Introducing Sam Oputa, author of Why Was Man Created?

“This is my second book. At a time when you inhale to say good job, you exhale saying fantastic service.”

Sam Oputa was raised in an environment where religion was never forced. He became a Protestant and then later a practicing Catholic with an interest in religious studies. He attended Bronx Community College and Baruch College of the City University of New York. He also received an MBA in 2005. Sam Oputa is also the author of God Is Not Enough, Messiah Needed.

Product description…

Most people have at one time or another asked themselves, Why am I here? What is my purpose? It’s a difficult and profound question, and a common conclusion is that we were created for God’s glory. This may be true, but it is not logical. There must be a far more specific reason for our creation. In Sam Oputa’s latest book, he explores this question from many angles—spirituality, religion, psychology, philosophy, and other sciences—but mostly he draws from the Holy Books, which contain a wealth of scientific evidence. The result of years of research and soul-searching, Why Was Man Created? is a fascinating and sometimes controversial study of the age-old question of creation and evolution.

Introducing Karl L. Dahlstrom, author of The Organized Universe

“I was apprehensive at first, but everything happened on time and on budget – what a refreshing change.”

Karl L. Dahlstrom is a modern Renaissance man: author, inventor, educator, legal researcher, scientist and contrarian to conventional thought. Although he is degreed (an MS in physics), his prodigious talents lie in “thinking outside the box” and finding hidden truths. Karl and his wife, Clara, live in Celina, Texas with their three children and grandchildren nearby in the Dallas-FtWorth area.

Product description…

In his ground breaking first book, veteran researcher and inventor/scientist Karl Dahlstrom and co-author C. Phillip Clegg have written an exceptionally readable, mind expanding and almost equation free account of how an accidental discovery of a relatively new mathematical theorem came to overturn an established scientific paradigm. The best theories of the universe are beautiful, simple and profound as in Einstein’s famous formula, E=MC2. This book is elegant in its simplicity and yet complex in its scope of re-defining an ordered universe comprising an unseen force. This book zeros in on a 150 year old controversy of Darwinian Evolution and tears it apart with laser like precision such that the very core of that “theory” is-‘to borrow a phrase from Descartes’-“rent asunder.” As the saying goes, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Since the birth of the universe, an organizing principle of matter, embedded in the natural laws of physics, and eventually life itself has manifested itself in a precise and verifiable pattern found in literally everything that exist: from the composition of meteorites to seawater, soil, and gasses here on earth as well as in tabulated data on everything from stock prices to lengths of rivers. This discovery, of a little known law of mathematics called Benford’s Law, simply states that in any tabulated data set of non-contrived numbers, the frequency of the occurrence of the first significant digits 1 through 9, as the first significant digit, will conform to a set pattern: ‘1’ will occur 30.x% of the time;’2′ will occur 17.x% of the time, etc. with the frequency of each succeeding number being less than the preceding number in a fixed declining pattern.