Introducing Lorrena Bishop, author of Raincoat Diary

“Outskirts Press made my dream a reality. There is no doubt in my mind Outskirts Press was the best choice I could have made for a publishing company. The support and the overall quality of my book made me extremely happy. I would recommend this company to anyone that ask what publisher they should use. Thank you Outskirts Press for being such a wonderful support and making my vision for my book come to life. I can only say great things about Outskirts. Everyone that worked with me was so kind and so quick to help me. I am proud to have this name on my book as the publishing company.”

Lorrena Bishop is a Christian striving to help others with the same problems she has faced. She is a mother who deals with Autism in her children and Obesity and Depression in her own life. Her desire is to help others find strength and love.

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Lorrena shares her story and journey back. She faces her biggest fears with the help of her raincoat. Her struggles, financially and emotionally, pour out into her stories. She reconnects with the world and finds that her biggest enemy was herself. Her battle with her weight takes over her life and she begins to face it. Spiritual growth and physical healing take place in the course of four years.

Introducing Debra Hanna, author of My Journey In Life

“I am not a lucky person, but when I found Outskirts Press, I became the luckiest person ever! Everyone I had contact with was unbelievably wonderful! Their knowledge is superior, and they gently but precisely guided me all the way through and the end result? The most beautiful book inside and out! I couldn’t be more pleased and happy! Thank you so much for everything! My next book I am writing won’t go anywhere else, but with them! Feeling so blessed and ecstatic…on top of the world! Thank you again. I am 1 happy camper. I appreciate each and every one of you dearly. I do have to add that my book is very personal, I wrote for a lot of people., Outskirts Press made me get signatures & releases from all the people I wrote for, and if I had had any other publisher I could be in big trouble right now, as no other publisher cared what I wrote, they’d just publish, but Outskirts Press did care about more than just publishing me, and they made my book legal and right. I am so very thankful for them!”

Debra Hanna was born and raised in Illinois. From the time she was small, nature and adventure were kindred to her soul. Growing up, she scared her parents, quite a lot. She would disappear. At three years old, with all the neighbors looking for her, she was eventually found across a busy street, behind the bowling alley, playing in a creek, trying to catch a frog. She didn’t understand why everyone was mad, when she was so happy. They had to look for her quite a lot. By six years old, she would make it deep into the next town over before they found her. Her parents would be furious, but her smile and laughter almost always changed the atmosphere. She could have happily grown up in the fields with a sleeping bag. She daydreamed in beautiful ways; poetic in her mind, while she gently played with all the bugs. As she got older, her thoughts started coming to the forefront. Her sensitivity made by nature, captures the emotions of others with words that come alive In her mind. To this day, she is still the same way, and to her longtime boyfriend’s dismay… He still keeps catching her – feeding a group of baby ants behind the shop; Also back there is a chain link fence, where a round flat bowl of water sits and ripped up bread. It’s for the little birds that nest around there. If a bee gets inside, she’ll catch him in a cup and return him to the outside. Back at home, a skunk, an opossum and a raccoon, get their left-over dinners. She hides the food in the corner of the back yard so that no one but them will know. The wild cat she feeds under the planted Land Rover in the driveway. This freaks him out, but he loves her just the same; and as she herself would say, I’m just me, not a delectable flower, but one of the cuter weeds in the field. Lastly, they have been together 15 years. He is used to her by now, but yes, she still freaks him out.

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The Ruins originally were built with blood, sweat, and tears. It was cruel. It was gratifying. It was pride and happiness. It was heart and soul; So as my book goes. My poems have enriched people’s lives. I hope they do the same for you. If not, do not despise; But at least – Try me on for size.

Introducing Jean Bolin, author of Betrayal, Lies and Karma

“Wonderful experience and great step-by-step process!”

Jean Bolin was born in Boston, grew up in the small town of Norfolk, Massachusetts. She has an Associates degree in Business Administration, is dedicated to studying and practicing Tai Chi and also enjoys knitting. Currently she lives in Connecticut with her husband, Mark and their two cats. This is her first book.

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“Betrayal, Lies and Karma” is a fictional story about three women from different parts of the country that were complete strangers until they connected through Facebook. They discovered they had something very unusual in common – the same ex-husband. They worked together to determine the truth behind the lies that he had told each of them. They found a unique way to get even with him; they became very close friends. It is about forgiveness, healing and a new meaning of “family”.

Introducing Nichole Ellis, author of Entertaining Angels

“I am usually quite a skeptical person by nature.  When the time came for me to start investigating and researching who I wanted to publish with, I was careful to do my research.  Even after I purchased my initial package with Outskirts, my skepticism continued.  I started to realize I wasn’t ready to publish, and that I wanted to upgrade my package.  This went on for a year. Outskirts was very patient with me, and even allowed me to upgrade my package and “pay as I went.”  I received all of the services as promised in my contract, and even some useful information not included in my purchase along the way.  Finally the time came that I nervously hit the production button.  My heart was in my stomach.  A few days thereafter I was officially published, I began to find my book all over different search engines AND different languages.  I can find my book in Australia, Canada, the UK, Sweden, Japan, and more.  I cannot describe the feeling of knowing that I have shared something important to me with the world, literally. I think the greatest asset that Outskirts contributed was their patience in dealing with my skepticism and their professionalism my production team carried as I went through the process.  I was always well informed and knew what was happening every step of the way. Thank you, Outskirts for helping me share my story with the world.”

About Nichole Ellis: After losing custody of her children and enduring a lifetime of domestic violence involvement, Nichole knew she wanted to change her lifestyle. This story is about her journey toward a healthier life, her growth as a parent, and the spiritual awakening she would encounter over and over again.

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Entertaining Angels will open the eyes of community leaders regarding the youth lost among our society. This intense novel will tug at your heart strings as an outcry for families living in dire circumstances. Entertaining Angels begs for an understanding and commitment from our community leaders—not just to enforce justice but to educate and prove to down-trodden families that life can be different. Walk with the author on a spiritual journey that begins in childhood and stretches into adulthood. Stay with her as she struggles to find compassion in a life where she feels worthless and unloved. Although designed for professionals in the social services industry, Entertaining Angels is also a useful guide for families involved with their local child welfare agency, inmates, those participating in a court ordered activity, and especially the lost soul who is begging to be found. An example of existence without nurture rests in the pages of Entertaining Angels. Whatever your profession, position, or religion, this story calls for a healing in both our personal family lives and the services designed to care for our families. It is an awakening in what should matter most and a call toward reliving oaths taken to make a difference in our world.

Introducing Joyce Lewis, author of The Wife Picket Fence

“This is Joyce Lewis, the now-new author of The Wife Picket Fence. This letter of gratification is long overdue partly because my soul has been invaded by flittering butterflies dancing to the music of micro-wave popcorn popping! The feeling is awesome to accomplish a goal that is no longer a dream. Thanks to you and your staff of Outskirts Press for making this outstanding production a reality. The quality is superb but a high-five goes out to your illustrator’s idea for the cover to which beholds the message that best describes the inserts of the production that’s warm, loving and sad. That is exactly what marriage is! My husband has been my number one critic and supporter throughout this entire project and I can proudly say that the both of us are very thankful to ourselves for believing in you and my selective publishing team’s instruction of editing, opinions and ideas. With all of my heart….,I truly believe that the message that lies between the covers of Outskirts Press: The wife Picket Fence will excel by the winds of many voices and heard like  the tolling bells that ring through-out our world. Thank you for your patience and Outskirts’ awesome craftsmanship of publishing and accepting my voice of truth to be read all over the world.”

Joyce Lewis was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. After graduating high school, she pursued a singing career as a vocalist and choreographer with the trio group of young ladies called Goddess performing in Night Clubs all over the city of Chicago including a performance for the late Mayor Harold Washington. A tragedy forced the group to split up. She loves children and decided later to volunteer many hours to her community school’s district in Crete, Illinois. Utilizing her profession through song and dance, she brought preteen girls together teaching them to how to respect one another through the unity of dance. Joyce has many gifted talents but her passion was always to write. Being married for twenty-four years to Eric Lewis, a disabled Marine Corp veteran, and who is also President of Lewis Construction. Together they adopted two children: one is in college and the other is in the armed forces. Her family inspired her to write her first book, “The Wife Picket Fence.” She now resides in Chicago, Illinois with her retired husband to resume a passion to write. Contact: Joyce Lewis, P.O. Box 16323, Chicago, Illinois 60616

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Woman…, the beholder of the Distinctive Fruit…, and the victim of man’s sexual immorality. The fruit of a woman has been bought and sold through prostitution, its been abused by the pedophiles who rape, and for some, loved and cherished. Here between this cover the dark hidden truth reveals the recipe of the loose female and the cheating man! You will feel the exposed devastations of the emotional ranting with the domestic confrontations! You will feel the fear of loneliness, the suffering, and the captivity of a woman’s tearful heartache of her own self-prisonment! Marriage is no longer respected nor honored unto The Sacred Vow, and the crisis are many. The lies, the deceit, and the broken unity of love are the seeds of the fruit of the female who does not take heed!… All fruit spoils when its left out into the open!… Where do you fit between these covers?… You’ll see yourself,… And they’ll know your name! Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved.

Introducing Robert W. Maurer, author of Instructions Included

“Jenny was very helpful and guided me through some difficult obstacles with kindness and an understanding of my limited computer knowledge.”

Rick Maurer and his wife Ilene both had successful careers with Fortune 500 companies and loving extended families – but there was something missing from their lives: they desperately wanted children. After the trauma of multiple failures with fertility doctors, Rick and Ilene were forced to accept the knowledge that they would not be able to have children naturally and decided to look into adoption. Their desire to start their family without delay, to have a young baby, and the safeguards not available domestically – led them to consider an adoption from abroad. As a publisher traveling throughout South America Rick knew the sad situations of the many children left abandoned and without loving families. In this touching story Rick describes their first meeting with Sam and later Maria, whose families had been unable to care for them. Unlike many of the thousands of less fortunate babies in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, Sam and Maria each had been placed with a foster family before being approved for adoption and ultimately placed with a family. It was love at first sight for Rick and Ilene, but many obstacles remained including language, culture, as well as uncooperative judges. This saga tells in touching detail the highs and lows of Rick and Ilene’s journey to parenthood while also weaving in the fascinating early history of this remote and little known country.

Product description…

One of our experiences after we returned from Paraguay with our family revolved around our physical makeup. Our decision to adopt from Latin America excited us and still does, so much so that we never focused much on the lack of similarity — yes, we knew it was there, but that was about as far as it went. When we saw our son for the first time, we were in awe of his beauty (as any first time parent). When we got him home, every outing was our opportunity to show him off. A year later, when we brought our beautiful Latin American version of Shirley Temple home, it was the same feeling but in stereo. But it was the comments and questions from perfect strangers that intrigued us so. When they saw us together as a family, their first observation was the differences. We are light complexioned and blue eyed whereas Sam’s and Maria’s beauties are completely their own – we can take no dark and exotic part in that. However, people’s questions probe for likeness and relationship: Where did she get that curly hair? Or, whose eyes does he have? We have gotten a little creative in giving our answers – ones that don’t require any justification of similarity. When feeling more serious, we may say, she got it from God, or when feeling a little playful, we may say, he has his own eyes. To these answers, we may get the brave and creative soul who will abandon their search for similarity and ask, oh, are they adopted? To which we say, matter of factly – yes – no games… no need to question the difference, just a refreshing statement of fact. We are grateful for the differences in our family, not just for their beauty and love, but for the daily lessons we get and maybe can give.

Introducing Amy Walker, author of Surviving the Church

“My experience with Outskirts Press was both enjoyable and impressive. As a first time author, I didn’t know what to expect and appreciated a knowledgeable staff that kept me informed about each step of the publishing process. The details of publishing can get overwhelming but I was thankful for the continued support and encouragement that Outskirts Press weaved into their service. I am happy with the finished product and have recommended OP to others who are looking for an affordable and professional way to self-publish. Thank you Bridget for all your hard work!”

Amy Walker lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three children. For sixteen years she has ministered primarily through administration and publications within the Church. Author of “Restoring Hope to Your Faith” blog site, she is passionate about God’s truth and helping people strengthen their faith. You can contact the author at

Product description…

To a person of faith, the Church is the body of Christ created to extend God’s love and grace here on earth. What can seekers and believers do when life inside the Church habitually drives them to seek sanctuary in the arms of the world instead? Countless people have experienced burnout and been subject to guilt trips and methods of manipulation in the name of ministry while their relationship with God suffers the consequences. What can you do when you become disenchanted with God’s people? How can the Church win back the countless souls who have walked away in a desperate act of self-preservation? Is there a way to restore hope to your faith? Believers, seekers, pastors, leaders, the burned-out and the passionate are all invited to join the discussion. If you have not suffered the soul-crushing blows to your faith that can happen within the Church then chances are you know someone who has. It is a life-altering experience with eternal consequences. Together we can learn to recognize the pitfalls that subtly creep into our congregations enabling us to intervene BEFORE it’s too late. Those who have already left the Church will see that all is not lost when their hope is in Jesus Christ. As the disenchanted endeavor to rebuild their faith, God will reveal a path to restoration and reconciliation.