Introducing Diana Carter, author of Broken Promises: Shattered Dreams

“I was so impressed with the services received from Outskirts Press. I had a wonderful publishing experience and can’t wait to publish my next book.”

Diana Carter, after managing a home-based business providing business services to students and small business owners, found writing enlightening. She is presently working on the sequel to Broken Promises. Diana holds a Master degree in Management from University of Phoenix and working towards her DBA in Organizational Leadership at Walden University.

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Book description…

Emily Ann Simmons-Blackstone had it all-a supportive husband, two wonderful children, two great siblings, and the most awesome best friend a person could ever have. Then on a cold fall morning the unthinkable happened, her husband the man she loved for almost three decades died suddenly from a massive heart attack. Emily and her children were saved by the grace of God and her best friend since they were eleven years old Arlene Simone Jacobs. Emily and Arlene’s personalities were like night and day but they got along famously and supported each other through thick and thin. Almost a decade after losing her husband Emily decided to move on with her life and then walked in handsome attorney David Lee Redmond. David brought the love back into Emily’s life that she though she would never feel again. At odds from the beginning Arlene and David did not like to share Emily’s affections so stuck in the middle Emily had to find a middle ground. Before that could happen tragedy struck and once again Emily was stuck in the middle of her new love and best friend. From sadness, to love, to disbelief this story of family support and friendship proves there can be peace after one have lived through broken promises and shattered dreams.

Introducing Fred Scheske, author of The Cautious Retiree

“I am very pleased with the help and cooperation of Lisa in getting my book published. I have another novel 90% completed and I will look for Outskirts Press to help in getting it published. Thank you!”

Fred Scheske was born in Waukegan, Illinois and lived there for thirty-two years. He faced life changing decisions upon the death of his wife after forty-eight years of marriage. This novel reflects lifestyle changes one might experience after a loved one passes on.

Product description…

The death of a spouse ultimately leads the survivor to the question: What am I going to do now? Long after losing his wife Cynthia to cancer, widower David Fields finally faced that question. He sat alone one day and determined he must change his monastic lifestyle and move on in life. Calling upon his management background he weighed options, made a decision and formulated a plan. Step one – sell his home with all of its memories and memorabilia. It would not be easy but he knew to effect a meaningful lifestyle change it had to be done. Step two – relocate to a retirement center. Moving would be difficult and would require major adjustments in his lifestyle. Step three – join group events and activities. Living alone for years would entail much effort to achieve this step. His complex decision led to dramatic change for David: He found new friends, companions, adventure and intrigue.