Introducing James C. Rollins, author of Emancipation Proclamation: The True Black History

“It is my hope that every author would have the same amazing experience that I had with the guidance I received through my Publishing Consultant. I have published three books before this experience, never having the same wonderfully efficient publishing. Thank you.”

James C. Rollins is a retired D.C. Government civil servant. He is a resident of Prince Georges County, Md. the father of four kids and the grandfather of four super special kids, and great grandfather of two baby boys and a baby girl. He probably was one of the first single parent dads of the 1970s. He attended Antioch University. Rollins served in the US Air Force from 1961 (beginning construction of the Berlin Wall, The Cuban Missile Crisis, also known as the October Crisis of 1962, and the Viet Nam war) to 1965. The Author’s history is significant because he was born in 1942, 15 city blocks from the nation’s capital, in a house that had no indoor plumbing (it had an outhouse) nor electricity, and it was heated by a wood stove in the dining room. He was born mid-day, at home, by the mid-wife who was also his grandmother- not in the local hospital (that was 4 blocks away), because it only accepted black patients in emergency.

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EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION THE TRUE BLACK HISTORY. The journey from the valley of darkness by African slaves in 1619, to the mountain top in 2008 with the election of African American Barak Obama, President of the United States. African Americans searching for the African roots of their culture should begin by understanding that only about five percent of between 11 and 12 million enslaved Africans were brought to North America or the United States. By 1619 the first African indentured servants arrived in the American colonies. The indentured servant was not a slave; they were under contract to provide service, over some time, after which they were set free. “What an interesting book! This book is well written while covering such a wide variety of topics that each entry is interesting and enlightening. There was an excellent job of covering a large period before the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION and after many in a clear and concise manner. It definitely gives the readers some food for thought, and they’ll still be thinking about this book and its revelations long after they’ve read the last page.” Author of the controversial book The Curse of Willie Lynch: How social engineering in the year 1712 continues to affect African Americans today.

Introducing Dr. Frank Eden Godfrey, Sr., author of Cracker Boy

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Dr. Frank Eden Godfrey, Sr. was born in Charleston, South Carolina, to William Henry and Octavia Smalls Godfrey. He attended totally segregated schools from Kindergarten through High School. He was active in the Civil Rights Movement spear-headed by Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. He went on to earn his undergraduate degree from Saint Augustine’s College; Masters Degrees from Texas Southern University, and Harvard University; and a Doctorate Degree from Harvard University. He is a retired college professor; he worked for NASA, and is a veteran of the U.S. Army.

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Follow the painful journey of a young, light-skinned African American boy as he deals with hatred and discrimination from whites as well as from his own people. For some he was not quite black enough, but for some others, he was still too black. Being born with light skin and blonde hair was an advantage to many slaves as they might be given special status, but for young Frank, two generations removed from slavery, it was more like a curse. He was hated and despised by many of his race. Some dark-skinned Blacks hated him because of his light skin while some light-skinned Blacks hated him because he did not think as they did. And, many whites hated him because he was still Black, despite his light skin. Frank would experience a painful triple oppression.

Introducing Rick Whitlow, author of Swagger

“I am so happy to be a member of the Outskirts Press family of authors. From start to finish the staff walked me through the process with the end result being the book which I had always imagined. The staff perhaps made it a little better than even I envisioned. It has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to working with Outskirts Press on my next book project.”

Rick Whitlow was born and raised in Michigan City, Indiana. A star athlete who attended Illinois State University on a basketball scholarship. His background in media and public relations catapulted him into the arena of politics where he gracefully navigated the sometimes hostile racial, social, and economic landscape.

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Although it has a sports backdrop, this book goes far beyond athletic accomplishments and achievements. Rick takes an up close and personal look at the broadcast journalism industry, politics, personal relationships, cancer diagnosis, and, last but certainly not least, race in America and how it affects those areas and others. Throughout the book you will probably recognize many people places and situations. Perhaps learn something about someone you thought you knew.

Introducing Cindy North, author of Little Markie

“I wanted to let you know what a great experience I’ve had with Outskirts Press! I’m in the final days of publishing my children’s book, Little Markie, and every step of the way, your talented staff and organization have been terrific to work with. I would like to especially recognize the following people: Elaine, Cheri, Richa and Lisa. They were always so friendly, helpful and above all patient with my many changes and questions. Publishing a book can be overwhelming, but they walked me through each step and helped turn my dream into a reality. I hope to keep writing/publishing and will definitely recommend Outskirts Press to my fellow writers.”

Cindy North’s passion for writing children’s books is inspired by her children, Chris and Katie, and the second-grade students she taught in Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia. She loves reading to children and watching their faces light up as they become immersed in the stories. Mrs. North and her husband, Kevin, live in Virginia with their children and pets, Emmie and Lily.

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“No one wants a little pencil that’s all used up!” jeered the new pencils. Little Markie sadly wonders if the new pencils are right. Are my adventures over? he worries. Do I belong in the trash can? Little Markie is the smallest pencil in the classroom. He’s been sharpened many, many times, and he’s so small, he can hardly be seen so far down in the pencil cup. Students always seem to choose the brand-new pencils, looking tall and proud with nice fresh erasers. Standing as tall as possible, Little Markie gathers his courage and confronts the bullies. This lovable little pencil may be short, but he’s still full of BIG ideas!