Introducing Dale Cathell, author of Pete the Greek: An Entrepreneurial Life

“I am very familiar with the self-publishing business. I have written and published four prior books using another publisher. But the process with the other publisher was very complicated and at times even painful. I picked Outskirts Press for my last book and it was a great choice. My Author Representatives guided me through the publishing process and the process was the most efficient that I have experienced. And you produced a beautiful book. The formatting of the photos was great. I would never have thought of setting them off by the change in the color of the pages. Also, highlighting the paragraphs within the quotes was much more attractive than the way I had done it in my manuscript. Over the years, I have become very familiar with the self-publishing business. I know there are disappointed writers whose expectations exceeded their talents and they end up blaming the publisher for their own shortcomings. And then go online to vent. I have always considered them as crybabies. When a publisher, such as Outskirts Press, so improves my work by the way in which the book was formatted, I am almost stunned. Thank you again for making the publication process so pleasant.”

In 2003 the author published his first book, a novel, From Lands Over. Set primarily in Ocean City, Maryland it became a bestseller in the local coastal markets of the mid-Atlantic. It was described as a “hidden treasure” by the Writer’s Digest and was described as “an often passionate and sometimes earthy book which will hold your attention. It is entertaining . . . and moves along quickly.” “The Law Clerk.” In Books in Review in the Wave, it was described as “. . . a roller coaster ride of thrills and excitement. . . .The fishing passages are particularly vivid and demonstrate the author’s love of the sea.” His second novel, Scent of Lilacs, was also received favorably. His first biography, “Empires of the Crab,” was awarded a Silver Medal for non-fiction in the Independent Publishers ‘Ippy’ awards in 2007. He is also the author of Wading Through the Swamp – Memoirs of a Bad Boy, published in 2014 that, among other things, revealed the identity of the person who had murdered a local girl. It was met with great interest and much comment.

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From selling Christmas trees on street corners in Washington to becoming a multi-millionaire philanthropist, this is a success story of the son of immigrants who combined vision, risk-taking and a desire for perfection and became a leading restauranteur, businessman and world-class angler. It is an example of how thousands, if not tens of thousands, of immigrant families have made major contributions to the culture and economy of the United States. This is the true life legend of Peter Paul Boinis.

Introducing Christina Skarbek-Karakourtis, author of Keys to Opening a Successful Business

“My name is Christina Skarbek-Karakourtis and I just got published. I am no stranger when it comes to self publishing. I tried to do everything myself the first time around. I will never do that again. The right decisions were not made and it cost me a lot of time and money. I love writing and decided to search and hire an expert to help me with my second book Keys to Opening a Successful Business. I read reviews and singled out Outskirts Press. I am so happy with the end results. The process is so easy and I was educated along the way on the direction to take with the help of the experts. Their help is greatly appreciated. I can honestly say that every question was answered in a timely fashion and every project was handled professionally and I was very pleased with the results. I would like to say thank you to my personal crew for helping me complete my goal and I give Outskirts Press 5 STARS for customer Service.”

Christina Skarbek-Karakourtis is a self-taught Retail Entrepreneur, Award-winning Businesswoman, Active Community Supporter, 2014 BBB Torch Award winner, Published Author, Director and Producer of an award winning Documentary, devoted wife and mother. Tina opened her business in 1987 and to this day is still working her passion by personally helping each customer who needs her expertise.

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Tina has written a step-by-step guide that will help any entrepreneur know what it takes to open and operate a successful business. She shares over 40 years of personal experience from how she mastered her craft to becoming the expert in her field. Tina provides information on how she kept her business running successfully for over 26 years in the same location, expanding from 700 to 3400 sq ft., even during the hardest of times. Not finding information to help her achieve this goal, she knows that her next mission in life is to help future entrepreneurs invest in themselves by giving them the tools on how to start their very own perfect success story.