Introducing Maurice Mayberry, author of The Dark is in the Light

“I am pleased with my experience with Outskirts Press and if I should publish another book, I will use them.”

Maurice Mayberry was born in Oakland, CA but now resides in Antioch, CA and works for a transit system in Concord. He attended Contra Costa College and Los Medanos College in California. Maurice has written poems, inspirational songs and this is his first published book and he is filled with joy! ”

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Book description…

My life seemed doomed because of my abusive father, my exposure to sexuality at a young age, my failed marriage to an older woman, and my appetite for a forbidden fruit that contributed to my path of emotional destruction. As a result, I became a loner, I was depressed, and suicidal thoughts stampeded my mind. But through it all, I’ve learned to love and forgive myself—I’m at peace.

Introducing Angel Desean, author of LOST…then…FOUND

“I did learn a great deal about publishing, seeing that this was my first book published. The cover designer did a great job and my followers love how she captured the true me in it. Would definitely consider your company again for my next book.”

Found myself alone in the desert, with no family, no job and no friends. Wowww, talk about “Empty Nest Syndrome”. Hahaha. That’s when I discovered I had a talent that I had never before even considered, writing. I’ve written this book from my heart. Started out as, self therapy, turned into a life joy.

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Book description…

TO NEW BEGINNINGS! Reality or Fantasy? Hmmm, I’ll never tell…Well maybe I will hahaha… There are ups and downs that we must experience as we make our way through our life in this world. There are moments of love, moments of joy, moments of humor, moments of fun and moments of tragedy that cause us pain that we must overcome. Life told in it’s simplest form is, life told in poetry. The pages of my book are filled with events we all at some point in our journey may encounter. In a nine month period, my life, as I knew it, was swept from under my feet. As a family, we had moved from the East coast to, a small town in the Mohave Desert. Six years later my youngest two daughters, still at home and now grown, moved far away from home, 2 months apart from each other. Seven months later my husband divorced me to, move on to what he considered would, be a better life for him. Many of you may relate to at least one of the poems in my book. My poems may make you feel a bit unsettled, perhaps give you a warm feeling in your heart once again, bring a smile to your face or maybe even a tear to your eyes. My hope is that as you read my poems, they will bring a little piece of joy into your life, as they have brought joy into mine, as I was writing them for you. Embrace the poems based on events that you can relate to, enjoy the poems based on the events that you cannot relate to, as of yet… Stay safe, Stay you…Semper Fi

Introducing Vickie McGillis, author of Detours To The Good Stuff

“I was very impressed with the speed in which my first book was published (just 8-1/2 weeks from submission to publication). The additional charge for expedited service was a sound investment. Even more amazing was the quality of the books themselves and the imaginative custom cover design! I will definitely choose Outskirts Press to publish my second book this spring.”

Vickie McGillis is a native of Winona, Minnesota. Although this is her debut novel, she is a seasoned, award-winning published poet, as well as a longtime supporter of animal rights groups. Vickie and her wonderfully-supportive husband still reside in the Winona area, along with their rescued four-legged companions.

Product description…

Katie Munson was a struggling, poor young mother with four small children. At just 22 years of age, and freshly divorced, Katie had relocated her young family to their new home in a small rural town in southeastern Minnesota. In the comfort of her new surroundings, Katie presumed that she, along with her son and three baby girls, were safe from harm’s way. She believed they had escaped the iniquity from her past and were free to begin a renewed and happy life together. December 2, 1967, was a very special day for Katie Munson. Keith, her oldest, was turning four today, but while Katie prepared for the toddler’s birthday party, nothing could have prepared her for the unforeseeable winter storm that was blowing in her direction, or the unspeakable terror that accompanied it! This particular day would prove to be just the beginning of a perpetual, formidable journey for Katie and her young family in their pursuit of peace and happiness. The road ahead was littered with obstacles that oftentimes appeared impossible to avert. Despite the many unavoidable detours that changed the course of their lives, Katie never lost sight of the potential rewards at the end of their relentless expedition. This is the first installment in the extraordinary Munson family saga—the epic and gripping true story of a young single mother and her four children as they navigate the river of life, in search of “the good stuff.”

Introducing L. Rogers, author of Think-Leap-Regret

“Outskirts Press is just what I was looking for. I was provided with excellent service!”

L. Rogers is no expert when it comes to relationships. But after being in a marriage for ten years which ended in divorce, he knows it takes two to make it and one to break it. He and his ex are friends and continue taking care of their four children.

Product description…

Having a significant other will bring on both good and bad days. Some days will feel like there is death and decay in the atmosphere. Other days will feel like new life, green and prosperity everywhere. But in some relationships, the bad outnumbers the good and the weaker mate decides not to stick around for the long haul. He/she steps over the line and seeks fulfillment from an outside party. What happens to the person left at home? What if the outside party isn’t all that it was hoped to be? Open the front cover and find out what happens!

Introducing Jean Bolin, author of Betrayal, Lies and Karma

“Wonderful experience and great step-by-step process!”

Jean Bolin was born in Boston, grew up in the small town of Norfolk, Massachusetts. She has an Associates degree in Business Administration, is dedicated to studying and practicing Tai Chi and also enjoys knitting. Currently she lives in Connecticut with her husband, Mark and their two cats. This is her first book.

Product description…

“Betrayal, Lies and Karma” is a fictional story about three women from different parts of the country that were complete strangers until they connected through Facebook. They discovered they had something very unusual in common – the same ex-husband. They worked together to determine the truth behind the lies that he had told each of them. They found a unique way to get even with him; they became very close friends. It is about forgiveness, healing and a new meaning of “family”.

Introducing Gabrielle Christian, author of First Love

“From start to finish it was a good experience. The communication was excellent and the process simple and smooth.”

Have you ever been involved in a good relationship that has gone bad and wondered, “How could this have ever happened to me”? The reality is that there are some steps that are common when it comes to human behavior that lead to the deterioration and dissolving of relationships. These behaviors that lead to dissolution are for the most part consistent and the imagery can be most clearly seen in that of the marriage relationship. “First Love” is a book that speaks of these steps and allows for us to see them as they are. It is a book that is written about a person who has decided that their relationship is no longer what they desire for it to be and they go through the steps in the process of dissolving it. Written from the backdrop of the Christian perspective, “First Love” begins as all marriage relationships begin, with two people in love with one another and who establish that love in covenant with Christ. This book is “The Conversation” between the party who has made the decision to dissolve the relationship and God. This conversation begins, as all relationships of this nature begin, with the party engaged in the expression of love that they would have possessed in the beginning. “The Conversation” moves to the expression of how this love has become inadequate and how they have gone through the process of building their case for why the relationship should go no further. Because the covenant of marriage for the Christian involves three parties, the book is a mock dialogue between this party, who after making their decision and case to others, are now forced to make their case to God. This person is responding to God, who is asking questions within their Spirit that we cannot hear, and they become aggravated as God presses His case. And in the shadows of the writing about the pain that is felt in the human experience is the pain that is felt by the other divorcee; God. “First Love” is written in order that, in any relationship, should we find ourselves in “The Conversation” we might reconsider how we forward our steps.

Product description…

The prevailing idea of life and living is that it is not singular. We are all the product of relationships and are made to be relational. “First Love” is about relationships. It speaks to us about relationships in general most specifically the one given to us as the ultimate in relationships; those with God and in marriage. It is a book about love, and love forsaken and lost. Taken from the thought behind Revelations 2:4, all will benefit from the reading of “First Love.”

Introducing John Douglas, author of Shock and Awww in the Cul-De-Sac

“Outskirts Press made it easy for me to make my dream of publishing my story a reality. They broke the publishing process down into simple steps and had experts to help as I progressed through each one. I am currently writing another story and will definitely use Outskirts Press as my publisher once again.”

John Douglas was a teamster for 10 years in a grocery warehouse. He graduated from UW-Madison with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and taught for 11 years. He and his students won the Scholastic “Kids Are Authors, Too” contest with a book titled One Day in the Life of Bubble Gum in his first year as a teacher. Born in La Crosse, Wisconsin, John now resides in Lake Ozark, Missouri.

Product description…

John and Jessica had it all: a seemingly perfect balance of careers, family and love. But after 23 years of marriage—and on the day after their youngest child’s graduation from high school—Jessica lets John know that she no longer wants to be married, leaving John, the kids, their family and friends floored by this stunning revelation. Shock and Awww in the Cul-de-Sac is the story of John’s journey through the uncharted territory of life as a single father: therapy sessions, the pain of repeatedly telling family and friends the sad news, reentering the dating scene, and ultimately finding a new life for himself. All the while, John tries to appear strong on the outside for the kids as he goes through the many ups and downs of divorce. Emotional memories pop up, new life experiences are formed, and the pitfalls of the divorce process are revealed in a realistic yet upbeat and humorous way. The story takes many twists and turns, as a man who is emotionally devastated tries to find the strength and will to reshape his future—a future that will undoubtedly be very different from the future that he had pictured. This is a heartfelt, honest book that will resonate with anyone whose life path has taken a sudden and unexpected twist.