Introducing David K., author of TOOLNET.US

“Overall Outskirts Press gets an A for performance and quick professional work, which actually exceeded my expectations. I will most certainly use Outskirts Press for Volumes 2 and 3. I was especially pleased with the formatting work on the interior. And they deliver a high quality professional product. KUDOS!”

Author David K. weaves a net of fiction and fact in the hope of inspiring others to deeds of honor and self sacrifice for the betterment of all.

Product description…

Visitors from another world come to earth for help. Enlisting the aid of two modern day adventurers they may be in for more than they bargained for. Everyone seems to have their own agenda, which may threaten the rescue attempt. Battling against time and the elements our erstwhile heroes must pit their wits and resources against the Powers That Be. Relying on the skills of friends and family they rush to build a human and electronic intelligence network to protect the nation from impending catastrophe. Ideas, like seeds grow quickly in the fertile soil of imagination. In an effort to inspire others the author has created a story line filled with clues and hidden links to draw the reader deep into an interactive experience.