Introducing Tyesha Gray, author of The Cookie Doesn’t Always Crumble

“My experience with Outskirts Press was remarkable. This is my very first publication and it was a blessing to be picked up by Outskirts Press to publish. The entire Outskirts team – from beginning up until my final preparations were awesome. I was kept fully informed and that gave me the sense that I was in very capable hands. Thank you Outskirts Press for publishing – The Cookie Doesn’t Always Crumble: A Story of a Virtuous Woman. It’s my personal story of faith and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to share it! I’m already in preparation mode for my next book!”

Tyesha Gray currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts, mother of two children and has a Business Administration & Management Associates Degree. She is the owner of Kitsy Lane Boutiques, an online jewelry boutique.

Product description…

Here is a story of a Virtuous Woman. Being accepted and loved by the very first male was what Trina always wanted but it was never validated. It lead her to continuously search for that love with great heartache until she realized that her Lord and Savior loved her. Trina had to learn that patience is definitely a virtue, and that God works it all out, but only on his time and not hers. Stumbling blocks, health issues and trials and tribulations of life here on this earth almost made Trina give up, but her faith kept her strong. Having that close personal relationship with God is the first relationship we all must begin with.

Introducing Barbara Harris, author of From Fear To Faith

“Very satisfied with Outskirts Press.”

Barbara Harris spent her early career as a copywriter and in advertising production for BBDO advertising agency and WPBT, Miami’s public television station. She covered the Republican and Democratic Conventions in Miami for ABC Network. She is a published poet. She grew up in Miami and now lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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As a young child, I could see and hear witches in my closet. This was the first clue something was wrong with me. There were early signs of my mental diseases but they were not severely manifested until my father’s suicide when I was a teen. After that my schizophrenia manic-depression, depression and panic attacks took over and my drug and alcohol abuse began. This is a story of a woman who had no hope. At age 45, I found the power, with the Lord’s help, to recover from drugs, alcohol and my mental diseases. It was not an easy journey and had many facets including family murders, living in an ashram, relapses and spirit guides. I have always been spiritual and have had a close relationship with the Lord. It was thru my faith and trust in God that I was healed. I will do everything I can for God and Christ because they gave me a new life. The prize for this new life is freedom from bondage of self and self-will. Alcohol is a crutch to many people with mental disease. It becomes a vicious circle and is an added challenge to stay sober. This book can provide hope for many who suffer the way I did. “The Swing of Life” Life is funny in many ways it’s like a swing that continually sways, Sometimes it seems we’re up so high that we could reach and touch the sky And then at times it swings so low, we wear a smile so no one knows.

Introducing Yuketha Polk, author of Mama, Where Art Thou?

“My experience with Outskirts Press was absolutely more than I initially expected. I have to admit I was very skeptical in the beginning but that quickly changed as I began conversing back and forth with the staff. Each of them were so very professional, informative, patient and kind. A great big thank you to all of your staff especially Tinamarie and Dana for displaying professionalism at it’s best. For anyone who may be considering publishing their work elsewhere, I strongly and confidently recommend Outskirts Press. My end results were rewarding and I couldn’t have asked for better. For every question that I had, they expedited an answer to me in return. Thank you Outskirts Press for making my first publishing experience one that will not easily be forgotten and I look forward to doing business with you all in the future.”

Yuketha Polk uses writing as a vehicle to reach those who are facing tough situations, and she credits her strength to Christ, who strengthens her daily. Mama, Where Art Thou? is her first novel.

Product description…

Have you ever wondered why life seems to take away more than it gives? Have you ever felt pushed aside, invisible, lost, or alone? Have you ever lost a loved one and felt as if the grief would go on forever? You are not alone. Mama, Where Art Thou? is the true story of a woman fighting to overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds in her life. As a single young mother whose own mother was shot and killed before her eyes, Yuketha Polk survived by keeping God close and allowing Him to lead her through the many twists and turns she encountered. Eventually, she was able to come out on the other side. Yuketha’s story will encourage those who are suffering to keep pressing forward, to take a closer look at their own issues and perhaps make better choices for their lives. Mama, Where Art Thou? will inspire people from all walks of life and remind us that quitting is not an option, no matter how difficult the struggle.

Introducing Gretchen Harris, author of The Thinning

“For my first time, Outskirts made the process of publishing pretty exciting. I felt like the quality of my work as really appreciated. I will definitely be publishing with Outskirts again!”

Gretchen Harris is a licensed minister of the gospel. She is a member of Ephesus Ministries where she serves as a preacher and teacher of the word and is active in the praise dance ministry. She also serves in ministry with her family, ‘Follow Him Ministries’. Minister Harris loves writing and although this is her first novel, she is a playwright, poet and song writer. Gretchen and husband of thirty years, Minister Robert Harris, have raised five children and have a host of grandchildren. They currently live in Cheektawaga, New York. Her desire is to continue growing in the love of the Father and to enlighten readers about His passion for His creation.

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A young, handsome prison Chaplain vanishes! An Indian psychologist is plagued by dreams of her murdered sister! A pastor is struck by an mysterious illness! Can it all be linked to a dying inmate serving duo life sentences? Embark on a journey that intertwines the destinies of six very unique individuals. Meet Anzel Martinez, husband, father and prison Chaplain. Anzel is a man with deep Christian convictions, who believes that he is serving God with his whole heart. Harboring a dark secret from his childhood, he comes face to face with a truth that threatens to destroy his faith in a loving God! Anzel’s beautiful wife Katrina’s greatest passion in life is her husband and twin daughters. Her part in this battle threatens her hold on her sanity and almost destroys her very soul! Pastor Lockhart Dijin and his wife Ella play a major role in the final outcome of these mysterious events and risk all for a man they’ve never met. Along with psychiatrist Doctor Pila Thomas who wagers everything on her own ability to fight the evil that has followed her from childhood. The final piece to this human puzzle is Rasta Jones. Fashioned by abuse and neglect and fueled by revenge, Rasta carves out a path of destruction that brings these six souls together in an explosive way! The clock ticks as the timeless battle between good and evil continues, but we can overcome the darkness with the Love Agape!