Introducing Keith A. Swainson, author of Heresy

“Publishing with Outskirts Press was definitely the right choice. They were simply amazing to work with during all phases of the publishing process. I liked the fact that they were always waiting on me, not the other way around. After I approved the final manuscript, I was shocked to see my book available on Amazon only three days later. A friend of mine who published with another publisher has no Amazon page, has no Barnes & Noble page, and has no author web page. He has no way to sell his books, while my books are literally available around the world. Thanks Outskirts! Will definitely publish with you again!”

Keith A. Swainson is an engineer by trade and a theologian at heart. He has poured his life into Heresy for fifteen years and can now say, “It is finished.” Contact the author at:, or like him on Facebook at: Heresy by Keith Swainson, or follow him on Twitter @HeresySwainson.

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Book description…

Are You Waiting for the Second Coming of Christ, the Tribulation, the Rapture? But what if everything you know about the End Times…is wrong? In this provocative, exhaustively researched, unprecedented book, Keith Swainson takes you through a series of clear, self-evident conclusions which, when added to one another, form the structure for an understanding of the Bible that will revolutionize how you think about Jesus and Scripture. Heresy takes as its basis the idea that Jesus was truly God in the flesh. Swainson looks at the three genetically interrelated monotheistic religions – Islam, Judaism, and Christianity – and asks: Does the Qur’an hint at Jesus being something more than a mere prophet, or even a great messenger? Does an honest reading of Jewish texts hint at the possibility of God coming in the flesh? Does the Christian faith really treat Jesus as God in the flesh, or does it subject Him to constraints meant for men? Answering these and other questions, Swainson shows us that the seeming contradictions throughout the Bible are confusing only if Jesus is being regarded as a man, not as God. Swainson blows away the dust and cobwebs of millennia of interpretations from a Church full of preconceived notions, and shows that the words and deeds of Jesus, as God in the flesh, preach against a Second Coming. Heresy concludes that the kingdom of God Jesus preached about is fully here and now in the lives of believers throughout the world, and that it cannot be more fully realized than it already is. If the kingdom of God is here and now…what does that mean to you as a believer? Powerful, thought-provoking, and revolutionary, Heresy will take your life, and your faith, in a direction you never imagined possible.

Introducing Chandler, author of Games People Play

“Thank you Outskirts for helping me make a life-long dream of becoming a published author come true. You are the best!”

Chandler is a student of the human condition, wielding the written craft to enrapture the mind much like an artist wields a brush. The pages are a blank canvas on which to draw from a talent heralded by many and matched only by an imagination that rises to the task. GAMES PEOPLE PLAY is the first in a series of recent pursuits, with work progressing quickly on the follow-up.

Product description…

Games People Play is a gritty story of grown-ups behaving badly in order to have a little fun! It’s an old school love story just right for the 21st century. It’s the story of two young lovers’ journey of discovering love for the first time and adjusting to life’s little curve balls along the way. It’s a story of couples: playing the game of “play or get played!” Breaking hearts and manipulating minds; according to some players it’s what the game is all about!

Introducing Carol Leslie Bradley, author of The Inheritance

“The publishing process was a positive experience because the Outskirts team truly cares about the authors they represent. They have done everything possible in an accurate, timely manner. A special thanks to Anna and the entire team.”

During her 27 years of teaching, Carol Leslie Bradley enjoyed encouraging her students to develop their creative abilities through writing. She has spent the past 15 years in administration, involved in curriculum development. She also mentors new teachers, and enjoys helping them with organizational strategies, and acquiring and maintaining classroom management skills. Carol and her husband Ron have four adult children and nine grandchildren. She loves reading, writing, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Product description…

The Andersen family are all looking forward to a cozy, loving Christmas together at their clan ranch in Colorado—all the traditions are in place, and everyone is gathered for a loving celebration. Little do they know that tragedy is about to strike…Ryan and Susan Andersen, flying in on a private plane, are about to meet their fate in an unexpected way. As the family tries to cope with their shock, old flames will reignite, and old rivalries will resurface. At the heart of the family story is lovely Sarah Andersen, who unexpectedly went to college out of state, breaking the heart of her high school love when she married another man. But he has never stopped loving her—and he is called on to help her family, now that he is Sheriff Rayburn. Sarah and her family find out that during the twists and turns of the unexpected road called life, it’s important to have people by your side who can be trusted to help navigate…and that a family inheritance can be counted best in love, not in money. This family saga of deception, redemption, and romance is sure to keep you intrigued—and looking forward to the upcoming sequel!

Introducing Charles Massie, author of Pinned

“I have published 2 books with Outskirts Press now. I am happy with the professionalism of the company representatives as well as the fact that the company keeps its promises and does everything that they say will do. I started out in self publishing with a competitor and wasted over $6000 trying to get my books out to the public. I would place calls to them for progress reports and would never get a call back. In fact, about the only time they would call me was when they wanted to sell me another product. After a bit of adding additional information and re-editing the book, I contacted Outskirts Press. They kept in contact with me every step of the way, and Pinned – A Kentucky True Crime was published. Within a few weeks, the book was listed on Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites and I was actually making sales.”

Charles Massie grew up in upstate New York, the oldest of 4 children. After finishing high school, he enlisted in the United States Navy and served a total of six years at various ports around the world. Upon his return to civilian life, he continued his education at Syracuse University and eventually worked for a number of engineering firms, before finding his calling in the sales field. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to go off on his own and has been instrumental in overseeing such companies as Massie Engineering Associates, InfoTech Consulting, LLC and CaterCats Catering. The call of creative expression was always in the background of his life and over the years, he has submitted articles and stories to Twilight Zone Magazine, Readers Digest, Analog Publications and others. He has recently published two novels in the ‘true crime’ genre and is currently writing a young adult adventure novel entitled The Boy in the Bin. His hobbies, when he is not writing, include progressive rock music, computers and other toys, traveling and enjoying the gifts that he has been blessed with. He loves animals, humor, exotic cars and practicing random acts of kindness.

Product description…

Pinned is a gripping tale of how a gentle New York retiree finds love with a Kentucky woman over the internet. Once he commits and moves in with her at her residence, he begins to find out little secrets that lead him to believe that she is indeed a ‘Black Widow’. But before he can get away, he is arrested and charged with heinous crimes, while she vacates her home, leaves the state and takes all his possessions.