Introducing Jim Lucitt, author of A Life In Transit

“My effort at producing a novel may be quite juvenile, but it was only made possible by the wonderful folks at Outskirts Press. All of them!  To open the box that contained the first round of copies, to hold my very own creation in my hands and see a dream come to life before my own eyes, is beyond words really. My hat goes off to Elaine my Author Rep. I bow graciously to my editor, an Angel, and I kneel before the wizards of the Art Department, magicians one and all!”

I’m Jim Lucitt and I’m only driving this bus because I have to! Writing about my life, and my life in transit, has been both work and play, tragedy and comedy, but all in all it has been wonderful! I love to tell stories and truly believe that it is a dying pastime, even a dying art. My plan as of this moment is to finish Volume Two of Tales From The Saddle Of A Forty-Footer, but I am also about to embark on a writing journey that is completely different from my initial offering. I would love to give you a hint as to it’s direction, but for now I am just going to say,…’stay tuned’.

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Book description…

Truth and fiction, comedy and drama, all in one rocking and rolling ride through life as seen from behind the eyes of a lifelong transit driver. Perched high in the saddle of his forty foot buses, hang on as Jim Lucitt takes you along for the ride of a lifetime! “Joking and joviality, the telling of tall tales both triumphant and tragic, this is comedic fiction at it’s best! Movers and shakers, lug nuts and losers, and lots of love and even more laughter. It’s all here.” —McLean Press; “You better hold on tight for this wildest of rides! This journey has plenty of ease and smoothness but there are undoubtedly some sharp turns, big bumps, and quick stops along the way, but you’re going to want to travel through to the end”. -Skye News; “Poignant perspectives that place you right in the driver’s seat of a city bus. Jim Lucitt hacks directly into the heart of a world that few would dare to enter, but makes it fun with his rockin’, rollin’, rollicking and rumbling story-telling style.”