Introducing Kay Peterson, author of Beating the Odds

“Do you wish you knew more about your parents’ lives before you entered it? We each have a unique story and having it in print is a gift to family and friends. After I wrote my life story-Beating the Odds-Outskirts Press guided me with the publishing consultant’s advice, through production decisions, to the marketing tips. Unlike a previous publisher, Outskirts Press allowed me to select only the extra services I needed without any pressure to exceed my budget. The Outskirts Press print-on-demand service was fast and efficient in filling book orders. Now Outskirts Press is publishing my novel-13 Days in Africa-while I decide what type of book I want to write next. I highly recommend Outskirts Press to writers who are disillusioned with ‘traditional’ publishers and especially to first-time authors.”

Kay Peterson’s articles, books, and seminars have encouraged countless dreamers of the wanderer’s lifestyle to take the plunge. Joe and Kay were named among the 100 people who most influenced the RV industry during its first century, and Kay has published eight non-fiction books, including the first book ever published on full-time RV living.

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The Escapees RV Club was founded by Joe and Kay Peterson in 1978. Originally there was no detailed plan-the Petersons were simply two working travelers who wanted to make the RV lifestyle the best it could be for themselves and for fellow travelers. They had no idea that over 100,000 Escapees members would eventually join the club! With a magazine, an RV park system, a licensed adult day care center, and the largest mail service under one roof, the Escapees RV Club is now one of the largest in the industry. It provides a total support network for all RVers. The Petersons have inspired countless others to follow their dreams and discover the joy of this traveling lifestyle. Along their journey, Joe and Kay learned lessons in resilience, compassion, and an understanding that it is people-not places-that are important. In Beating the Odds, Kay Peterson shares the memories of their mistakes, disappointments, and heartaches. She shares her family’s history and how it all led to finding Joe, her soul mate, and the lifestyle that gave them so much happiness.

Introducing Kaspar Coward, author of A Journey from Bridgetown to Belfast

“I never thought that publishing a book could have been made so easy, after hearing not so encouraging stories from others who have published elsewhere. Thank you Outskirts Press.”

Born in the Caribbean and emigrated to the United Kingdom where he served in the British Army’s Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.(REME) as a Vehicle Mechanic, among many other things. On demobilization returned to the Caribbean where he worked for a number of years in a similar capacity in Fleet Management and Maintenance and has been living in Barbados since then.

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A Journey from Bridgetown to Belfast

This is an account of the author’s experiences beginning in the 1960’s when many young men his age from the then British Colonies and former colonies in the West Indies were immigrating to the United Kingdom seeking a better life. Starting out as a Bus Conductor with London Transport, he quickly swapped his Ticket Machine for a Sterling Gun-Machine, preferring a stint in the military, a life he had been introduced to back in his native land, having served with the Barbados Regiment. He enlisted in the British Army and served in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers for 12 years mainly in the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR), West Germany during the Cold War years. The highlight of his service included tours of the then World’s #2 hotspot of Belfast in Northern Ireland during what became quite aptly known as “The Troubles.” During his career he has served with the elite Grenadier and Coldstream Guards Regiment, as well as the Royal Corps of Transport (RCT), The Light Infantry an Aircraft Workshop and the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Barbara Withrow, author of Maggie’s Life So Far….

“I can’t say enough about Deni, she was wonderful and always quick to my many questions and concerns. It was a wonderful experience and I appreciate all that Deni and Outskirts Press has done for my book and myself.”

Barbara Withrow resides in Vermilion, Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie.

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A comical look at life’s challenges and lessons to be learned along the way

With a touch of humor and a splash of sentiment Maggie tells the story of her triumphs and trials in life which have supplied her with the faith and determination to face almost anything.

James B. Hylton, author of Love All Men, Have Lunch with a Few

James B. Hylton is a retired U.S. Secret Service agent who traveled extensively with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger as well as with the President of the U.S. and other officials and dignitaries. He was the Director of Force Security and Anti-Terrorism Officer for Naval Air Forces, U.S. Atlantic Fleet; he was a nationally recognized Director of Security for a large inner-city public school district; and Chief of Police for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. He is the author of the book, Safe Schools, a Security and Loss Prevention Plan, and has also written numerous security and law enforcement articles in magazines and professional publications. He has a Ph.D. in criminal justice, and was an adjunct professor with La Salle University and the University of Virginia. In 2006, he became an ordained minister, and he is a certified christian chaplain.

“Having been a previously published author the traditional way, I conducted some research on Outskirts Press and other publishers since I wanted to consider this time self-publishing. Due to the time sensitive source of information for my book, I needed the publishing process to be faster than before, and I wanted to have as much control over what my message was and how the information was presented. My entire experience was not stressful, and Outskirts Press met my expectations throughout the publishing process and in the quality of the final product. I would recommend Outskirts Press be considered for any publishing needs.”

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An Inspiring Survival Against All Odds

For most of us, WWII is nothing more than interesting history. We read about it; we understand its impact on the shape of the world; but it doesn’t have personal significance. This book will change that and turn it into a personal and spiritual experience. This is the story of an old-fashioned Southern gentleman, a compassionate and loving man, whose character was tested in ways few of us can even imagine. Raised as an orphan, he joined the U.S. Navy in a search for opportunity and stability in his life. He could not have guessed that he would spend three and a half years as a POW at the mercy of the Japanese after the fall of Bataan and Corregidor. He endured the death march,numerous prison camps, and was transported on the infamous “Hell Ships” to Sendai, Japan, where he worked in prison camps as slave labor in lead and zinc mines. During his time as a POW, he was subjected to and a witness to unspeakable atrocities and cruelties that would have embittered and destroyed most men. Instead, these incredible trials and experiences brought out the deepest strength: the will to survive, and a determination to embrace even the most unthinkable suffering with the knowledge that it had something to teach him and benefit him later in life. Framed with spiritual context that lends an even greater depth of meaning to this extraordinary man’s experience, Love All Men, Have Lunch With a Few shows us, through the example of a humble, loving, and always-evolving man, the good that can come from even the bleakest circumstances.

Tires Optional, by Rick Reale

Rick Reale is a former educator who turned tradesman and fulfilled the spirit of art and craftsmanship through colors and decoration. His hobby of automotive interests provided him endless opportunities to study the history of mechanical transportation and experience firsthand many of these wheeled wonders. Ironically, he has spent the last fifty years with a great lady who hates car talk, but who quietly has put up with him and his antics while working full time and raising four accomplished offspring.

“Being a senior and first time author was scary. Rebecca’s support and guidance was necessary and totally there. he finished product is my lotto, not money-ise, just fun-ise, and my legacy.”

– Rick Reale, author of Tires Optional

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Take a ride with Rick Reale down Nostalgia Lane through the forties, fifties and sixties when cars were cars, kids were kids and when the two got together, there was always an adventure.

In 1963, unable to sell his ‘55 Buick for the then exorbitant price of $25.00, Rick and two young friends set off in the road tank for a 6,000 mile cross country and back road trip. Their combined wealth was $325.00.

The first 3000 miles was driven in 58 hours, despite being slowed down by collecting a few speeding tickets, going to a police station at 3 a.m. to pay a $34.00 fine, getting lost in St. Louis for two hours, stopping for an oil change, and attending mass on Sunday morning.

Life was good.

Four porthole Buick Roadmasters. ‘57 T-Birds. GTO’s, Barracudas and Buick Wildcat convertibles. These were the trusty inhabitants of Rick’s automotive world. Even a ’41 Packard Clipper sedan with a hood as long as most people’s driveways.

The list of splendid — and some not so splendid — cars that Rick has owned goes on and on, and Rick has a story for each of them.

Tires Optional brings back the days when a good car cost you less than a hundred bucks, drain oil was ten cents a quart, and a gallon of gas was a mere two bits. If the car had a radio, you were listening to Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis. America was strong and was respected, and we made cars that didn’t sound like a Campbell’s soup can when you tapped the hood.

A Widow’s Walk, by Lynee A. Davis

Lynee is an active member and leader in her community church and has added author to her life’s goals list. Her next project will be a children’s book co-authored with her daughter that discusses the death of a parent from a child’s perspective. They live in Northern California.

“My experience with Outskirts Press was wonderful. This is my first book and of course I had countless questions about every step taken towards publication. Your representatives patiently walked with me as I bombarded them with emails and phone calls for clarification and help throughout the process. When my books were delivered to my front door, I was pleased and proud of the final product. I will definitely publish my next book with Outskirts Press.”

– A Widow’s Walk, author of Lynee A. Davis

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An Emotional Roller Coaster A sudden death creates a search for life and identity.

Lynee A. Davis has carved a new life and identity out of the ashes of her husband’s untimely death. She is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor on a mission to educate others on the importance of physical fitness. Currently, she is pursuing a California Teaching Credential in Physical Education to teach in the public school system. Lynee is shockingly honest as she chronicles her experience(s) as a widow living on the edge of reality. As she questions the meaning of life and her faith in God; she discovers that it’s faith that gives her purpose and the strength to continue on the journey. Fasten your seat belts and ride an emotional roller coaster where nothing is off limits. Hear the thoughts, feel the pain, and rejoice over the victories of A Widow’s Walk.