperately wanted to forget. Growing up on Chicago’s South Side, LaLa learned early on how to please a man. Her beauty, body, seductive ways, and passionate touch, made it difficult for any man to deny her; and for years, they laid claim to what was not theirs lawfully. Laila was unaware of the ungodly soul ties that would carry over into her marriage as well as ministry. She was clueless to the level of temptations that soon followed. It was on this spiritual journey that she was able to love, and find forgiveness and redemption through God. Follow her as she takes you on a journey to the beginning of it all.

Introducing Michael D. Miesch Jr., Ph.D. O.P., author of Lifting the Veil of Revelation

“Dana did an unbelievable job in preparing the books for printing. I never dreamed that these books would look so impressive. I am extremely grateful for the work you did.”

Michael D. Miesch, Jr. was born on a cotton farm in Red River county Texas in 1934. He went on to earn a Ph.D., in Entomology and retired after 40 years working as a chemist doing research, formulation and product development. Mike and Ann have been married for 52 years and have three sons and five grandchildren. As a Roman Catholic, Mike has been a daily communicant since 1970, and he and Ann are Lay Dominicans and members of the Serra Club.

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My son, your faithfulness in your endeavor to write My revealed knowledge of the Book of Revelation in a clear 20th Century manner is to be commended. This is not a book on Catholic doctrines and teachings. This is a book of private revelations received in prayer. In 1982 the Lord said: “Give the first part of the morning to Me. Give the other part of the time to your family. Rest in Me, I have much to teach you. I want you to enjoy the fruits of your labor, as you bring the knowledge of My glory to the people of this planet. At this moment, I have already begun to put into motion the people who will publish and distribute your book to all the people of this planet, so that they may know of My glory.” The Lord said: “Walk a straight line, Mike. This line exemplifies the Holy Spirit. This Spirit is Who wrote your book. Do not yield to any spirit other than Mine. Your book shall be carried to all nations, so that they may hear. Do not modify or change it in any way. Critics, in whom you have a great deal of respect, will try to change your book. But they were not of the anointing of the Spirit, when your pen was in action. So listen to no one, except those with whom you pray for learning of my truths.” There is no way this book could have been written without the visions, messages and guidance that my prayer partners and I received in prayer.

Introducing Chinyere Echefu, author of The Indubitable Battle

“I have a lot of praises to give concerning the Outskirts Press. You are good at what you do. You are well organized and the idea of giving each author an author representative makes the publishing work less cumbersome. This strategy makes it easy for the authors to communicate freely and easily with the entire publisher. I do not know all the author representatives, but I would say I had the best. I wish to work with Lisa again. She was patient with me throughout. God bless everyone who participated in making my publishing dream come true.”

Chinyere Echefu was born in Okwelle in Imo State Nigeria. She held a B.S.Ed. (Biology 1996), completed a program in B.S.Ed. (Biology, 2000-2002) at the University of Lagos Nigeria. She was a class teacher and a Bible Knowledge teacher for many years at St. Leo’s Catholic Private School, Ikeja Lagos Nigeria. She relocated to America for a better life in 2003. Her American experience was not as she expected but she learned obedience, dependency and faithfulness to God as she wrestled with bad relationships. During this trying time, she enrolled and obtained a Doctorate Degree in Ministry at the Next Dimension University Inland Empire, California. As she struggled with her faith and the church, she wrote The Indubitable Battle. She currently resides with her family in La Verne, California where she manages her family clothing store. She shares her faith and belief in her shop. Some call her small boutique a ministry because she often reads the bible with her customers and prays with those who needed to pray. She believes that God is real and Christianity is different from Churchianity. The church needs to do Christianity. A Christian does not necessarily be a churchgoer but a churchgoer who is not a Christian is a waste. She has written a number of books but has only published two including The Tragedy of Desire, her first book.

Product description…

This comprehensive book on prayer answers all your questions about where to pray, how to pray, and the words to use in order to speak with your Heavenly Father. Honest and compassionate, The Indubitable Battle clearly acknowledges that the journey of faith can be difficult and confusing. But the darkest times of our lives are the moments when we most need to fall on our knees and cry out to God. This is not just a theoretical book—this is an empathetic guide that comes from the author’s own experience of journeying through prayer to the Promised Land. Supporting you with scriptural references, practical ideas, and grounded scholarship, The Indubitable Battle is a priceless resource in your search for God, and your journey to a more intimate and rewarding relationship with Him. “This is an exhaustive book on prayer, to say the least. It covers all bases of what, where and how about prayer. The author wrote from practical experience, with authority not as scribes. You feel like in a prayer boot camp or retreat, as you read this thought and spirit provoking exposition of the bible. You feel like reading the whole bible about prayer and the Christian life. If you want to know how to fellowship with God and enjoy it, read this book. I highly recommend this book for all people.” – Pastor John Oluremi Collins  “When Cee asked me to proof-read this book, I gladly accepted it but I did not know that it would affect my Christian life so deeply. After reading the book, I was encouraged as well as inspired in my walk with Jesus Christ. There were moments while reading that I just had to say AMEN! The book reminded me of how rough the journey to the promised land can be. There are reference points on scripture to assist you along the way. I would most encourage anyone who is new in the walk with Jesus Christ to read this book.” – Susan Alston “There is epoch in our walk with our Lord Jesus that doubts set in as to where our journey, faith and dependency would take us. In this case, when my wife Chinyere embarked upon writing this book on prayer, there were major attacks on our marriage and source of livelihood. Through it all, we went to God on our knees and cried Abba Father. Jesus answered us with the revelation to put down “Prayer” on paper. To Jesus be the honor and glory. I am truly humbled for this revelation. This book is a revelation of God’s love and a must-read for all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.” – Peter Adeleke

Introducing Mollie Patterson, author of Tears to Joy

“I really enjoyed working with you on publishing my first book Tears To Joy: Finding God’s Love Through The Heartache. I am very amazed at the outcome. It is more than I ever hoped for. You worked with me to make this dream come true. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to publish a book. My experience with you was a great one. My author representative Ana Ely was great and helped me throughout the process. I am thinking about writing another book and I am definitely going to use Outskirts Press again.”

Mollie Patterson is a thirty-six year old Christian woman attending college and living in Hornell NY. She enjoys reading the Bible, writing, dancing, and spending time with my loved ones. She lives on the faith of Jesus Christ and AIDS medicines. God took her from Tears To Joy.

Product description…

Mollie was fatherless, abused, molested and neglected. Then, she became a Christian at nineteen years old and two years later was given two weeks to live. God saved and healed her and gave her another chance at life! In this life, we will go through a lot of pain but Jesus is there with us through it all. People need lots of love and patience to get through the pain of this life. That is how God took her from Tears to Joy.

Introducing Eric Madison, author of The Good Author and Me

“My total experience with Outskirts press was great. I am so proud of my book. The editing is remarkable. Thank You.”

Eric Madison was born in Bridgeton, N.J. He lived most of his life in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach, Fl. He later moved to Greenville, S.C. and then to Dallas, TX where he currently resides. He works for the city of Dallas and attends the Pathway of Life Church.

Product description…

The truth is we all have to learn who we are, who we are to become and our purpose for living. Why let someone else tell you who you are, or why should you assume who you will be. Hear what your Maker has said about you. You are great under all circumstances and in every situation. You were made with joy and peace in mind in a fallen world. But you are greater than the world you live in because of your Maker. There is great joy and victory for all those who believe on the Lord Jesus. God loves to see your faith and courage in times of trouble. When you live a life of faith and integrity through all manner of crisis you make God smile. You are acting out his Godly intent for you and he in return will show everyone how much he loves you. He will speak good of you and have others respect you. To know his will for your life, read your Bible daily and pray for understanding. You will become excited when you know who you are and where you are going. I learned to love my journey. This story is great; not because of me, but because of the Great Author who wrote it.