Introducing Brianna Spencer, author of Get Back Up, Little Miss! I’m Not Afraid

“Everyone I worked with at Outskirts was extremely patient with all my questions and helpful! Thank you.”

Brianna Spencer has loved storytelling all her life. She spends most of her time pretending to be a responsible adult and looking for her keys. Her favorite hobbies include reading and napping. Brianna lives in a tiny yellow house in a little dairy town you’ve probably never heard about. Kaitlyn Whited has been in love with art of any form as long as she can remember. She is a graduate of the NYIP. Cartooning has become a passion of hers. Brianna and Kaitlyn are lifelong friends who grew up in the same town allowing the creation of this book to be a very personal, and exciting experience. Kaitlyn can be contacted at

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Book description…

When you fall, get back up! Little Miss wakes up with a squeal. In anticipation, she hops out of bed. Pop promised that today Little Miss gets to go to work with him-on the ranch! Camilla is the most beautiful horse Little Miss has ever seen. Pop lets Little Miss sit on Camilla’s back with instructions to, “Sit very still.” In her excitement, Little Miss wiggles around beginning the most frightening ride of her life! WILL LITTLE MISS BE OK?

Introducing Maureen Francis Doyle, author of A Journey in Time

“I loved working with Laura. I knew she was there to answer any questions and help me along with the process of publishing. I told her at one point that I thought she was a godsend! Thanks Laura for a great experience.”

Maureen Francis Doyle is a freelance writer and multimedia artist. She spent over two decades in teacher education and as an officer in the United States Army before turning to write fiction full-time. A Journey in Time is based on a true story and discovered family history. She found the courage and determination of so many touching and inspirational. She loves to write and wanted her debut novel to be meaningful sharing with others the hardships and heartaches that so many endured. She lives on Lake Oconee in Georgia with her husband Ron and two labra-doodles, Maverick and Grace Helen.

Product description…

Many people are familiar with The Great Potato Famine that took place in Ireland during the mid-1800’s, but few know the intimate and personal hardships and challenges that so many faced in an attempt to flee their homeland. Inspired by actual events and personal family history, this novel is a love story. Not the usual romantic love story between two people but a love story of a man that is so devoted to his family that he’s willing to take extraordinary risks for them. The reader is taken on a courageous journey from County Wicklow, Ireland to Camden, Ontario, Canada. A sweeping and powerful epic adventure, A Journey in Time begins in nineteenth century Shillelagh, Ireland. At the onset of the epic disaster of the Great Potato Famine, John makes a promise to his dying father that he will leave Ireland, his destination the shores of Canada, his objective saving his family from starvation and disease. He must make the wrenching decision to leave his family behind in an Irish workhouse built for the destitute not knowing how he is going to accomplish his goal of finding land in Canada and bringing his family to safe shores. With profound determination and unswerving devotion to his family, John faces the future alone with grace and courage. Share with him the loves of his life and the unforgettable individuals that make John’s journey possible in this epic story of love, compassion, courage and determination that brings to life crucial and little-known chapters in Irish and Canadian history.