Introducing Kanani Hurley, author of Ancient Guardians: The Hawaiian Legend of Sharktooth and Hawkeye

“I would like to extend a warm “Mahalo” to my Author Representative, Anna, for all of her assistance throughout this process. All my questions and concerns were addressed in a timely fashion! I am very impressed with her professionalism and experience!”

Kanani Hurley lives with her husband, their three ‘īlio (ee-lee-oh=dogs) and their pōpoki (po-po-key=cat). She is a graduate of Kapa’a High School on the island of Kaua’i. In her free time, Kanani enjoys going fishing with her husband and spending time with family and friends.

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Book description…

Adventurous, imaginative, and brave, Kawehi has enjoyed her life on the island of Kaua’i, and she especially loves the time she spends with Kahoku, her older brother. But when a shocking event unexpectedly turns her world upside down, Kawehi will find herself facing unimaginable truths about her family and the people around her, as she is catapulted headlong into a world of mystery and myth. Although Kawehi’s gentleness and innocence are powerful talismans against the evil she will confront, the strength of her character, and the amazing gifts she never knew she had will allow her to rise to heights of achievement that her family could never have dreamed of. Beautifully written, rich with the culture, surroundings, and native legends of Hawai’i, Ancient Guardians: The Hawaiian Legend of Sharktooth and Hawkeye introduces a unique heroine and her family, whose adventures you will be excited to follow in this inventive and compelling new series.

Introducing Lisa Simpson, author of Crybaby Bridge

“Colleen has been a Godsend! I became very anxious about a few things, and she answered all of my questions, and handled things in a very timely manner. She really put me at ease with the way I was treated throughout the process. I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to Colleen for all the things she has done to make my publishing a very pleasant experience! Thanks again!”

As a teenager, Lisa Simpson visited one of the hundreds of Crybaby Bridges that reportedly exist. Although swearing she heard a baby cry, she never saw the powdered footprints. Crybaby Bridge is her imagination of what might have happened many years ago. Currently Lisa lives in Northern Kentucky. Her extended family includes a husband, four children, two stepchildren and eight grandchildren.

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Book description…

They say that if you go to the bridge and the moon smiles down at you, you should place powder on the hood of your car, then you shall see a baby’s footprints and hear its horrific cry in the night… In the seventies, poor little rich girl, Maddie Sheppard, becomes pregnant by a thing that she called the Shadow Man. Swearing he is Satan himself, Maddie hides the pregnancy from her parents, her town and their God. Afraid her child is a “monster,” she has no choice but to give birth. The Shadow Man comes to claim his child, and in a trance, Maddie throws the child over the railing of a county bridge, jumping over behind him, killing them both. Present Day-Amanda Sheppard begins having horrible dreams that she can’t explain, or begin to understand. With the help, support and love from her friends and family, she finds a way to reach out to the woman haunting her dreams. Maddie crosses time and the afterlife to reach Amanda, her great-niece, asking for her help. Through a long journey, both awake and asleep, Amanda begins to relive Maddie’s life and everything she had lived through. Amanda realizes that the only thing Maddie is after, is to be forgiven for killing her child. Along the way, through many twists and turns, she ends up helping her grandfather learn about the sister he never knew he had. This is a story of sadness, faith, and love. But most of all…it is about forgiveness.

Introducing Stephen J. Groak, author of Christmas Yve

“When making the decision to publish ‘Christmas Yve,’ my goal was very specific: submit a tale that could compete in the marketplace of narratives with the look and presentation of a traditional publisher. I never, ever wanted a prospective reader to question the publishing route of the story, but rather only be attracted to it on the overall quality of the book (whatever the format). Outskirts Press provided me with that opportunity. The cover art and illustrations were outstanding and brought to life my Kiwi Christmas story. The editing and cover scribing ensured my text was up to industry standards. When my two copies of ‘Christmas Yve’ arrived, to personalize a line from my story, “[I] was gobsmacked, startled, down fell [my] jaw.” My author representative, Elaine, treated me as a partner in the publishing process, and marketing consultant, Terri gave me some pragmatic advice on getting ‘Christmas Yve’ discovered. If you consider yourself a professional writer (it is a mindset, as well as an ability to earn an income) and have crafted a narrative that is ready to be shared with the world, then evaluate the services of Outskirts Press. I did, and like my protagonist Yve, I jumped at the chance!”

Stephen J. Groak is originally from the South, the Deep South—New Zealand. He grew up in West Auckland and currently lives in Los Angeles County with his wife, four daughters, and a menagerie of other critters. Stephen received his bachelor’s degree in English from California State University, Los Angeles, and a master’s degree in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.

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Book description…

Every big dream requires a leap of faith.  This is the story of a Kiwi elf named Yvette (her friends call her Yve) who lives on Stewart Island—the third largest island in New Zealand. And this little elf has a very big dream… The great wish of her heart, of her mind, of her soul Was to join St. Nick’s team at the frosty North Pole. But how does an elfish lass follow her dream? With a smoldering passion, and a will full of steam. New Zealand is a long, long way from Santa and the North Pole, but Yve is determined to join St. Nick and his eight reindeer…and this Christmas Eve, her wish just might come true!

Introducing Francis Ivey, author of Olga & Yank

“Dana and Jerry were great in helping me with my first children’s book and its illustrations. Thanks.”

Francis Ivey moved to Alaska in 1959, and is where he lives today. After finishing school in Anchorage I became a Driller then an Environmental-Tech. These occupations sent me all over Alaska for about 40 years, from the North Slope to the Aleutian Islands and from the Tongass in Southeast to the Kuskokwim and Yukon Rivers of the Interior. It is a tuff place to call home and I am glad it is my Home!

Product description…

This story will take you to a land few people have knowledge of and even fewer will ever smell. There will be places you have never heard of and probably can’t pronounce their names. This is about animals of the Arctic and their life and home. Olga is from Russia where her home and hunting-grounds have been decimated by Man, her Quest is to find a home lacking humans. Yank is from Alaska his Quest is to answer his inter urges for adventure to find the ‘Never Ending Tundra’ where Lemmings, Voles, and Screws are an everlasting feast. When Olga meets Yank on Saint Lawrence Island there is a respect for each other which creates an everlasting bond between them. Their Adventure is a story of the Arctic and its animals, of a land faraway yet close to your heart.

Introducing L. Gina Davis, author of Ooh Lolita

“I am very happy that Outskirts Press exists. My cover design is incredibly professional. As soon as I show my children’s book to someone they become overjoyed. The color, the illustrations, and the book itself is so admired.”

L. Gina Davis attended York College in 1997, where she studied child psychology. In 1998, she landed a job as a day care coordinator at the honorable William H. Booth Day Care Center in St. Albans, New York. In 1999 she opened Munchkinland, her own licensed family day care, where she found that teaching and reading storybooks to the children in her care was a precious and rewarding experience. She is the author of a poem entitled “Sweetheart,” featured in Moonlight Wishes, a collection of poems published in 1996 with the National Library of Poetry. She is happily married with three children and lives in Queens, New York.

Product description…

In this fast-paced, riveting tale, we meet a cranky old witch named Lolita who delights in being miserable. When she hears the laughter and witnesses the fun and merriment the children are having at the playground, she is furious. With the help of her loyal cat Bufu, Lolita comes up with a scheme to transform herself into a beautiful queen to lure the happy children away from the playground—and put an end to the joyful noise once and for all! Humorous and entertaining, Ooh Lolita also carries an important reminder for children about the dangers of putting their trust in strangers—even a strange and beautiful queen who asks for help to find a lost pet.