Introducing Chakeva A. Harris, author of Beyond the Break

“Stupendous is a word used to describe my experience with Outskirts Press. At the close of writing my book, I had no idea how to get it published or even where to start. I didn’t even know much about Outskirts Press as a company. However, in researching several options with other publishers, I found Outskirts Press to be the most effective and affordable option for me. From the beginning process to the very end, the representatives held my hand and walked me through every fine detail with ease. They made me feel important and that my ideas and thoughts mattered. They even made me feel as if my book was the only book with purpose! I am sure everyone else who has published through Outskirts Press feels the same way! My dream of becoming an author is no longer a dream, but now a reality and I am most grateful! Thank you Outskirts Press! I will definitely use your services again for my next masterpiece!”

Evangelist Chakeva A. Harris is a native of Macon, Georgia born from the parentage of Samson Harris and the late Minister Gladys S. Harris. She received her undergraduate education from Georgia Southern University and Christian Life School of Theology. Evangelist Harris began singing for the Lord at the tender age of 5 and gave her life willfully to Christ at age 8. She discovered her true identity as a chosen vessel in Christ at age 16 and accepted the call to preach the gospel in May of 2006. From that time forward, she has devoted her life to being a messenger for Christ. Evangelist Chakeva A. Harris is truly a singer, songwriter, recording artist, worship leader, teacher, preacher, prayer warrior, and now author infused by the hand of God. Evangelist Harris is passionate about working with battered and abused women, hurting families and the youth of today. She is also empowered to cross racial barriers and help those of all ages, nationalities, creeds and colors. Her mission is to play a vital role in cultivating nations to return to the heart of God through authentic worship in spirit and in truth. Through this mission, God allowed Evangelist Harris to give birth to “Heart of Judah Outreach Ministry” in January of 2009. Evangelist Chakeva A. Harris is a “powerhouse” of a preacher known for speaking a rhema word into the lives of others. Her unique zeal for God, charismatic delivery of His Word, and angelic voice has been proven to transform the lives of others for the better. Evangelist Harris proudly serves as an Associate Pastor at Agape Covenant Worship Center in Macon, Georgia, under the dynamic leadership of Pastor R. Marquis and Lady Marlena Belcher. In closing, Evangelist Harris truly believes that all things are possible through Jesus Christ…Only Believe!

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Book description…

Have you ever encountered a “David-Saul” situation in your life? Have you ever been entangled by your loyalty to someone whom you loved, admired and looked up to only to experience the devastation of their unrequited love toward you? Have you ever felt “used up” and treated like a puppet of performance by those of false leadership…, only seeking what your gift could do for them, but never really having your best interest at heart? Perhaps you feel forsaken, broken, withdrawn, used, abused, neglected, hated, discredited and downright discouraged because the pursuit of the enemy after what God invested in you has been catastrophically great. If so, then this book is just for you! Beyond the Break has been designed specifically to encourage those who are currently in or those who have survived the struggles of being anointed and appointed by God, but still considered the unlikely candidate by mankind. Even after surviving the deepest church hurt, many of us are often left with a film of residue that tends to linger in our hearts and minds. Yet, through the entrance of the Word of God that brings light to the darkest elements of our lives, there is great hope! Through the life of King David, Evangelist Chakeva Harris will take you through an epic journey with God that will leave you with a greater understanding of the “why” factor in your life, as well as, assist you in evoking the power embedded in you to overcome the javelins being so furiously launched at you. As you read each page, it is with sincere hope that the words of encouragement, restoration and reconciliation leap off of the pages and into your innermost being as you began to move Beyond the Break! Ready? Let’s go!

Introducing Julie Cebollero, author of The Lion That Roared

“Brie was the highlight of my publishing experience with Outskirts Press.  Overall it took longer to get the book out and it was in part my fault, but Brie was the driving force that helped me complete my task.  She went above and beyond the call of duty.  She was the one who picked up the phone, called back quickly, and supplied all the help I needed to finish my publication.  She is an asset to Outskirts.  I do love the book cover and have had great feedback on the work done.  Now I just have to get the book out to the world on a shoestring budget.  I welcome the tips I get in the emails, and hope for my book to someday be on a Best Seller List. Thank you so much to Brie, and to Outskirts Press.”

This book was inspired by a true story. It was written in 1978 to help reconcile two young boys with their father. It was shared through the years with many who loved it. My son who is now 21 would say “Mommy read me the Lion story”. In 2006 God touched me and said your story is not finished, and I was inspired to write this wonderful story I share with you today. You see I did not believe in myself. Through the years and the tears, and the many people this touched God said it is time. Today I believe and each tomorrow is my gift.

Product description…

In the Magic Jungle, two lairs were connected with the power of Love so great the aurora lit the Jungle in radiant light. Ribbons of blue, pink and yellow filled the air and Peace was felt in this untouched land where no man had journeyed. But the Magic was broken by hunters’ greed who ventured in to reap their rewards. In an instant, life as Koko knew it was changed forever. Tragedy stripped the light of Love. The powerful Magesto was broken, and his student and friend, Koko, left to provide on his own. Koko stumbled and fell, and could not find a way to stand up for himself. He lost the will to believe in himself. His beloved family was lost. Can the Power of Love bring Koko home to his beloved Lilu, Bouncy and Boo? Or will the Love light fade in the Magic Jungle forever?

Introducing C D Swanson, author of Blessings In Disguise

“I’d like to give my sincere thanks to Outskirts Press for doing a phenomenal job, as always. I’ve been with OP since 2011 for my first book, “Dear God With Love” right up to my newest books, “The Progressive Intern” and “Blessings in Disguise.” The results are nothing short of fabulous. The entire team is courteous, prompt, and professional in all aspects, making it so rewarding for the author. The transition from submitting the manuscript, to the final galley is consumer friendly, and the results are magnificent! I’ve had the pleasure to publish seventeen books with Outskirts, and I’m currently finishing up two additional books as I type. I look forward to interacting with the stellar individuals who make publishing fun! I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about publishing to contact Outskirts Press for the finest experience you’ll ever have, and the results will be awesome! Thanks Outskirts!”

C D Swanson is an author of both fiction and non-fiction. In addition, she’s been published in four testimony faith-driven books along with various writers who share a common thread-love of God. She contributes to magazines, websites, and currently at work on a screenplay adaptation of one of her earlier works. C D is happily married to Ron, whom she met as a teenager, they live with their beloved furry “boy” Max in the good old USA.

Product description…

Sometimes people of faith can become discouraged when their prayers seem to be “unanswered.” It happens to the best of us when we begin to wonder “when will my prayers be answered?” Well, there can be reasons why they’re not “answered.” God wants what’s best for His children and sometimes an “unanswered prayer” is in fact “an answer” to our prayers. Come along and read about people who’ve experienced the blessings of unanswered prayers. This inspiring and uplifting book will bring about an entirely different perspective concerning “unanswered prayers.”