Introducing William C. Dixon, Jr., Ed.D. & La’ Toya Thomas-Dixon, Ed.D., authors of Mentoring Can Make A Difference: Establishing Relationships with African American Males

“Gwen is awesome! I do not want anyone else but her assist me with my next few novels. She was quick to respond, knowledgeable of products and production. I was recommended to Outskirts Press and it was well worth the time, money and effort of having the first book published. The next and all others will be with Outskirts. Positive Experience!”

Dr. William C. Dixon, Jr., served more than twenty years in public education, including district administrative roles in both inner-city and rural school districts in North and South Carolina. He was the founder of the Carolina CAGERS, an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball team for young males in grades three through twelve. He was married to Dr. La’Toya Thomas-Dixon prior to his untimely death in 2015. He has two sons, Mitchell and Xavier Dixon. Dr. La’Toya Thomas-Dixon is an educator with more than fifteen years of experience in public education. She has served in district administrative roles in rural school districts in North and South Carolina. She currently resides in South Carolina.

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Every Child Needs A Mentor, Especially Our African American Males! Mentoring young males, starting as early as kindergarten, is essential for success in school and in our ever-changing global society. Young males need support from positive, enthusiastic, and caring role models, particularly men. As schools continue to move forward with federal and state mandates, African American youth need guidance and direction that will forge them forward. Dr. William C. Dixon, Jr., shares snapshots of scenarios he has faced over the years as a school administrator. Dr. La’Toya Thomas-Dixon contributes to the book as an advocate for the African American male, understanding and connecting to the whole child by providing glimpses of research and advocacy. This book is for anyone seeking encouragement and advice on how to mentor an African American male student or athlete who seems distant or is falling behind in school.

Introducing Nichole Ellis, author of Entertaining Angels

“I am usually quite a skeptical person by nature. When the time came for me to start investigating and researching who I wanted to publish with, I was careful to do my research. Even after I purchased my initial package with Outskirts, my skepticism continued. I started to realize I wasn’t ready to publish, and that I wanted to upgrade my package. This went on for a year. Outskirts was very patient with me, and even allowed me to upgrade my package and “pay as I went.” I received all of the services as promised in my contract, and even some useful information not included in my purchase along the way. Finally the time came that I nervously hit the production button. My heart was in my stomach. A few days thereafter I was officially published, I began to find my book all over different search engines and different languages. I can find my book in Australia, Canada, the UK, Sweden, Japan, and more. I cannot describe the feeling of knowing that I have shared something important to me with the world, literally. I think the greatest asset that Outskirts contributed was their patience in dealing with my skepticism and their professionalism my production team carried as I went through the process. I was always well informed and knew what was happening every step of the way. Thank you, Outskirts for helping me share my story with the world.”

About Nichole Ellis: After losing custody of her children and enduring a lifetime of domestic violence involvement, Nichole knew she wanted to change her lifestyle. This story is about her journey toward a healthier life, her growth as a parent, and the spiritual awakening she would encounter over and over again.

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“Entertaining Angels” will open the eyes of community leaders regarding the youth lost among our society. This intense novel will tug at your heart strings as an outcry for families living in dire circumstances. Entertaining Angels begs for an understanding and commitment from our community leaders-not just to enforce justice but to educate and prove to down-trodden families that life can be different. Walk with the author on a spiritual journey that begins in childhood and stretches into adulthood. Stay with her as she struggles to find compassion in a life where she feels worthless and unloved. Although designed for professionals in the social services industry, Entertaining Angels is also a useful guide for families involved with their local child welfare agency, inmates, those participating in a court ordered activity, and especially the lost soul who is begging to be found. An example of existence without nurture rests in the pages of Entertaining Angels. Whatever your profession, position, or religion, this story calls for a healing in both our personal family lives and the services designed to care for our families. It is an awakening in what should matter most and a call toward reliving oaths taken to make a difference in our world.

Introducing Patrick J. O’Connor, Ph.D., author of College Counseling for School Counselors

“I couldn’t have asked for more from Leona. I was on a tight deadline, and her efficient approach to handling my edits, offering advice, and giving encouragement really kept the process– and me– going. I couldn’t have asked for more– and I asked for a lot!”

Patrick O’Connor is on the political science faculty of Oakland Community College, and is associate dean of college counseling at Cranbrook Schools, both in Metropolitan Detroit. A national speaker on all issues related to college admissions and education, Patrick teaches a college counseling course to both preservice and experienced counselors, and presents workshops on these topics to students, parents, and educators.

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With more college options and higher college costs, students and parents need the advice and support of a well-informed school counselor to guide them through the college selection process. College Counseling for School Counselors gives counselors everything needed to build a successful college counseling program, no matter how many students they work with. After creating a framework for a strong curriculum, College Counseling for School Counselors shows how to explore all college options with students and families, including options for students with special needs and talents. The follow-up activities in each chapter give counselors resources that bring the ideas to life, and a three year calendar shows counselors how to introduce every idea at a manageable pace, building to a comprehensive college counseling program and strong individual college plans for every student. Busy, caring counselors will find everything they need in College Counseling for School Counselors to improve their college counseling program, and reach every student they work with.